How Many Types Of Strawberries Are There

How many varieties of strawberries are there?

There are more than 600 varieties of strawberries, stemming from five or six original wild species that are a member of the rose family. If you get a chance, go to a local farmers market during the strawberry season in your area (usually April through June in the U.S.) and sample a few types; you’ll be surprised how different they are in shape, color, and taste.

Which type of strawberry is the sweetest?

Alpine – Small Alpine strawberries come in a surprising variety of colors, The fruit is tiny but incredibly sweet, in fact, the sweetest variety you can grow. Alpine strawberry plants are also prolific producers, Grow them in Zones 3-10. Buy seeds here or check here for many more buying options.

Is there male and female strawberries?

Archived Page This page has been archived and is being provided for reference purposes only. The page is no longer being updated, and therefore, links on the page may be invalid. By Stephanie Yao August 6, 2009 New research by an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist and her cooperators found gender in strawberries is determined by two genes, not one as previously believed.

Strawberry plants possess one of three reproductive functions. Male plants bear flowers that produce pollen but cannot set fruit. Female plants produce fruit if their flowers are pollinated, but cannot produce their own pollen. Hermaphrodites contain both male and female functions that enable them to flower, self-pollinate and bear fruit.

Neuters, which look like male strawberry plants, can also exist but do not posses reproductive functions. ARS plant geneticist Kim Lewers, and plant evolutionary ecologist Tia-Lynn Ashman and postdoctoral candidate Rachel Spigler—both with the University of Pittsburgh —sought to determine the genetic control of reproductive dysfunction in strawberries.

  1. Reproductive dysfunction plays an important role in fruit yield and quality.
  2. Lewers works in the ARS Genetic Improvement of Fruits and Vegetables Laboratory in Beltsville, Md.
  3. To better understand the inheritance of dysfunction, the scientists crossbred the wild strawberry Fragaria virginiana to create 200 offspring plants.
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Mapping the offspring’s genes, they created the first reproducible molecular-marker map of the wild Virginia strawberry, often used by strawberry breeders for resistance to diseases that plague the commercially grown strawberries available to consumers.

The DNA markers on this map will help transfer important traits like disease resistance. The map also shows that recombination—a process in which chromosomes cross over and produce combinations of genes not found in the parents—occurs. The presence of neuters among the offspring support the findings, further confirming that two genes control gender expression.F.

virginiana, according to Lewers, represents a very early stage in the evolution of chromosomes controlling gender in plants. The findings, published in the scientific journal Heredity, will help strawberry breeders determine how many seedlings they must grow from crosses of male and female parents in order to identify at least some hermaphroditic offspring that contain desired traits.

  1. This could bring breeders one step closer to developing new strawberry varieties with higher yields, disease resistance and other qualities to benefit consumers.
  2. Read more about this research in the August 2009 issue of Agricultural Research magazine.
  3. ARS is the principal intramural scientific research agency of the U.S.

Department of Agriculture,

What is a Japanese strawberry?

2. Sagahonoka Strawberry – How Many Types Of Strawberries Are There This strawberry type, known as the Sagahonoka strawberry, is farmed on the Japanese island of Kyushu, more specifically in the Saga prefecture. The white flesh of these strawberries is an interesting contrast to their vibrant red exterior. They are large, juicy, and clearly shaped like triangles.

What is the biggest strawberry?

The world record for the largest strawberry ever grown is held by Ariel Chahi, who registered the strawberry with the Guinness World Records. The strawberry weighed 10.19 ounces (289 grams) and was 7 inches long with a circumference of over 13 inches.

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Is there a white strawberry?

Varieties of White Strawberries – There are multiple varieties of white strawberries. The three most common are:

Fragaria vesca, also known as Alpine Strawberries. These are native to Europe and have names like Pineapple Crush, White Delight, and White Giant. Fragaria chiloensis, also known as Beach, Coastal, or South American Strawberries. These true white strawberries are native to Chile. Fragaria chiloensis x virginiana, also known as Pineberries. This hybrid white strawberry was first developed in South America and made its way to France, where it has been very popular. Pineberries turn a slight pink hue in the sun because they do have a small quantity of Fra a1.

Other varieties of white strawberries include Keoki, which is a Fragaria x ananassa hybrid like Pineberries, but it lacks the pineapple flavor; and Snow White. Pineberries and Keoki are both hybrid white strawberries, so they cannot be grown from seed like Alpine and Beach Strawberries.

Is Cherry or strawberry better?

Cherries vs. Strawberries Summer brings to mind a lot of fresh and delicious produce. While modern grocery stores carry most fruits all year round, there are certain fruits that just taste better in their prime. If you’ve turned away from cherries in the winter, you’re doing yourself a great disservice.

  • The same is true of other fruits that flourish in the summertime.
  • When you’re considering cherries vs.
  • Strawberries, you’ll likely find that they have a few similarities.
  • Strawberries, for instance, are considered to be a berry, but they’re actually more complex, coming from a pollinated flower.
  • Once ripened, they’re sweet and juicy, an easy addition to any sweet or savory dish.

Strawberries thrive in California with a prime harvesting season between April and July. Strawberries are mostly water, with remarkably low fat and calorie counts. They’re a great source of antioxidants, which can lower blood sugar and improve heart health.

  • And if you’re older or pregnant, the folate from strawberries can aid in tissue growth and cell function.
  • Cherries are also commonly misclassified.
  • While some consider them to be a berry, they’re actually a drupe – a name for a flesh fruit with a pit – which also applies to apricots, peaches, and plums.
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They come in sweet and tart varieties and colors ranging from yellow to dark, deep red. Comparing cherries vs. strawberries, you’ll also learn that they both have similar beneficial chemicals. They each have Vitamin C and antioxidants, though cherries also have a greater variety of antioxidants like hydroxycinnamic acid and perillyl alcohol.

Cherries also have potassium, which can reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke, and they have a greater percentage of these helpful nutritional elements per serving than strawberries or apples do. However you choose between cherries vs. strawberries, they’re both nutritious and delicious fruits that taste best when they’re freshly harvested.

You can incorporate them as snacks, meals, and desserts, filling your life with health and sweetness. So get off to your grocery store – or your local farmer’s market – and live a more fruitful life today!

Is strawberry better than Raspberry?

Overall Nutritional Rating: Raspberry vs. Strawberry – Raspberries and strawberries both offer remarkable nutritional benefits. However, when comparing the two, raspberries edge out strawberries in certain aspects. Raspberries contain slightly more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than strawberries.

They are particularly rich in vitamin C, manganese, and antioxidants. These factors make them ideal for people looking to improve their overall health and strengthen their immune system. Strawberries, on the other hand, are lower in calories and carbohydrates, making them suitable for individuals following a low-calorie or low-carb diet.

They also provide a decent amount of vitamin C and manganese. Ultimately, both berries are excellent choices for a healthy diet, and incorporating them regularly will contribute to optimal nutrition. Mixing these two berries can add variety and enjoyment to your meals while maximizing their nutritional benefits.

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