14337 U.S. Highway 23
South Bloomfield, Ohio 43103
Home of : Blueberry Valley Pick Your Own Blueberries

Hours of Operation:

2018 Hours of Operation

Last Days of the Season

Stock up for the Holidays!!

Stock up for the year!!!

Open:  (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) on:

  • Saturday  July 21st
  • Sunday     July 22nd 
  • Saturday  July 28th 
  • Sunday     July 29th  (last day open for fresh Blueberries)

Stock up !                                        Stock up for the year!                                            Stock up for Holiday Cooking!


other days and times.          

U-Pick has been Picked

U-Pick un-available

Pre-Picked Fresh Blueberries

Sold Out

Please be aware of our pick your own rules:

No Pets Please (we love pets, but for sanitation reasons please leave them at home).

No Smoking.

Pickers must check in at The Blueberry Barn Check-In Point.

Please get directions to picking area and only pick in this area.

Only use the picking containers we provide.

Children are always welcome but MUST be supervised at all times.

Be careful while picking not to harm the plants or remaining fruit.

Throwing berries, destructive behavior or disturbing other pickers will NOT be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

Do not throw trash in the blueberry field. A trash can is located in the Blueberry Barn.

Check-out at the Blueberry Barn when picking is complete.

Have a Nice Day!