How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries
How to Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries – How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries Many people are surprised to find out that you can actually freeze chocolate covered strawberries. If you know you aren’t going to finish the berries within the next 24 or 48 hours, your best bet is to freeze them. Chocolate covered strawberries can last up to three months in the freezer.

  1. However, you must freeze — and defrost — them correctly for the best results.
  2. Before piling them into the freezer, it’s best to “flash freeze” your berries to prevent them from sticking together in a giant clump when frozen.
  3. To do this, place the chocolate covered strawberries on a parchment-lined cookie sheet in a single layer, leaving plenty of space between the strawberries.

Freeze for about three hours or until they are solid. Once they’re sufficiently frozen, you can place them in a freezer container or bag. Frozen berries are the one instance you want to ensure an airtight seal to prevent freezer burn, so be sure to use a bag or container that has been designed for freezer use.

  • When you’re ready to enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries, you can defrost them in the fridge for an hour.
  • You don’t want to defrost the strawberries completely or they can become mushy and watery.
  • Instead, let them partially defrost in the refrigerator.
  • Then enjoy them while they’re still a little cold.

They’ll retain their crunch, while still providing you with plenty of juicy flavor. Understanding how long chocolate covered strawberries last and how to best store them can help you plan ahead with your chocolate covered strawberry treats. Maybe you’ve just received a delicious arrangement like our A Berry Sweet Bundle or our Chocolate Dipped Indulgence Platter,

How long does chocolate take to freeze on strawberries?

How to Store Chocolate Covered Strawberries in the Freezer – How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries Freezing your chocolate covered strawberries will allow you to enjoy them over a longer period of time. In fact, you can keep them for up to three months in the freezer. To freeze, place your chocolate covered strawberries on a parchment-lined sheet in a single layer, with enough space between the strawberries to allow air to flow.

  1. Freeze for about three hours or until they are solid, which will prevent them from sticking together when stored.
  2. Once the berries are solid, you can place them in a freezer container or bag.
  3. When you’re ready to enjoy them, defrost your chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge for an hour.
  4. Or, you can choose to eat the strawberries frozen.

Either way, you don’t want to defrost the strawberries completely or they can become mushy and watery. Partially or completely frozen strawberries aren’t as crunchy or hard as you might think. In fact, they’re pretty delectable – and a lot tastier than a mushy strawberry.

Do you put chocolate covered strawberries in the freezer to harden?

Can Chocolate Covered Strawberries Be Frozen? – No. The chocolate covered strawberries have to harden in the fridge, not the freezer. If you risk the strawberries to freeze they will be rock hard and you won’t be able to give them a bite. PLUS, once they thaw they get mushy and release all their water into the chocolate and that’s not a nice thing to look at and the taste suffers from it, too.

Should you freeze strawberries before dipping in chocolate?

Download Article Download Article These delicious, attractive treats combine the best of fresh fruit and rich chocolate. The process is easy as long as you are cautious and patient. Melting chocolate can be finicky, but keep to low heat and all will be well.

  • About 45 fresh strawberries
  • 8 oz (225 grams) chocolate


  • 2 tsp (10 mL) unsalted butter
  • Chopped nuts or sprinkles
  • White chocolate
  1. 1 Throw away damaged strawberries. Discard any strawberries that show signs of damage:
    • Mushy or leaking juice
    • Large white or green areas
    • Dry, brown caps instead of green
    • You can use strawberries with missing caps and stems, but they won’t last as long.
  2. 2 Wash the strawberries. Fill a colander with the strawberries. Rinse under cool, running water. Gently shake the colander to clean all sides of the strawberries.
    • Don’t wash the strawberries more than an hour in advance. They spoil quickly once washed.


