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Will there be season 12 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 12 Release Date Rumors: When Is It Coming Out? Even after the ending of season 11, people have been looking for Season 12 release date rumors, After season 11, AMC has been running new seasons for both The Walking Dead: Dead City and Fear the Walking Dead.

  1. But is there a release date for The Walking Dead Season 12 as well? If yes, then when is it coming out? Here’s all of The Walking Dead Season 12 release date information we know so far and the details on when it is coming out.
  2. No, there are no plans for The Walking Dead Season 12 after Season 11 ended the show in November 2022.

Back in 2020, AMC announced the end of The Walking Dead with season 11. The final season stretched a bit longer by giving fans some extra episodes. But that was the end of the main series. After that, AMC announced a new spinoff along with the long-running Fear the Walking Dead prequel series.

  1. While Fear the Walking Dead season 8 recently aired its mid-season finale and will return with 6 more episodes later in 2023, AMC has also been running the new spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City.
  2. It focuses on Negan and Maggie’s characters from the original series.
  3. These beloved characters were sworn enemies in the past.

But the Dead City spinoff has forced Maggie to work with Negan as he can help her save her kidnapped son Hershel from a zombie-infested city.

How many Walking Dead spin offs are there?

How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC The Walking Dead universe has several spinoffs in the works in addition to the already-released series. Fear the Walking Dead premiered its eighth and final season in 2023 and was the first spinoff, followed by the limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond and the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC Fear the Walking Dead was the first spinoff series. Although not a direct spinoff, it is set in the same world as the main series. This story began at the onset of the outbreak and followed the survivors as they tried to wrap their heads around what was taking place.

Fear TWD started in Los Angeles and eventually moved to Mexico and Texas. The eighth season will see another location as filming moved to Savannah, Georgia. Fear the Walking Dead’s final season will be released in two six-episode parts beginning May 14 on AMC, with the second coming later in 2023. The Walking Dead: World Beyond was the second spinoff of the universe that was ordered as a limited two-season series.

This is a coming-of-age series that begins in the midwest. World Beyond follows a group of teens sheltered by their community’s walls since the beginning of the outbreak. When they head beyond the borders, they must learn how to survive in a world full of the undead.

  1. This series sheds much light on the mysterious CRM (Civic Republic Military) featured in the other series.
  2. World Beyond also reintroduces a familiar face from the flagship series.
  3. Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes (Pollyanna McIntosh) traded Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as her ticket of admittance into the organization, where she quickly climbed their ranks.

Jadis will play a role in the upcoming Rick & Michonne spinoff series.

Will Rick be in Walking Dead season 12?

The Walking Dead Has Outgrown The Source Material – How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There With the CRM and fast zombie storylines incoming, The Walking Dead is moving well beyond the limits of its source material, meaning an early comic ending cannot be the sole reason The Walking Dead season 12 isn’t happening, Inevitably, ratings must’ve played their part.

When Kirkman’s comments were made in 2016, The Walking Dead was in its seventh season, at the height of its powers. Nevertheless, a decline was emerging, and numbers have fallen significantly season-on-season. Were The Walking Dead still pulling double-digit ratings in seasons 10 and 11, a season 12 would’ve surely come to pass.

Plus, if AMC was already eyeing its zombie viewership with concern, the arrival of a very real pandemic might’ve sealed The Walking Dead ‘s fate. The show had to continue without one of its strongest assets, so there’s also the loss of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes to consider.

  1. Departing early in The Walking Dead season 9, the zombie apocalypse continued on bravely without its original lead, but like most TV shows who lose their star ( The Office, Two & A Half Men, etc.), its days felt numbered.
  2. Those TWD season 12 dreams slipped further away.
  3. Rick did, in fact, return to The Walking Dead at the very end of the series finale, something that fans didn’t expect.

Many believed that his return was to set up a possible TWD season 12. Sadly though, he is still far away from the rest of the group, so a last-minute season 11 reunion wasn’t possible. Therefore, Rick and Michonne’s arc will be ending with a six-part miniseries, rather than the planned Walking Dead movies or a TWD season 12.

Perhaps the change of plans surrounding The Walking Dead season 12 has more to do with audience viewing habits and shifting business models. A lack of comic books, dwindling ratings, and departing actors all played their part in bringing The Walking Dead to an early close, but the volume of spinoffs in the pipeline — as well as setup for big future storylines — suggests AMC values The Walking Dead more as a multi-platform brand than as the traditional “main show plus spinoffs” format.

As streaming increasingly dominates, the MCU, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many more are heading in that direction. The Walking Dead might be joining that esteemed club before long.

Why Walking Dead is not in Netflix?

Why isn’t The Walking Dead on Netflix? – The Walking Dead isn’t on your Netflix library because Netflix in your country hasn’t purchased the rights to broadcast the show. It can be slightly confusing, but Netflix is different based on the country it’s in.

Although Netflix is available worldwide, it’s easiest to think of Netflix as a separate streaming service in other countries. For The Walking Dead to be available to watch on Netflix, the streaming service needs to purchase the rights to the show in every country it’s in. For example, to broadcast The Walking Dead in the countries listed above, Netflix had to purchase broadcasting rights in each location.

