What is the most valuable fruit in Treelands?

Dominating the Purple Crystal in value, the Pineapple is the most expensive fruit in the game. It is also the rarest randomly spawning fruit in the game.

How much are plums worth in Treelands?

Plums are on the mountain and are the most elevated fruit you can get so far. There is only one large group of Plum trees, however, there is no Combining Basket nearby. Each plum sells for 9 Silver and weighs 8 units.

Who made Treelands on Roblox?

Treelands is a game developed by Fissy Games where you build a treehouse by using currency earned from selling fruit and completing tasks to build fruit harvesters that are part of your treehouse.

How do you get crystals in Treelands?

To unlock the Red Crystal Harvester, you must collect and sell 25 of the Red Crystals at the shop in the town. The harvester produces three gold per minute. Unlike the other crystals, the Red Crystal is the only crystal to have a harvester.

Where are papayas in Treelands?


  • The Papaya may spawn on the top of the small mountain east of the path to the Bananas on the hill (see picture at the bottom-right).
  • The Papaya (along with Horned Melon) may also be found on the cliffs in the Jungle next to the edge of the world.
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Where are durians in Treelands?

Durians can spawn right next to the bridge going to the Bananas in the jungle. Durians can spawn on the mountain that is in the middle of the Banana trees and Watermelon patch. Durians spawn near the Plum trees. They can also spawn above the Purple, Red, Green, and blue crystal cave entrance.

How do you get watermelons in Treelands?

Watermelons spawn in the Jungle on horseshoe-shaped bushes behind the Banana patch, where it is not slippery and steep, but can be only collected while it rains. There are three watermelon patches in the same area – one large and two small.

How do you unlock Suhreen in Treelands?

Players can unlock him after they have sold 300 fruits in total. The fruit value he gives back is always greater than the fruit he originally offered. Extra fruits given to Suhreen will be taken by him and will not be returned/refunded.

Where are horned melons in Treelands?

Horned Melons spawn on the flat mountain that’s right in front of the bananas. Horned Melons spawn above the entrance to the cave where torches can be purchased. Horned Melons spawn on the cliff by the bananas above the trees.

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