How Much Do Nba Refs Make

Who is the highest paid NBA referee?

Who is the highest-paid NBA referee? – The highest paid NBA Referee in 2023 is James Capers who is estimated to earn $550,000 annually, with $9,000 in fees per playoff game. James Capers’ NBA career spans over 1,500 games in 28 seasons, starting from his early days of refereeing high school basketball.

Before joining the NBA with Xerox, he was a salesman. Capers’ father, James Capers Sr., was also an NBA official, which played a role in his decision to pursue a career in refereeing. Throughout his time in the NBA, Capers has officiated 178 playoff games, including 14 Finals, and was selected to referee the NBA All-Star Game in 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Despite these numbers and evidence, he does not currently rank in the, How Much Do Nba Refs Make

How much do NBA refs make per game?

Senior referees (the most experienced referees) make an annual salary of $500,000. Per contest, the average salary of an NBA referee ranges from $3,000 to $6,100. On top of their salary, an additional $800 to $5,000 per game is earned in the postseason depending on rank.

How much do NBA refs get paid?

But how much do NBA referees make? – The NBA pays its referees a salary that varies between $150,000 and $550,000 annually, The amount of money a referee earns can differ based on how many games they officiate and their level of experience. The officials are entitled to various benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and travel expenses.

Has an NBA player ever become a ref?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haywoode Workman

Workman in 2009
Personal information
Born January 23, 1966 (age 57) Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Listed height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Listed weight 180 lb (82 kg)
Career information
High school Myers Park (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Winston-Salem State (1984–1985) Oral Roberts (1986–1989)

NBA draft 1989 : 2nd round, 49th overall pick
Selected by the Atlanta Hawks
Playing career 1989–2001
Position Point guard
Number 14, 3
Officiating career 2004–present
Career history
1989 Atlanta Hawks
1989–1990 Topeka Sizzlers
1990–1991 Washington Bullets
1991–1993 Scavolini Pesaro
1993 – 1999 Indiana Pacers
1999 – 2000 Milwaukee Bucks
2000 Toronto Raptors
2000–2001 Hapoel Jerusalem
Stats at
Stats at

Haywoode Wilvon Workman (born January 23, 1966) is an American former basketball player who is a referee in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played the point guard position at 6’2″, and played 359 games in eight NBA seasons for five teams from 1989 to 2000 (averaging 5.5 points, 3.9 assists, 2.3 rebounds and 1 steal in 20.1 minutes per game).

Are NFL refs wealthy?

How much do NFL referees make? – The NFL won’t disclose how much money their referees make, but based on the expired collective bargaining agreement from 2019, officials made an average of $201,000 per year,, That accounts for all officials that appear on the field, which means the head referees for games could make even more.

  • Under a new CBA, which was signed between the NFL and NFL Referees Association, it is likely that officials make more money today.
  • However, those numbers are not publicly known.
  • There is an added bonus for officials working playoff games, so the aforementioned $201,000 per year is a start for the best officials.

On top of that, reports indicate officials could make bonuses between $1,500 and $5,000 per playoff game.

Do NBA refs fly first class?

NBA REFEREES ARE CHARGED WITH TRAVELING VIOLATIONS Three of the referees who police NBA games have been indicted by federal grand juries in the past 10 days for tax evasion stemming from the reimbursement of on-the-job travel expenses. More indictments are anticipated, perhaps as many as 15, according to Terry Grady, attorney for 21-year NBA referee Mike Mathis, who was indicted Wednesday in Cincinnati.

  • I don’t know what the government is going to do, but I believe there are still that many being considered,” Grady said from his Columbus, Ohio, office.
  • Grady said the Internal Revenue Service contacted every NBA referee on the same day in 1994 and “advised each of them that they were under criminal investigation relating to the proper reporting of their reimbursed air travel expenses and utilization of their frequent flier miles and related credits.” Prosecutors declined comment on the possibility of additional indictments.

The other referees indicted were Hank Armstrong of Virginia Beach and George Toliver of Harrisonburg, Va. Both are former college referees who joined the NBA in 1988 when the league began using three-person officiating crews regularly. Lawyers for all three referees said their clients are not guilty.