If The Walking Dead isn’t available to stream on Netflix, you’re in a location where Netflix hasn’t purchased the rights to broadcast the show.

How did virus start in Walking Dead?

How did The Walking Dead virus start? How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There Source: Official Instagram Account of The Walking Dead According to “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” season two finale, the virus originated at a biomedical facility in France. Robert Kirkman purposefully withheld the origins of the TWD zombies when he wrote his comic book series, and he never even comes close to unraveling the mystery throughout the entire narrative.

Kirkman’s philosophy has been carried over to AMC’s The Walking Dead TV adaptation, which consistently avoids teaching the audience a science lesson. The CDC episode from season 1 of The Walking Dead was the closest the series has ever come to revealing the show’s biological secrets; Kirkman later regretted this episode.

The post-credits sequence from The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 finale provides an answer to the query that has been asked by viewers for more than ten years. Though the scene didn’t exactly give a detailed explanation, it still provided a much awaited answer.

Is Rick in Fear the Walking Dead?

Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series 2015–2023) – Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – IMDb.

Does Rick become a walker?

Rick essentially becomes a living zombie in order to save.

Does anyone still watch The Walking Dead?

Walking Dead Is Still One Of The Most Popular Shows – How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There At its peak, The Walking Dead was drawing in 15-17 million same-day viewers on a weekly basis, an absolutely gargantuan number for a cable original. At that point, Walking Dead was not only the highest-rated scripted show in the prized 18-49 viewer demographic on cable but for all of TV.

Many years later, The Walking Dead ‘s ratings are definitely far removed from their heyday. Each new episode draws between 2 and 3 million same-day viewers on AMC, which is a steep decline from season 6 to be sure. In the grand scheme, this is still not bad at all. During the time that The Walking Dead shed much of its viewership, linear TV as a whole has continued to hemorrhage viewers, with more people content to be entertained by streaming content.

When compared to the competition in 2022, The Walking Dead still boasts some of the best overall viewership numbers for a scripted program, and it’s also still the top show on cable among the 18-49 demo. In fact, spinoffs Fear the Walking Dead and the recently ended The Walking Dead: World Beyond are in the top 10 in that category too.

When did Netflix remove The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead will remain on Netflix US until 2027 – As per most licenses from AMC, the show will leave exactly four years following its final season addition to Netflix. This has been the case for the likes of Hell on Wheels, for example, and we have confirmed that’s the same again here.

Is it worth it to watch The Walking Dead?

9 /10 The early seasons were classic! Warning: Spoilers I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead ever since the first episode of the first season. Even though the quality has gone down in recent years I still haven’t missed an episode. While the last few seasons weren’t quite as good they were still worth watching.

It did go out on a high note though, the last season was actually pretty good. It had a few slow filler episodes but overall it was solid. Even though it was definitely time for it to end I’m still going to miss it. When something’s been apart of your life for so long it’s hard to say goodbye. The good news for fans is that there are a few spinoffs coming in 2023.

I’m actually interested in the spinoffs considering they all star my favorite characters from the main show. There’s three of them so with Rick & Michonne, one with Negan & Maggie and one with Darryl going over to Europe. Again, those all happen to be my favorite characters so I’m looking forward to them and hope they’re good! 112 out of 121 found this helpful.

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  • Permalink 9 /10 Loved this show but it was time for it to end! I’ve been a fan of The Walking Dead ever since the first episode of the first season.
  • Even though the quality has gone down in recent years I still haven’t missed an episode.
  • While the last few seasons weren’t quite as good they were still worth watching.

It did go out on a high note though, the last season was actually pretty good. It had a few slow filler episodes but overall it was solid. Even though it was definitely time for it to end I’m still going to miss it. When something’s been apart of your life for so long it’s hard to say goodbye.

  1. The good news for fans is that there are a few spinoffs coming in 2023.
  2. I’m actually interested in the spinoffs considering they all star my favorite characters from the main show.
  3. There’s three of them so with Rick & Michonne, one with Negan & Maggie and one with Darryl going over to Europe.

Again, those all happen to be my favorite characters so I’m looking forward to them and hope they’re good! 101 out of 112 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 A great thing, but dragged out too long I would put this series my top 5 off all time despite the last few series were a tad disappointing.

  1. Maybe COVID affected the script writing but it did tail off.
  2. Enough of that and on to the good stuff.
  3. The early seasons are just phenomenal.
  4. It’s less about the walkers and more about the characters and relationships they build and the challenges they faced in trying to forge a life amidst the horror around them.

And in fact the other people rather than the walkers prove more of a problem to them. There’s so much to keep you on tenterhooks. Stories are told brilliantly, there’s genuine terror and fear. A constant menace. The first 6 series are incredible. There are moments that you’ll never forget.