  3. 3 Pat dry with paper towels. Even a drop of water can make the chocolate grainy and unpleasant. Pat dry, then space the strawberries out on dry paper towels to finish air drying. Leave them at room temperature to avoid condensation from the fridge.
  4. 4 Skewer the strawberries (optional). Push a toothpick into each strawberry cap. You can skip this if the stems are still attached.
  5. 5 Cover a baking sheet with wax paper. Parchment paper will work as well. Aluminum foil will prevent sticking just as well, but may leave a pattern on the chocolate strawberries.
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  1. 1 Choose high-quality chocolate. Besides the taste, cheap chocolate may not melt and harden evenly. Semisweet, bittersweet, or dark chocolate is easier to melt than milk and white chocolate.
    • Use chocolate chips, or chop bars into even, ¼ inch (6 mm) pieces.
    • “Candy melts” are extra-easy to use, but usually don’t taste as good as real chocolate. If using a candy melt, follow the instructions on the label.
  2. 2 Add butter (optional). This makes the chocolate smoother and easier to use as a dip. Mix in 2 teaspoons (10 milliliters) unsalted butter for every 8 ounces (225 grams) chocolate. Never use more than this, or the water in the butter could ruin the chocolate’s texture.
    • Shortening has no liquid, so it will never ruin the chocolate. However, it should only be added after the chocolate has melted.
  3. 3 Melt in a double boiler. You can make one of these at home by placing a stainless steel or heat-safe glass bowl over an ordinary pan. Fill the pan with an inch or two (2.5–5 cm) of water, but make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. Bring the water to a simmer, then add chocolate to the bowl and stir until melted.
    • Use the lowest heat setting possible to keep the water simmering. Chocolate melts at low temperatures, and can separate if heated too high.
  4. 4 Use a microwave instead. Be aware that this method comes with a high risk of damaged chocolate. It should only be used for small amounts of dark or bittersweet chocolate. Set the microwave to defrost or the lowest power setting. Microwave the bowl of chocolate for 30 seconds, then take out and stir.
    • Melted chocolate may still look shiny and hard, and will not feel hot. You’ll have to give it a stir to test for melting.
  5. 5 Let the chocolate cool slightly. Leave the chocolate at room temperature for a couple minutes. It’s easiest to dip strawberries in chocolate that’s at around 100ºF (38ºC). This is roughly human body temperature, so it will feel tepid.
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  1. 1 Dip the strawberries. Hold each strawberry by the stem or using a toothpick. Dip it into the melted chocolate, nearly up to the green cap. As you pull it out, give it a small shake. This fills in gaps in the chocolate and leaves a smooth line. Finish by rotating the strawberry to let excess chocolate drip off.
  2. 2 Lay on the prepared sheet. Place the dipped strawberries upside-down on the baking sheet covered in wax paper. Space them so they don’t touch, or they’ll stick together.
  3. 3 Decorate the strawberries (optional). Sprinkle chopped nuts or sprinkles over the chocolate while it is still soft. Or, if you’d like to add a classic white chocolate drizzle, refrigerate the strawberries first. Melt the white chocolate the same way as before, then drizzle it over the hardened chocolate using a fork.
  4. 4 Refrigerate for 15–30 minutes. Leave them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens completely. This should minimize the chance of white fat “blooming” to the surface.
    • The chocolate is still safe to eat if it does bloom. You may wish to decorate it as described above, in order to hide the white surface.
  5. 5 Store or serve immediately. These are best served the same day they are made. If storing them longer term, you have a few options:
    • Room temperature: Hold flavor best, but only lasts 2–3 days. Keep covered but not in airtight container. May become limp. Hot temperatures will cause white fat blooms.
    • Refrigerator: Keeps for 5–7 days. Lay a paper towel at the base of a container and sprinkle with baking soda, then add berries and cover. This absorbs moisture, preventing sugar in the chocolate from forming white crystals.
    • Freezer: Best within 3 months, but keeps indefinitely. Chocolate must cover 100% of the strawberry to lock in juices. Freeze separated on a flat sheet first, to prevent sticking together.
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  • Question How long should I put the chocolate in the microwave? Microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each increment, until fully melted.
  • Question What can I use if I don’t have wax or parchment paper? You can try cling film or tin foil. It doesn’t work as well as wax/parchment paper though.
  • Question I received 48 chocolate dipped strawberries for my birthday on Friday. Can I freeze them? Yes, but you’ll want to eat them frozen. If you thaw them, the strawberries will become mushy and the chocolate gets goopy.

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  • These taste best if eaten within 24 hours. See the instructions above for storage advice if keeping them longer.
  • If you are making a large amount of chocolate strawberries, it may be worth your time to temper the chocolate between melting and dipping. This eliminates the chance of white “bloom,” but can be tedious and difficult.

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Warn children about skewers.

Advertisement Article Summary X To make chocolate strawberries, wash the strawberries and skewer them with toothpicks so they’re easier to handle. Then, melt 8 ounces of your choice of chocolate in a double boiler. If you don’t own a double boiler, you can either make one by placing a heat-safe bowl over a pot or you can microwave the chocolate in 30-second intervals until it’s melted.

How long does it take chocolate to harden in freezer?

How Long Does It Take For Chocolate To Harden In A Freezer? – In the freezer, the hardening process takes even less time, with chocolate typically solidifying within 5-10 minutes. The exact time may vary depending on the thickness of your chocolate. It’s essential to keep an eye on your chocolate and not leave it unattended.

Why are my chocolate covered strawberries not setting?

Tips for perfect chocolate covered strawberries: –

  • Pick good strawberries.
    • Choose firm, ripe strawberries without bruises and if possible, strawberries that are red all the way up to the stem.
  • Use room temperature strawberries and DRY THEM really well.

    Take the strawberries out of the fridge 15-30 minutes before dipping them. Wash them and gently dry them all over with a paper towel. You want to make sure they’re very dry, otherwise the chocolate won’t set on them properly.

  • Temper the chocolate.
    • Tempering the chocolate will help prevent the chocolate covered strawberries from looking streaky, gray or dull after the chocolate sets. All you need to do to temper melted chocolate is set aside some of the chocolate to stir in at the end, after most of it has already been melted.
      • Melt all but 1 heaping tablespoon of the chocolate chips, and set the extra chips aside. Once you’ve melted the chocolate and it’s smooth, remove the bowl from heat and add the reserved chocolate chips.
      • Stir them into the mixture until they melt. The chocolate added at the end will help temper the warm chocolate to make it the right consistency and temperature for dipping.

