How Far Apart To Plant Strawberries In Containers
Planting Strawberries in Containers – Late spring into early summer is the right time of year to plant bare-root runners that have been cold-stored to hold them back. Brought out of the cold and sold on, they will get away very quickly indeed to give a pick of fruits in as little as two months. How Far Apart To Plant Strawberries In Containers Set plants into multipurpose potting soil, spacing them 25-30cm (10-12in) apart – this is closer than they would be in the ground as it will be easier to water and feed them. Bare-root runners can look quite severe with their minimal top growth and often less-than-plump roots.

This is normal, so worry not! Give the runners a soak in a bucket of water to revive them or water pots of strawberries if they are at all dry. Fill your tub with compost to within an inch of the rim then plant your strawberries so that each crown (where the leaves emerge) sits just above the surface.

Planting Strawberries in Containers: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners! 🍓

Firm the plants in and water to settle the compost around the roots. I like to sink empty 7cm (3in) pots into the compost at regular intervals. These act as reservoirs so that by watering into them the water is slowly released at root level rather than running straight off the compost surface.

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How big of a planter do I need for strawberries?

What kind of pots or container do I need to grow strawberries? – Any regular flower pot will do. Planting strawberries in hanging pots though allows for an easy harvest as the fruit tend to dangle over the side. This also produces a neat effect which can be exploited by planting strawberries in vertical planters or towers.

  • Railing or fence planters
  • Small raised garden boxes
  • Tower planters
  • Regular flower pots

For a more natural or rustic look you could get creative and use:

  • Old unused wine barrels
  • Re-purposed wheelbarrows
  • Wicker or willow weaved planters

Source: Jennifer C. | Flickr Since strawberry plants have pretty shallow root systems, you don’t need an overly large pot or planter. Generally planters 8 inches in diameter and at least 6 inches deep is are the perfect size for one strawberry plant. It’s better to choose a larger pot then a container that’s to small.

  1. The smaller the pot or container the more you will need to water it, and cramping the plants can effect their health.
  2. If you want to plant multiple plants in one container, you’ll need a larger pot to allow for 8 or 10 inches between the plants.
  3. Always ensure you have a pot or container with at least 6 inches of soil depth, one that drains well, and if growing multiple strawberry plants in one container you leave at least 8 inch’s between plants.

This allows the roots to properly develop and the plants to properly spread. – Chef Markus

How do you keep strawberries fresh in a glass container?

How to Store Strawberries – When stored properly in the refrigerator using one of the below methods, strawberries should stay fresh for up to one week. Always examine your berries for mold and other signs of spoilage before eating them.

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Place in air-tight glassware: Transfer unwashed strawberries into a glass food storage container or mason jar and make sure it’s sealed tight. Paper towel method: Place a clean, dry paper towel in a container and put unwashed strawberries on top. Close the lid and place the container in the refrigerator. Rinse with vinegar solution: Soak strawberries in a vinegar solution (one-part white vinegar and three parts water) for a few minutes. Then drain them, pat them dry, and place them on a clean paper towel in a glass container. Loosely place the lid on and store in the refrigerator.

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How deep and how far apart do you plant?

General Guidelines for Seed Depth – If you can’t find the recommended planting depth for your specific seeds online, here are a few tried-and-true guidelines you can follow:

In general, seeds should be planted at a depth of two times the width, or diameter, of the seed. For example, if you have a seed that’s about 1/16 inch thick, it should be planted about 1/8 inch deep. Large bean seeds, which can be up to 1/2 inch wide, may need to be planted an inch deep. For tiny seeds, place them on the surface of the soil and barely cover them with soil or vermiculite, Don’t compress the soil atop the seeds as you plant them. The soil should be firm but not compacted.

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