Moments that will shake you to your core. Moments that are just ‘what the.’ It’s genuinely moving at times too and that’s where the early seasons are best. It’s not a gore fest like the later ones. It’s just great TV. This would have been a clear 10 but for the drawn out ending.73 out of 78 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 Going to miss it but it’s prob time for it to go! Everyone know that The Walking Dead isn’t as good as it used to be, those early seasons were groundbreaking in so many ways and because of them this show still gets a high rating from me! Those earlier seasons make this show one of the best shows of all-time! Like most long running shows, it’s had its ups and downs but even at its worst it was still the #1 show on cable, in fact it has been #1 every season it’s been on the air.

  1. The last few seasons without Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) haven’t been as good but it’s at least starting to get back to being a pretty good show this season.
  2. Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Jeffery Dean Morgan (Negan) have continued to carry the show after Andrew Lincoln’s departure and I think we can actually look forward to it again! 250 out of 304 found this helpful.
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Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 Amazing if you binge-watch. This is a very long running TV-show (10+ years) with many seasons. One common view is that the first seasons are great, then it becomes garbage. I decided to binge-watch in 2021 to make an opinion for myself.

  • What I will say is that season 1 is definitely the fastest paced season, reminiscent of typical Zombie films such as Dawn of the Dead with a simple “escape the undead” premise.
  • After season 1, the pacing becomes very slow (lots of episodes, each 1 hour), and the story drags on and is more about watching the cast settle down in bases/single locations.

It becomes a post-apoc survival show. Personally, I very much enjoyed binge watching this entire show. I even prefered the later seasons than the first seasons. It felt enjoyable to watch a slower paced story of survival and base/world building by the core cast of the show, mainly Rick Grimes and his son Carl.

  • The reason is that “escaping the zombies” and being stressed & running all the time, gets old.
  • I liked the other aspects of post-apocalypse survival themes such as the danger of other human groups (Negan and the saviors, I really liked, the Negan actor is amazing and very charismatic).
  • One of the common views I read online is that the entire show is amazing if binge watched, as it forms one great story.

However it was HELL for the people that watched a single episode per week/month, because often very little happens in each episode, dragging the seasons on forever. But binge watching a season makes for a nice “kick back & relax” TV show to enjoy. So in conclusion, I would very much ignore the reviews that say “Only season 1 is great” and “anything after season 5 sucks”.

  1. I would advise you binge watch from season 1, and stop when you no longer want to watch.
  2. For me, I just couldn’t stop and really started to enjoy the show from season 6 onwards (when the “running from zombies” premise ends).
  3. Overall, no matter one’s opinion, one undeniable fact is that this is the QUINTESSENTIAL zombie TV show, with the number of seasons to match.

It is simply epic and I cannot wait to see how season 11 concludes this story. Enjoyable through the dead. Just Watch it.164 out of 196 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 Very much alive for Seasons 1-5, Season 7 dead Had heard nothing but great things about ‘The Walking Dead’ from friends and IMDb reviewers.

  1. It took a while to get round to walking, both from being busy and also not being sure whether it would be my cup of tea.
  2. Finally getting round to it a few years ago and slowly working my way through it, ‘The Walking Dead’ turned out to be very much my cup of tea and as good as the hype made it out to be.

Seasons 1-5 of ‘The Walking Dead’ to me were absolutely brilliant, and it still shocks me at how an intelligent, well-made (so much so that it is easy to mistake it for a film) show about zombies could be made when so many films have tried and failed abysmally to do so.

  • My only complaint about the early seasons actually is the slightly slow start to Season 2.
  • ‘The Walking Dead’ is incredibly well made in the production values, with gritty and audacious production design, photography of almost cinematic quality, effects that look good, have soul and are not overused or abused and pretty frightening make-up which helps make the already freaky zombies even freakier.

The music is haunting and affecting, having presence but never being too intrusive. For five seasons, the writing was intelligent and thought-provoking, with lots of tension and emotional resonance and improving every time a story and character were expanded and given more complexity.

  • Loved that the stories had multiple layers and felt satisfactorily resolved, while the action is both thrilling and terrifying, the blood-spattering gore uncompromising.
  • Seasons 3 and 4 are especially good in this regard, and it is the latter where the complexities and nuance of the storytelling and characterisation particularly shine.

The pace was a little slow to begin with in Season 2 but thrilling elsewhere while not rushing through important pieces of information. Direction is smart and atmospheric while the show throughout has been strongly acted especially from the two leads playing particularly well-crafted characters.

Which is why it is so sad that Season 7 has been a dead mess on the whole, apart from the production values, some effective world-building and the actors did their best with what they had (an achievement somewhat, admiration is to be had for anybody able to do anything with such poor material). Season 6 did have some slow and pointless moments and the finale was a disappointment but had good things.

Can say very little good about Season 7 though. A season where once interesting, complex characters are no more. Negan was a fascinating villain, now a cartoonish caricature that one wants done away with, don’t blame Jeffrey Dean Morgan here, he’s great in the role, it’s the writing.

  • Pacing has been all over the map, often brutally slow.
  • The season has had too many characters and subplots that are mostly under-explored or completely superfluous.
  • There was heavy reliance on over-convenience, lots of melodrama, very talky sections that add little and feel like padding, little character growth, frustratingly illogical decision making and some convolution.

