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Blueberry Hints and Tips:

Storage & Preparation

  • Handle fruit gently to avoid bruising. Bruising shortens the life of fruit and contributes to low quality.
  • Sort carefully and remove berries that are too soft or decayed.
  • Store berries loosely in a shallow container to allow air circulation and to prevent the berries on top from crushing those underneath.
  • Do not wash berries before refrigerating.
  • Store covered containers of berries in a cool, moist area of the refrigerator, such as in the hydrator (vegetable keeper), to help extend the usable life of the fruit. Recommended storage time is three to five days.
  • Before eating berries or using in your favorite recipe, wash berries gently in cold water, lift out of water and drain.

Using Blueberries
    Blueberries, fresh, frozen or canned, are a real taste treat. They are nature's convenience food - no peeling, pitting or coring! Simply wash and enjoy them fresh as they are, or use for cereals, salads, muffins, pancakes, tarts and pies or make delicious toppings for ice cream, waffles or cheesecake! Freeze them (without washing) and you will have an excellent product to use later. Can them for pies, cobblers, cakes and muffins or conserve them as tasty syrups, jams or jellies.

Tips for Using Blueberries

  • Breakfast - Toss blueberries into your favorite hot or cold cereal, add blueberries when making pancakes, muffins, breakfast breads and waffles, add blueberries to nonfat yogurt or pile blueberries into a cantaloupe half.
  • Snacking - Eat blueberries out of hand, make a blueberry blender drink with nonfat yogurt, mix blueberries with nonfat cottage cheese, drop frozen blueberries in sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink.
  • Meals - Sprinkle blueberries into fruit  or green salads, make a tangy blueberry sauce to serve with poultry, fish and meat.
  • Desserts - Serve a dish of blueberries for dessert or use blueberries as a topping for lowfat ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, fruit or angel food cake. Bake a blueberry cobbler or pie. Make blueberry sauce and use a topping on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, pudding or angel food cake