  1. Armstrong is charged with six counts, Toliver five and Mathis three.
  2. Each count is punishable by a maximum of three years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine.
  3. As part of collective bargaining agreements, the NBA permits the referees to travel first class on flights scheduled for longer than two hours.
  4. However, the labor contract allows the referees to downgrade the tickets and keep the money saved.
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The referees are required to submit receipts to the NBA, so the league can report additional income to the IRS. In all three indictments, the government charges that the referees submitted bogus receipts to the NBA. The federal government says Mathis failed to include approximately $69,000 as taxable income in his returns for the years 1989-92.

  • Grady said his client used frequent flier miles for many of his NBA assignments. “As Mr.
  • Mathis’s defense will reveal,” Grady said in a statement, “the state of tax laws in this area is so nonexistent, unclear and confusing that could not even begin to form the requisite intent” of filing false tax returns in an attempt to defraud the government.

The indictments charging Armstrong and Toliver do not cite specific amounts of undeclared income. But prosectors in Roanoke, where Toliver was indicted, said in a news release he failed to report about $47,000. Prosecutors in Abingdon, Va., characterized the amount Armstrong failed to report as “substantial”; sources said the amount exceeded $100,000.

According to their indictments, Armstrong and Toliver used unidentified local travel agencies to issue first-class air tickets, cancel them, then procure the lowest available fare, and provide the referee with the passenger coupon of the canceled first-class ticket so he could submit it to the NBA. Armstrong, his lawyer and Toliver’s lawyer did not return phone messages for this story.

Toliver has an unpublished phone number. Mathis declined comment, referring all questions to Grady. While their cases are pending, the referees will not work games but will be paid their salaries, according to Russ Granik, the NBA’s deputy commissioner.

  1. NBA referees are paid $77,000 to $224,000, depending on experience.
  2. The NBA declined further comment through a spokesman.
  3. Fred Slaughter, the executive director of the National Basketball Referees Association, had no comment “other than to say we’re disappointed.
  4. No one should prejudge or penalize people.

What an individual ref may or may not have done on a tax return is not a union matter. We are just disappointed it couldn’t have been resolved in a manner other than criminal indictment.” College officials also have the opportunity to derive additional income from travel expenses.

  1. Unlike the NBA officials, who work for the league, those referees are independent contractors who work for a number of conferences.
  2. For instance, an official living in Boston could be assigned an ACC game Saturday in College Park, an Atlantic 10 game Sunday in Washington and a Big East game Monday in Landover.

Each conference would pay him the same thing: a game fee plus 80 percent of a full coach fare and per diem expenses. “We’re kind of stupid, aren’t we?” said Atlantic 10 Commissioner Linda Bruno.”. That’s the system that has evolved. It’s become the cost of doing business for college basketball.” “A lot of people are bothered by it.

But we aren’t allowed to collude,” said Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese, referring to the absence of a multiconference assigning bureau for college referees. “It’s the referee’s responsibility” to pay the taxes. Some college referees work six games a week and earn as much as $50,000 a season, according to sources familiar with the situation.


Do NBA refs get fined for bad calls?

Adam Silver says the NBA DOES punish officials for wrong calls Published: 17:24 BST, 17 February 2023 | Updated: 18:54 BST, 17 February 2023 NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed that referees do face punishment for incorrect decisions, in the wake of a high-profile missed call by some of the league’s officials.

The discussion was prompted by an incorrect call made by officials at the end of a high-profile matchup between the and the Lakers. In the dying seconds of the game, was fouled on what could have been the game-winning layup – with a free throw being enough for a win. But the officials missed the call, the game went to overtime, and the Celtics were victorious.

LeBron’s reaction to the missed call made headlines and prompted people to wonder if there’s any way that officials get punished for failing to make the right decisions. Silver confirmed that the league does in fact punish officials for incorrect calls as he about how the association deals with those referees.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke about the league’s officials making wrong calls This comes after a high-profile missed foul on LeBron James against Boston last month James reacted furiously to the referees’ failure to award a foul at the end of regulation time ‘We don’t publicize discipline for officials.

We don’t think that will be appropriate,’ Silver said on SportsCenter to ESPN’s Sage Steele. ‘But their assignments are affected by the quality of their calls, whether or not they progress into the playoffs and then round by round is impacted by the accuracy of their calls and their demeanor on the floor.