And there were very few thrills or scares thanks to lack of suspense and a sense that everything feels toned down. Overall, brilliant for about just over two-thirds but Season 7 was a serious disappointment and has left me dubious as to whether to stick with the show for the eighth season.

  1. With such a decline lately, there is a sense that a once addictive personal favourite show has run its course.7.5/10 Bethany Cox 185 out of 234 found this helpful.
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  3. Permalink 10 /10 The Walking Dead: Season 1 (10/10) The Walking Dead in its first season could not be touched.

When it came down to it, the first season had a collection of complex characters, thought provoking dialogue, captivating storylines, great cinematography, and downright scary looking zombies. Its hard to pin-point one thing that is extraordinary about Season 1 since there are so many aspects to talk about.

  1. First off, the scenes in downtown Atlanta were incredibly visual and the scenes that took place in more rural areas were very scenic.
  2. The undead in the first season had great makeup and special effects too, the zombies had defined faces that really make them feel they were once human.
  3. If I had to pick one thing that was great about the first season, its has to be the cast.

Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal make great, bad ass lead actors that also have the ability to project a range of emotions. Laurie Holden is also radiant in this season and the surrounding cast of Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Irone Singleton, and Norman Reedus all showcase a great character that can be easily become a fan-favorite to any.

  1. Frank Darabont hit a grand slam with the Walking Dead and its fairly easily to see why the shows popularity boomed right away.184 out of 230 found this helpful.
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  3. Permalink 10 /10 Utterly surprised I have to be honest i was stunned at just how much i enjoyed this, been a while since i can say i’m impatient for part 2 of anything, the first episode was captivating.

i have only seen episode 1 but after that alone i feel this is worthy of a 10/10, it has an originality which in a TV series is quite a nice change. Big big fan of Andrew Lincoln, quite a surprise to hear him with an American accent but i think he pulls it off well enough.

  • True enough there were a few leaky points, like why was he left untouched in an unlocked hospital room but who cares.
  • The scene when he walks out of the hospital past all the dead bodies and empty streets, wow, what a piece of brilliance.
  • The effects were great, wouldn’t recommend anyone having a kebab while watching it though 🙂 Update, 2019, I’m not surprised it’s still going, and I’m looking forward to the introduction of Samantha Morton.

It has varied in quality since the first series, but it’s still a great watch.116 out of 151 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 5 /10 A real shame The first 4 seasons were genuinely great! Mostly interesting characters with depth and good archs.

Season 5 was okay but became a bit messy. Following seasons became a who’ who of human stockpiles. Way too many characters, descisions that made no sense, blurry storylines and no character development. Entering season 11 and I truly have no idea who most of these people are anymore, what they’re doing and why.157 out of 202 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 it was something for awhile Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to find the hospital abandoned and is alone. A zombie apocalypse has broken out while he was out. He finds other survivors as he searches for his family.

This was a big hit for AMC and creator Frank Darabont. It’s the little show that could. For a few years, this was must-see TV. It was addictive. It was talk-worthy. What follows is a long slow decline to the end of its eleven seasons. This show has memorable characters. People love them or else a bad death wouldn’t have resulted in as much anger.

It ran for too long and had too many spinoffs. It was fun while it lasted.30 out of 37 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 You wouldn’t judge a boxers entire career on his last two fights Warning: Spoilers The Walking Dead I think the title of this review sums up ‘TWD’ rather accurately.

What started out as a decent prospect then worked its way up through the ranks to become TV show champion of the world. Sadly the last few seasons became slow, predictable and lacked the punch that the earlier seasons would week after week knock you out with. Like an aging boxer this show doesn’t really know where to go and what to do anymore.

So it keeps trying to do what it did in its youth but to lesser effect. Is it time to hang up those gloves? For anyone unfamiliar with the story ‘TWD’ is about a group of people trying survive a zombie apocalypse. It soon becomes apparent that you should fear the dead but fear the living even more.

  • It’s dog eat dog, or in most cases human eating human! The show started out very promising and over its eight seasons developed a bunch of characters that you will truly begin to care.
  • Unfortunately the show seems to have lost its way and has become almost as clumsy as the dithering dead that walk the Earth.

During the shows entire run ( I’m currently watching season eight as I write this) there has been some truly magnificent television. Some great storytelling, nail biting, riveting moments that shock and keep the audience hooked. Characters come and go and the long run time of each season helps us get to know each individual thoroughly.

The cast become almost like family members. So when one of them does meet their demise it’s upsetting. There’s been some great villains and foes along the way too. The Governor and Negan being most memorable. Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is probably the best thing about the more recent seasons. There’s characters that have conflicting views.

Shane played by Jon Bernthal being a good example. This show tugs on all the emotions. There’s pain, anger, fear and despair. There’s also the well timed piece of humour here and there to show that despite all that has happened to them these people are still human.

The production value of this show is of very high quality. Only the odd piece of CGI occasionally lets the side down. Particularly the CGI flames used instead of practical effects. This is odd as the practical and makeup effects in this show are second only to Game of Thrones. Prosthetic makeup effects are Oscar worthy.

