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2018 Blueberry Season

Last Days Open  

Saturday July 21st & Sunday July 22nd

Saturday July 28th & Sunday July 29th 

( Check Hours Page for days and times open;  changes have been made)

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We are conveniently located just a short drive away on  US Highway 23.

Circleville:     10 minutes

Grove City:    15 minutes

Columbus:     30 minutes

Hillard & Dublin 30 - 40 minutes


Blueberry picking is not only fun but also is a great family activity! 

Our blueberry bushes are full of berries. Rows are sodded and mowed frequently for safe, easy, and comfortable picking.


We recommend you bring a few items when visiting us to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Hats and sunglasses are great at keeping you safe from the sun. Sunscreen is another good idea if you plan on picking for a while. While Blueberry picking is fun, we recommend you look at the weather and decide if conditions are right for you. Water is available for purchase at the Blueberry Barn.



Blueberries aren't just tasty but they are also Healthy!


Blueberry's are...


Filled with antioxidants which helps prevents cancer

Low in fat and leads to good heart health

Low in calories which help maintain a healthy weight

High in vitamin content which promotes a healthy immune system




Of course there many great ways to enjoy Blueberries.

Some of our favorite ways are to:


Make a Blueberry smoothie

Add Blueberries to a salad

Make a Blueberry Pie (Dad's favorite!)

Make Blueberry jam's and jellies

Have a bowl of milk and Blueberries

Cook Blueberry Pancakes or Waffles

And of course, just eat the delicious Blueberries themselves!





Honey from the Blueberry pollination is available in 8 oz jars and 2 oz honey bears from the Blueberry Barn.. 



Fresh and bursting with flavor that is what Blueberry Valley has to offer. From our fields to your table, there is nothing like the taste of fresh blueberries. We have farm fresh, pick your own blueberries.  Treat yourself today with some nutritious healthy blueberries. At Blueberry Valley you are sure to enjoy the Bright, Bold, Beautiful taste of Blueberries!