  • The day after the LeBron situation, the NBA’s referees union published a public apology on its Twitter account.
  • LeBron was angry about this decision for days, posting consistently on his social media accounts that he believed missed calls were not ” and that why the Lakers were victims of so many poor decisions.
  • One reason why people were upset about the call was that there wasn’t a way for officials to go to instant replay to review what happened.
  • Silver addressed that specifically in his interview, saying, ‘I know some people in that particular call you mentioned in that Celtics-Lakers game were upset that there was no opportunity for replay.
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‘Many people focused on the coach not having another challenge. But remember in our league, you can’t challenge a non-call. Silver said the NBA does punish its officials for incorrect calls but ‘doesn’t publicize’ discipline ‘And there’s a lot of difficulty there when you get into non-call.

  1. ‘And if indeed the officials missed the foul but then the other team is saying, well, go back 15 seconds, they missed something else there, it’s not an easy issue, but it’s something we’re going to look at because my personal view is I don’t mind the challenge system but also think the ultimate goal is to get it right, not put the pressure on the coach in terms of that additional tactic on using their challenge appropriately.’
  2. Other topics in the interview included ‘load management’ – resting players so they don’t wear themselves out during the season – and the trade deadline.
  3. On load management, Silver says the league is considering ways to incentivize players to play more, but admits there might not be a ‘magic bullet’ that would work.
  4. He said, ‘There are a few things we’re addressing in collective bargaining, for example, I think we ensure that some of our awards require a minimum number of games be played, that we’re celebrating not just average number of points, but total number of points, that the culture is guys being out on the floor as much as they can.’
  5. Speaking about trade requests and the deadline, the subject of the Brooklyn Nets came up – after the team lost two superstars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant following the former’s trade demand.
  6. Silver says the league has been helping to build hype around trades by making contracts shorter and encouraging the movement of players.

Silver said it’s tough to get some decisions right and that reviewing calls isn’t always an option Silver also spoke about the trade deadline – and players like Kyrie Irving (R) demanding moves ‘This year, for example, in the week leading up to the trade deadline, something like 12 percent of the league changed teams,’ Silver revealed.

‘And that’s something that we were intentional about because we shorten contracts. We recognize that that ability for teams to rebuild, now it’s not just about players, but for teams to make changes in direction, and that’s healthy around the league. ‘So again, it’s about finding the right balance around player movement.

But trade demands are a bad thing. ‘We don’t want them to happen, and we got to focus on that and make sure that everyone is honoring their agreements.’ : Adam Silver says the NBA DOES punish officials for wrong calls

Are NBA refs allowed to bet?

The NBA employs 60 referees to work preseason, regular season, and playoff games. The referees are prohibited under league rules from betting on NBA games or from providing information to others that would assist in making bets on NBA games.

How much do NBA floor cleaners make?

A whopping average salary – While people might assume that all floor sweepers earn the same salary, it’s far from correct, Sweepers have to work their way up, A sweeper starting will likely earn between $60,000 and $70,000, while a more experienced sweeper with significantly more time in the league can easily earn as much as $90,000 to $100,000.

And because most sweepers are more experienced, the average is more upscale, Related: Even though most sweepers get paid based on their personal experience, their average salary in the NBA is $80,000, That’s quite a good amount of money given that these individuals don’t have to work full days but also ensure that the game always goes on.

Additionally, each NBA team gives out a different salary, Some teams pay their sweepers more than the average salary, while others pay a bit less. : How much money do mop boys get paid in the NBA?

How often do NBA refs work?

Quick: How many current NBA officials can you name? Maybe you’ve heard of Joey Crawford, a famously flamboyant official known for involving himself in the action; he’s been out of the league two years. Perhaps the name Monty McCutchen rings a bell; he was one of the league’s best for years, with numerous NBA Finals appearances, but he graduated to a league office role this season.

  • Surely some have heard of Bill Kennedy, a current NBA referee who came out as gay in 2015; sadly, many only saw this news when it blew up due to a slur Kennedy received from Rajon Rondo.
  • If you know any active NBA referee’s name, chances are it’s because they were involved in a high-profile incident of some sort, either on or off the floor.

The NBA is the pinnacle of achievement for a basketball official just as it is for a basketball player, but that achievement comes with an odd reality: You are the greatest at what you do, but it is best if you stay invisible, best if no one knows who you are.

It is also a grinding job. An NBA referee spends about 25 days on the road per month during the season, more than the average NBA player – and they aren’t traveling on private planes. Veteran officials will call upwards of 70 games a year, often more with playoff assignments. A game day in the life of an NBA official is regimented, beginning several hours before the players ever hit the court and ending long after they’ve left the arena.