Can a TV show get an Oscar? I don’t know but if it can this show definitely should get one. Zombies are brought to life, if that makes any sense by some truly wonderful makeup design. Animatronics are very realistic giving the whole show a level of authenticity usually associated with a high budget Hollywood blockbuster.

  • One criticism I do have is that the show doesn’t look and sound as good as it should.
  • As a High definition experience the picture is often grainy with no vibrancy.
  • Possibly this is intentional to show the grubby broken down world that the show is set in.
  • Sound doesn’t seem to immerse as well as it should.
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While I’ll admit that it isn’t bad, it just doesn’t sound as involving as some other big budget TV shows. Overall ‘TWD’ is a superb show. One that will go down as a classic. It may have fallen slightly from grace over the latter years but it still remains a 10/10 experience and one that you should definitely check out.277 out of 402 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 3 /10 What really killed the show for me I really used to love this show, first 6 seasons were great, then things just slowly started going downhill, and what made things worse is all these mid season finales.only airing half of a season and then waiting months and months for the rest of a season is soooooo tired at this point.

By the time we get to the second half of a season my interest is less and less. Now we’re waiting for the second half of the series finale and to be honest. I’m really not that interested, no one’s sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the show to return at this point.

It’s just really time to pull the plug on this show. All the ” let’s take a really long break mid season.every season ” is what ultimately killed it for me.93 out of 125 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 Ever since Negan its going downhill Warning: Spoilers This show used to be good, very personal, sometimes a bit melodramatic, but always filled with strong characters and interesting story arcs.

However, ever since the Negan plot started, this has changed. Built up as a super villain who radiates domination, he instead turned out to be a harmless rocker who switches between “nice uncle from next door” to “bat swinging psycho killer” whenever the script demands it.

Negan was supposed to surpass the Governour in terms of cruelty and malice, but in my opinion he doesn’t even get close. The Governour had charisma, style, and above all, a real reason for all his experiments; his daughter. We still don’t know why or how Negan came to be. Season 6 was full of chest-pounding and inevitably doomed plotting by the heroes, but it was still fun to watch them descend into mass murder.

Especially Carol had incredibly intense moments. Season 7, after the reveal of Negan, turned out to be a super slow recuperation with the nice uncle coming over for spaghetti. They tried to show how he controls his people with rules and by burning them and so on, but overall it was a super tame story with “Soon(TM)” all over it.

  1. Instead of fixing that in season 8, they now bury the show in one action episode after another.
  2. And its not the somewhat smart action we saw in earlier seasons, but 80’s style A-Team nonsense action.
  3. Cars are bullet sponges, ammo is thrown around like its World War II, a,50 caliber machine gun mows down 50 people with ease but can’t hit one dude in a Jeep, and there is no stopping to all the shooting.

Even when people are having a quiet moment to talk, you hear often hear shooting in the background. We rarely have those epic Daryl moments anymore, Rick has become a a hollow shell of a leader, Carl seems to be on vacation. Several other iconic characters were lost and have been replaced with cardboard gunmen.

The Walking Dead needs to stop playing World War Z, cease its nation building, and return to what made it great. Everyday survival by interesting characters in a hostile world.699 out of 1,008 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 TWD at its best till the end Warning: Spoilers The Walking Dead I have been watching since day 1 and was a very slow start but as the seasons progressed you see how each character does and survives over the seasons.

The end is almost the perfect ending you see all the characters come to getter to fight the commonwealth and Pamela Milton and try to win the fight. But they do encounter some losses but also some gains. I do wish overall there would have been more deaths overall in the show as I thought there were too many characters in the show and some needed to go and there were too many story lines going on and some need to really go.

  • The ending of the walking dead main show series was perfect with the fact that RICK and MICHONE return which was a nice touch! I am really looking forward to all the spin off shows of new and current characters from the Walking Dead series and see where it goes.
  • I will definitely miss watching the main show every Sunday.

Overall 8/10 and definitely a must watch series.30 out of 36 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 TWD is One of the Best TV Shows Ever Made (2022 Review) The audience is clearly divided when talking about TWD and that’s understandable.

  • The show had many ups and downs and that’s normal for a show with 11 seasons.
  • Many people say that anything after season 5 is garbage but i strongly disagree.
  • Also many people believe that after ‘Rick Grimes” (the most important character) left the show it fell apart.
  • I got sad too when Rick left but i strongly disagree because there were many other great characters that were able to keep the show fresh and exciting.

I would say that seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and seasons 10,11 were amazing. The best seasons have to be seasons 1,2,3. The show has decent development for most of the characters and most of the newer characters that it introduced in later seasons were likeable.

  1. The show also has some amazing villains, my favorite are Negan, The Governor and Beta.
  2. Sometimes the show had a problem with introducing too many characters to the point that it got annoying and frustrating.
  3. It’s better to focus on a few characters and develop them the right way than having dozens of underdeveloped characters.

The show is also guilty of promoting ”diversity” in a very uncool and forced way. The best example was the whole sign language thing with Connie where all the characters eventually learn how to use sign language, it was ridiculous and felt very forced.