How to make chocolate covered strawberries to freeze?

Instructions – Although it may sound daunting to make chocolate-dipped strawberries at home from scratch, it is indeed quite easy. First, rinse the strawberries with cold water and then pat them dry using a kitchen towel. Then melt the chocolate in a microwave or a double boiler. How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries Place a glass bowl or a stainless steel bowl on top of the liner. You want to ensure the bowl sits on the liner and does not go inside it, or else it can get stuck and will be difficult to remove. Put the melting chocolate wafers or pieces of the melting chocolate bar.

In a few minutes, the chocolate will start melting. Mix it with a spatula and continue mixing intermittently until the chocolate is completely melted and becomes smooth in texture. In the meantime, also keep an eye on the water, if it starts boiling, turn the instant pot off by pressing the cancel button.

Once the chocolate has melted, you can turn off the saute button and turn it on as needed to keep the chocolate melted. How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries Hold the strawberry from the top (green leaves) and dip it in the melting chocolate from the other end. Turn the strawberry to allow the chocolate to coat as much as possible. If you plan on freezing the chocolate-dipped strawberries and have cut off the greens then you can use a fork to completely immerse the strawberries into the melted chocolate. How Long To Freeze Chocolate Covered Strawberries Frozen chocolate-dipped strawberries

Why is my chocolate not hardening in the freezer?

Why Is My Melted Chocolate Not Hardening? – If your chocolate has not been properly tempered then your chocolate may not harden, however, if you are hardening it at room temperature, then your room temperature may be too high.

Do you put chocolate in the fridge or freezer to set?

Notes From a Chocolate-Making Expert – At Whitakers, we’ve been creating fine British chocolates for over a century. Trust us when we say there isn’t anything we don’t know about chocolate! Managing the temperature of chocolate is a critical part of the chocolate-making process.

It’s not just about storage; it’s about every step from melting, tempering, cooling, to hardening, Each phase requires careful temperature control to achieve the perfect consistency, texture, and taste. In essence, temperature is the invisible hand that shapes the quality of the final product. When it comes to storage, the advice remains consistent: keep chocolate in a cool, dry, dark place with a temperature between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 21 degrees Celsius).

If stored correctly, chocolate can maintain its optimal quality, flavour, and texture. With years of experience in handling and understanding chocolate, you can’t underestimate the importance of proper temperature control. It’s not just about creating a delicious product; it’s about respecting the process and ensuring the best possible experience for the chocolate lover.

Why is my chocolate not getting hard?

#1. Why Didn’t My Chocolate Ever Set? – You need to be patient when waiting for dipping chocolates to set, as it can take up to 20 minutes. However, if your chocolate hasn’t set, there are a few reasons why this could be. It could be that your room temperature is too high.

How do you make chocolate covered strawberries shiny?

Add Butter for a Shiny Finish – If you want super-shiny strawberries, add a pat of butter to your chocolate! The extra fat gives the chocolate coating an even richer flavor and a mirror-like finish that’s sure to attract attention. Just don’t add too much or your chocolate covering will melt, even at room temperature.

Do you set chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge?

How to Keep Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fresh Cavan Images/Getty Images By Heath Goldman for Food Network Kitchen Chances are, if you’re reading this article you’ve mastered, or you’ve received a chocolate covered strawberry delivery (lucky you).

Now that you’ve got the strawberries, you need to figure out how to keep those beauties fresh. The fact of the matter is: chocolate covered strawberries are best the first day you make or receive them. Many recipes will ask you to transfer them to the refrigerator to speed up the chocolate-setting process.

But if you plan on eating them the first day, you’ll want to then remove them from the refrigerator and store them on the counter at room temperature. This way, they won’t sweat or weep. Chocolate covered strawberries keep best stored on the counter with a loose draping of plastic wrap.

  • Given that chocolate covered strawberries are the best stored at room temperature, you might be wondering how long they can be kept that way.
  • You can leave them on the counter for about one day.
  • If you’re planning on saving your chocolate covered strawberries for more than one day, yep, they’ll need to be refrigerated.

Unfortunately, this means that they will sweat a little bit. To minimize sweating, place a couple sheets of paper towels into the bottom of an airtight container. Store the strawberries on top of the paper towels. If you need to store multiple layers of strawberries, place pieces of wax paper or parchment paper between the layers.

They will typically last for up to two days in the refrigerator. They may last longer though. Simply inspect the strawberries: if the chocolate has fallen off or the tops of the strawberries appear mushy, you’ll probably want to toss them. We don’t recommend you freeze these strawberries because honestly? The strawberries will become mushy when they thaw.

And no one wants that. Related Links: : How to Keep Chocolate Covered Strawberries Fresh

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