These aren’t cushy gigs interrupted periodically by a three-hour basketball game. It is one of the hardest jobs in sports. The Athletic recently followed a veteran officiating crew to gain a better understanding of what goes into preparing for and working an NBA game.

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Do NBA refs have to pay for travel?

Do NBA Refs Pay for Travel? – Just like the players, NBA referees are on the road nearly full-time throughout the season and travel for every game. The regular season lasts for eight months and postseason games can extend that even longer. On average, NBA refs travel for 25 days out of every month.

Do FIFA referees get paid?

Match referee – The match referee, the most influential person on the pitch and primarily responsible for the game’s flow, is paid $3,000 for the group stage, and for the playoffs or the final, their fee increases to $10,000, In most cases, a match official oversees an average of two games, and FIFA adds the match fees they earned to their contracted pay,

Do refs get paid per game?

Do NFL referees get paid per game? – Refs are actually not paid per game, but rather annually. They earn a flat salary for the season and then bonuses, which can come per-game or for working postseason games.

Are NBA refs biased?

The results indicate that the there is a bias towards the home team —particularly pronounced during the playoffs—but it has been reduced since the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, there is robust statistical evidence that specific players benefit from referee decisions more than expected from pure chance.

What age are NBA refs?

Basketball referee demographics research summary. Zippia estimates basketball referee demographics and statistics in the United States by using a database of 30 million profiles. Our basketball referee estimates are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings data for accuracy.

There are over 4,204 basketball referees currently employed in the United States.16.7% of all basketball referees are women, while 83.3% are men, The average basketball referee age is 32 years old. The most common ethnicity of basketball referees is White (68.8%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (11.2%), Black or African American (8.0%) and Unknown (6.7%). In 202, women earned 97% of what men earned. 5% of all basketball referees are LGBT, Basketball referees are 41% more likely to work at education companies in comparison to private companies.

Who is the shortest NBA ref?

Joey Crawford
Born August 30, 1951 Havertown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Education Cardinal O’Hara High School
Occupation Referee (NBA)
Spouse Mary Crawford ​ ( m.1971)​

What is the lowest paid NFL referee salary?

How Much Does a Ref Make in the Super Bowl? – Referees who are selected to work the postseason and Super Bowl receive a significant bonus to their salary. There are various reports, but the lower end of those reports places an NFL official’s salary at around $3,000-5,000 per postseason game.

How much do UFC refs make?

How Much Do UFC Referees Make? – The entry-level UFC referees’ salaries are from $15k to $30k. The female refs’ salaries are from $30k to $60k per year. The professional UFC officiates wages are $250k to $550k per year.

How much do G league referees get paid?

How Much Do G League Refs Make? – The NBA Gatorade League (G League) began as a developmental league for the NBA near the start of the new millennium in 2001. At its inception, it was known as the National Basketball Development League, before quickly becoming the improved diminutive, D League.

  1. In 2017, Gatorade came on board as a sponsor and the G League was born.
  2. Also in 2017, the NBRA entered into their first collective bargaining agreement with the league, thus raising the level of compensation for its referees.
  3. Since 2017, a second agreement was reached in 2019 for three years, increasing the pay for referees further.

The exact details of the agreements are by contract secretive, but it is estimated that G League referees make anywhere from $425-$600 a game. Like their major league counterparts in the NBA, they can expect extra perks such as health insurance and paid expenses.

How much do FIFA refs get paid?

How Much Do Soccer Referees Get Paid – Soccer referees make an average of $28,940 a year. The starting pay for a soccer referee is $25 per game and the maximum annual income range between $50,000 and above. The lowest-paid soccer referees are those officiating in youth and amateur leagues, while FIFA World Cup officials earn the most pay.

How much do pro refs get paid a game?

What about the playoffs and the Super Bowl? – As you can probably guess, officiating the Super Bowl is the pinnacle of it all for NFL referees, who can receive a bonus between $40,000-$50,000 from the annual event if they are chosen to call it. It’s also worth noting that they are paid between $1,000 and $5,000 for each playoff game.

How much do pro refs make a year?

How much does an NFL ref get paid in the regular season? – The NFL does not release salary figures for referees but, according to Sporting News, the highest paid NFL refs make $250,000 annually. NFL referees on average usually make about $205,000 per year,

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