  • Sadly the show has many uninteresting, unlikable and annoying characters, something that sometimes will make your viewing experience unpleasant.
  • Also the show is guilty of reusing the same plot recipe which is finding new bad guys to fight all the time.
  • You will be able to enjoy countless thrilling, exciting, dramatic and well-written episodes though.

Another thing you should know is that in later seasons the writers became very inconsistent at times. I think people who enjoy horror, action, fantasy, drama and post apocalyptic themes will be able to enjoy this show the most. I used to not like anything zombie related but this show changed my mind.

Characters i like (in order): 1) Daryl 2) Rick 3) Negan 4) Glenn 5) Shane 6) Hershel 7) Dale 8) Michonne 9) Carol 10) Ezekiel 11) Gabriel 12) Eugene 13) Aaron 14) Rosita 15) Mercer 16) Beta 17) The Governor 18) Jerry 19) Lance. Characters i dislike or i find them to be uninteresting or annoying (random order): Connie, Kelly, Magna, Yumiko, Princess, Lydia, Tara, Lori, Anne, Andrea, Alpha, Henry, Tomi, Luke, Leah, Pope, Cyndie.

Do you want to watch a group of survivors trying to survive in a dangerous post apocalyptic world full of walkers (zombies) and other human enemies? Then this show is for you! It has its flaws but it is definitely worth watching. Can’t wait to watch the spin-off shows.

My rating is 9/10.34 out of 46 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 A Realistic and Amazing Show! The Walking Dead is an incredible show, although it has it’s rough patches, like every other show. Especially later seasons like seven and eight. But I love it because of how unforgiving and gritty the show is.

Because of how realistic the show typically lives I go into every episode wondering who they’re going to kill of next, because this show is know for killing off it’s characters. Overall, this is one of my favorite shows AMC has ever produced and there is a reason that it has spawned several sequels and even an entire trilogy of movies.8.5/10.69 out of 99 found this helpful.

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  • Permalink 10 /10 FINALE and overall Review Warning: Spoilers For the most part, I have loved this show.
  • I invested a ton of time into it.
  • I’ve watched and rewatched more times than I can count.
  • I left my 10 rating because of that love.
  • That said, I was largely underwhelmed by the finale.

I never cared about Luke and his entire crew. Way too much time was spent on them. I could not have possibly cared less about their deaths, lives, or get back togetherness. Rosita’s end was sad and moving, but her escape from the walkers made no sense. Carol’s wrap up seemed off.

It was nice to see Ezekiel be King /governor again. Gabriel’s overall character growth was nice. Negan just walking in the yard at the end annoyed me. I don’t care about anyone in the Commonwealth or where they ended up. I don’t know. This once awesome series was circling the drain for awhile. The finale fell short for me.

Everyone knew who wasn’t dying because of the spinoffs. As much as I love this show, I’m glad it’s done.30 out of 41 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 One of the best character evolution in a tv show First thing I have to say is that I am normally not a zombie movie or series fan at all cause I don’t like zombies so much, it is just not my thing.

  • But and here comes the but I have a few friends telling me often how good the show is and that I have to watch it, so one day I thought that I will give it a try and I wanted to find out for myself why this show is so popular.
  • What can I say I started loving the show (I still don’t like zombies though lol), the character progression and evolution in this show is so damn good which was the thing that kept me watching it until the end.

I have watched a lot of series in my life but this one here has a particular good evolution and progression of the characters, whoever was responsible for the characters in this series did a damn good job here. Some characters just grow to your heart and others you just hate them 🙂 I can recommend the series also to people that do not like zombies like me, believe me you will like it there is much more than just zombies to this series :),

The only downside for me in this show is that it is very long in my opinion I find 11 seasons a bit too much. Great show 9 from 10 stars.20 out of 26 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink Bring back Frank Darabont Warning: Spoilers As Season 8 begins, this has gone from 10/10 to 1/10.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I was hooked on Walking Dead for its first 5 seasons. It was some of the bravest drama on television. It wasn’t afraid to kill off main characters when their deaths heightened the drama. Then came seasons 6 and 7 and suddenly it morphed into The 100 With Zombies.

and now on the pilot ep of S8, it’s become as badly written and inconsistent as Fear The Walking Dead. That takes some doing. Self-sabotage? I’m not sure, but surely some of the cast must read these scripts and think, “WTF has happened to this show?” For two seasons now, intelligent characters have done dumb things.

Negan has been bulletproof. Rick can shoot a zombie at 100 metres, but can’t shoot Negan with a machine gun at 10m. Zombies now just walk past fallen people. The priest was never in ANY danger. In S1-5, he would have been eaten alive. This episode has THE MOST COMPLICATED plan – of luring hundreds of zombies for miles toward the Saviors’ hideout – when they could have just used guns.

  1. Bullets are in short supply, but that doesn’t stop the good guys wasting thousands of them shooting at a building.
  2. Negan is now a bullet-proof cartoon villain who spouts poorly-written T shirt slogans to bore people off the idea of shooting him.
  3. Even the Priest, armed with a rifle, can’t be bothered to aim it.

