Watermelon is officially in season as of June 13, 2018. Watermelon is a classic summer delicacy that everyone loves. It is grown across the state of Florida, including as far north as Jackson County and as far south as Collier County.

The watermelon season in Florida begins in April and peaks in May and June, with the season often ending towards the end of July. Then, throughout the months of September and October, a second season begins. The demand for the delicious and healthy fruit that is synonymous with summer continues to rise, particularly for seedless types, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Do watermelons grow in Florida?

  • Many different watermelon kinds may be grown in Florida, including the popular cantaloupe.
  • According to the University of Florida, the fruits on these bushes can weigh anywhere from 6 to 50 pounds.
  • Watermelon comes in a variety of sizes, both in terms of fruit output and growing habit.
  • There are giant types and smaller variants.
  • The number of varieties you may cultivate may be limited by the size of your growing space.

When is watermelon season in your state?

As you can see, watermelon season comes throughout the warmer months in every state, although the particular time periods for each state are slightly different. Keeping track of when your state’s watermelon season begins and ends is essential if you want to enjoy the best tasting watermelon possible.

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When are blueberries in season in Florida?

The reason for this is that, while blueberries are available year-round in grocery stores, they are genuinely in season across Florida during the early summer, between April and May. The Florida fruit calendar has been established so that you can quickly identify when it’s the best time to pick up the freshest cantaloupe or watermelon, or whether you’ve missed out on the best citrus season.

Do Florida farmers grow seasonal foods?

Despite the fact that most Florida crops are seasonal, some farmers grow their food in greenhouses or other facilities, allowing them to make specific products available at different times of year. What farm does the item originate from, and what is its name? Does your chef pay a visit to the farms from which you source your ingredients?

What fruits are in season right now in Florida?

  1. Avocados are available from June through January among Florida’s seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  2. Bananas are available from August through October.
  3. Basil is in season from March through November.
  4. Blueberries are available from April through June.
  5. Broccoli is available from October through May.
  6. Broccoli raab is available from October to May.
  7. Brussels sprouts are available from November through March.
  8. Cabbage is available from November through June.

What month is watermelon season in Florida?

Between April 1 and July 15, watermelons are harvested in Florida, with the busiest harvest season being between May 1 and July 1.

What month is best to buy watermelon?

However, the optimum time to purchase is between the months of May and September. At that point, watermelon production ramps up in the four leading watermelon-producing states of Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia, which account for two-thirds of the nation’s harvest and ensure that store shelves are continuously stocked.

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Is watermelon in season right now?

Watermelons are grown from June to September in California; this seasonal product is best enjoyed throughout the summer and fall months.

What fruit is in season in April in Florida?

  • April.
  • Blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, tangerines, watermelons, carambola, guava, papaya, peaches, peanuts, lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, mushrooms, radishes, snap beans, and squash are some of the fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the United States.

What is the easiest fruit to grow in Florida?

Figs are a fruit that is simple to grow in Florida. They grow best in broad light with plenty of area to spread out. Figs can grow to be 12-15 feet tall and the same width as the tree.

Is watermelon in season in April?

Despite the fact that watermelons are accessible all year round, they are not considered to be in season. Why should you buy them while they are in season? Because they are both less expensive and more delicious! Watermelon season varies from state to state.

State Watermelons in season
Delaware July till October
Florida April till July and December
Georgia June till September

Is watermelon good in April?

  • Despite the fact that watermelon is now available year-round, many people still link it with foods that are associated with the spring and summer seasons.
  • I’m not sure why this is happening.
  • When it’s chilly outside in the winter, it’s just as pleasant as when it’s warm inside in the spring.
  • And don’t even attempt to claim that you can’t get it in your local grocery shop throughout the winter.

Can you buy watermelon year round?

Keep the refreshing taste of watermelon on your menu all of the time! When it comes to watermelon, it is accessible all year (see out this useful chart to see where your watermelon is coming from) — simply search for ″fresh cut″ containers of watermelon in the produce section.

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What is the sweetest watermelon?

Sultan. Sultan is one of the sweetest types you’ll discover; this particular variety has a Brix value of 12.3 on the scale. The fruits weigh an average of 15 pounds and are ready to harvest in 95 days.

What state has the best watermelon?

Florida has traditionally been the nation’s leading producer of watermelons, accounting for 19 percent of the 3.9 billion pounds of watermelon produced in the United States in 2012. For the year 2012, Florida and three other states (Georgia, California, and Texas) accounted for two-thirds of total U.S. production.

How can you tell if a watermelon is good?

  • Look for the yellow spot: When watermelons are allowed to lay on the ground, they acquire a yellow blotch.
  • When this blotch turns a creamy golden color, it indicates that the fruit is ripe.
  • Give it a good thud: Tap the watermelon’s underside with your finger.
  • One that is fully ripe will produce a deep hollow sound, indicating that it is bursting at the seams with juice and at the pinnacle of its ripeness.

How long is watermelon season?

Seeded, seedless, tiny, yellow, and orange flesh are the five most common varieties. Keep a look out at your local farmers market for watermelon during the summer months — from May to September, but the precise range varies depending on where you reside. These massive creatures are impossible to miss, and there will be lots of them throughout peak season.

Can a dog eat watermelon?

The answer is yes, watermelon is one of the greatest fruits to give to your dog as a reward. Because of its high moisture and fiber content, as well as its tightly packed nutritional value, it is classified as a superfood.

Is watermelon good this time of year?

Despite the fact that watermelon is available year-round, the optimum time to acquire this fruit is during its peak season, which runs from May through September in the United States and Canada.

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