Despite being brave enough to escape a zombie hoard, the priest is now frozen with fear as Negan steps out of the shadows. Rick’s dream sequence! Why are we now relying on dream sequences to instill some mystery into the drama? You could add a laugh track to that dream sequence of Rick waking up as an old man it wouldn’t seem out of place on Saturday Night Live.

  • TERRIBLE. Another 15 episodes of this.
  • To think what it used to be and what it has become.244 out of 384 found this helpful.
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  • Permalink 8 /10 Role Credits The walking dead !! This show overall is very good, I personally believe the first 5 seasons are very strong with some AMAZING story lines.
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Season 6 does take a dip and in my opinion season 7 and 8 are some of the worst episodes of tv out there. Season 9 picks up a bit and 10 is okay, finishing with our longest season yet, 11. The final season is pretty good i think, it doesn’t hold a candle to the early season, I think this is because the early seasons seem so much more confined and it’s the characters and their actions we relied on for our entertainment not the big bad world ! I think it’s hard to confine a score for the show as different seasons feel so unique in good and bad ways.

  1. I want to highlight that season 1-5 is honestly phenomenal !! I would rate them a strong 9 Season 6 gets a bit slower and a bit different but a strong season, I’d rate it an 8 Season 7 and 8 simply get a 4 or 5 from me, they have some good episodes but in general are beyond poor.
  2. I think season 9 and 10 would fall at a 7 and season 11 gets an 8 with some really good episodes and stories.

I did not like how season 11 finished as it was setting up shows, not ending a story, yes it wraps things up but i doesn’t feel like the end of the show, it feels like I have to watch the spin offs for a real end which I don’t like. At the end I will attach my series finale review.

The walking dead gets a solid 8/10 as a series, some amazing characters like Rick, Michone, The governor, Tyrece, Daryl, Meryl, Glenn, and so many more that will always stay with me, I will miss this show I’m a way and I really do recommend it. On a side note season 4 mid finale is one of the best episodes of tv, with the most brutal scene out there, LOVE IT.

S11 EP24 review ( This episode closes the season in a pretty decent way, my problem is that it doesn’t feel like the end of the show, the last 10+ minutes of this show just set up the spin off shows coming next year and later. There is a few flash backs but honestly, as an episode itself it’s fairly just okay.

I am quite underwhelmed as I feel it takes away from the characters not getting a spin off show, right now I believe I will watch them but that might change in time. There were some good scenes in this episode, some gasp moments and some dull ones, the series has had some much better finales and mid season finales, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to end a show this big bit surely there would be a better ending than this.

I think I’m just bothered it isn’t an ending, it’s honestly like a set up episode for the Rick and Michone show, Daryl show, and Maggie and Negan show which I feel is really not needed, it just seems very milked out at this point. Why not just incorporate these stories into the walking dead itself which could possibly have made it much bigger, I’m not saying this show is game of thrones but that did very good episodes with different characters that could all make an explosive last season, I think 2-3 more seasons would be better to end it rather than 3 other shows, just my opinion a poor finale.) 21 out of 28 found this helpful.

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  2. Permalink 8 /10 I Never Thought a Television Show With Zombies Could Work Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awakes from a coma to find that the world has ended, and they are now in the midst of a zombie Holocaust.
  3. Where is his wife? Where is his son? Where is anybody? He must press on, surviving in a world that seems to offer no reason to live.

I do not need to say how great “The Walking Dead” is. The critics have chimed in, the show comes from Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd, both legendary in the horror and science fiction field. And the original comic the show is based on? Possibly the most popular and critically acclaimed comic of the past decade.

  • I admit I was hesitant about the show – how many episodes can you make about fighting zombies? The zombie movie is often cliché and poorly done, even more than the recent vampire craze.
  • After one or two episodes, you are bound to run out of original takes on a tired genre, right? No. Not here.
  • And the reason is simple: the show is not about zombies at all, even if they are constantly in the background.

At the heart of the show is how people interact with each other when society breaks down. How do people work together for a common goal when they would otherwise rather punch their cohort in the face? You might compare the show to MTV’s “The Real World”, only taken to a new level, and with a more intelligent cast.

And there are issues that remain constant, even when society disappears: infidelity, love, trust. There is the practical and philosophical question of what is real now: money has no value. Is a marriage real or a canceled government contract? What good is it being a police officer when you no longer have a state to work for or laws to uphold? The whole “game of life” is changed, and you better learn to adapt quickly.

The cast is fantastic, with a mixture of genre favorites and some more or less unknowns. Jon Bernthal, who I do not know, is Shane Walsh, possibly the most complex character on the show – he is both the protagonist’s best friend and his biggest interference depending on the day and time.

His motives are clear to the viewer, but not always to his friends. Sarah Wayne Callies is Lori Grimes, another complex character with a secret. I personally think Callies is a poor actress who exaggerates her emotions, and is the weak part of casting, but fans of “Prison Break” may be glad to see her.

Steven Yeun, as Glenn the Pizza Guy, is the strongest part of the cast, and the one character viewers will look forward to seeing, as he is the only comic relief you will get in this post-apocalyptic world. The genre regulars are Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horwath, who has appeared in everything Frank Darabont does (“Shawshank Redemption”, “Green Mile”, “The Mist”).

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, best known to people from “Boondock Saints”, but also starred in the amazing John Carpenter film “Cigarette Burns”. And Michael Rooker, who is always great, and took the horror world by story as Henry in “Portrait of a Serial Killer”. How well the show will hold up remains to be seen, with only six episodes down and countless more to come.

But with the intricate characters, plenty of open-ended plot lines, and dynamic cast and crew connected with this project, it is sure to maintain a level of greatness for the foreseeable future.46 out of 69 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

  1. Permalink Time to end it Warning: Spoilers Rick is gone, let’s end gracefully.
  2. It’s was a great run.55 out of 71 found this helpful.
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  4. Permalink 10 /10 My favorite show of all times Warning: Spoilers 12 years ago, on October 2010, started, what has become, my favorite tv series of all times.

(even better then supernatural that is now in my 2nd place) It started with a 6 episodes series one and I remember back then I thought to my self “where this can go” And it did! In my opinion, every season was a masterpiece. I don’t know if I can say about any season that it was bad or wasn’t good enough.

  • I loved every season ending when it made you feel like you want to speed time up to the next season.
  • I loved every aspect of the series.
  • I loved all the characters, good and bad, and I think the actors all did an amazing job playing as their characters.
  • The finale was amazing, especially the ending when you can see Rick and Michonne and all of the past characters is shown, just make you want to see the entire show all over again.

It’s amazing how 12 years have past. Thank you for an amazing show I have enjoyed every second of every episode.29 out of 37 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 5 /10 The real apocalypse of the show is greed Warning: Spoilers I have no words to describe how good I feel that this has finally ended, relief is the only feeling I can express as I sat through the credits of the final episode of Walking Dead, doesn’t even feel real yet.

  1. All right let’s break this down before leading people into any assumptions, for me this was one of the first TV shows I started to watch in an era where quality TV wasn’t as abundant as it is today, and as it went by it also become the first series, I gave up watching on a list of only 2.
  2. It started with tons of potential, classic zombie apocalypse story with a pinch of mystery and intrigue, good characters and a genuine all right pace to the story, then around season 5 the event that I consider having tarnished the rest of my Walking Dead experience, happened; Eugene who was introduced as the character who was supposed to have find the cure to the zombie outbreak reveals that he was lying all along.

why was this so awful to me, let me explain; most Zombie (or otherwise) apocalypse stories have two things that always bother me, they don’t reveal or show to you how the entire collapse of society actually started and how modern society took it and they don’t show you how would society adapt after a possible cure is found – they stick to the story during the actual outbreak.

  1. To that extend one might argue that’s fine and I would say yes if you don’t take 12 years to tell that story.
  2. If you did it in a handful of seasons, I would’ve been fine and happy with the show.
  3. But no, they got us hooked for 12 years on a plot loop, introducing and killing off new characters, copy and pasting villains, pointless dialogues, predictable outcomes, endless boring zombie killings to end in what an intriguing revelation? A possible cure after all that time? No, it ended in nothing!! Because not only they didn’t really end the story since there will be spin offs and sequels to come (yes the insane cash grabbing greed) but if you were to be told what actually relevant happened between the early 2 or 3 seasons and now you would have absolutely no interesting pieces of information to share.

And yes as I mentioned I did gave up on watching, I stopped around season 7/8 and was ready to let go but then they mentioned Rick was going to be sent off and I became curious to see what would happen (turns out they can’t even kill off the main guy because they had plans for a spin off and money is all that matters) and then I stopped a second time, the only reason I came back was the announcement that season 11 was the last so I just decided since I had gone all this way to get rid of this infectious disease of a show.

  1. You can stop watching at any time” yes but I am one of those persons that once invested I want to see the end result so as I said they got the audiences hook to this snooze fest of a show just to make an open ending for the TWD universe to come.
  2. A lot of TV shows and movies are greedy but these guys are on a whole other level.20 out of 27 found this helpful.

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Why did Maggie leave Walking Dead?

Why Maggie Left The Walking Dead In Season 9 – How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There In her final Walking Dead appearance during season 9, Maggie finally seemed to get past her obsession with killing Negan, After Rick’s presumed death and the time jump, Maggie was gone, and it’s said she went off with Georgie to help build a new community.

In The Walking Dead season 10 finale, Maggie is shown reading a letter written by Carol detailing the dark events and deaths that have befallen her friends, motivating her return. That’s what happened onscreen, but offscreen events present a different context for Maggie’s departure and return. Prior to The Walking Dead season 9, Lauren Cohan engaged in a contentious pay dispute with producers, demanding the same pay received by her male co-stars of similar seniority.

Another complication was Cohan starring in an ABC spy comedy pilot called Whiskey Cavalier, which got picked up for a full first season. With those two factors in play, Cohan ultimately reached a deal for a limited Walking Dead Maggie return, appearing only in the first half of the season before exiting the story (and also presumably receiving that desired raise).

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