How Much Do Xfl Players Make
What are the players’ salaries? – Whaley and executive vice president of football operations Marc Ross have pitched agents on deals that would pay players $5,000 per week with a $1,000 bonus per win. Including other potential bonuses, the average player would be estimated to earn about $60,000 from training camp through the end of the season.

  1. The XFL also valued its benefits package as worth an additional $20,000, in addition to paying for housing and two meals a day during the season.
  2. For context, NFL practice squad players will earn a minimum of $12,000 per week in 2023.
  3. The minimum salary for NFL players on the active roster in 2023 will be $750,000.

Some quarterbacks are expected to receive higher salaries, although not as high as in 2020, when the XFL signed some passers to deals worth up to $500,000.

What is the lowest XFL salary?

XFL Player Salaries for 2023 Season – Each XFL team this year had to cut its roster down to 50 players for the regular season. Those who didn’t make the cut but participated in training camp earned weekly paychecks for their work, though not as much as those who made the team.

Base Salary : $59,000 Per-Game Salary : $5,000 Bonus : $1,000 per win

At $59,000, this base salary was around $5,000 more than another spring league, the USFL, In addition to higher player salaries, the XFL also offered nearly $20,000 per player in additional benefits. These benefits included health, dental, and vision insurance; housing; and even meals that are covered by the league.

MORE: FREE Mock Draft Simulator With Trades However, inactive players were still compensated for games, which was a nice addition for a league that seemed to have deeper pockets than the last time around in 2020. Inactive players received $1,500 per game and were also eligible for the $1,000 win bonus.

On game day, each team was allowed 45 active players on the roster — guys who could play in that week’s game. That means that each week, five players could be inactive on each team — for example, a No.3 quarterback or a defensive depth piece. It wasn’t revealed in February whether players competing in the postseason would earn higher salaries, and as of this writing, there’s still no confirmation from the league.

So we might assume for now that the players competing in the semifinals earned an additional week’s salary, commensurate to their normal regular-season salary. So players who win the championship would earn an additional $12,000 in salary: $5,000 per playoff game (two) and $1,000 per win (two). By comparison, the USFL has committed a $10,000 bonus to players on the active roster or practice squad of the championship-winning team.

Assumptions are that the XFL will do something similar.

What is the highest paid XFL player?

The Highest Paid XFL Player is Brett Hundley – Brett Hundley, a football quarterback for XFL’s Vegas Vipers, was paid $200,000 for the 2023 season, which is $140,000 more (500% higher) than the regular XFL player’s salary. Learn how the almost thirty-year-old football legend showed his skills as an injury substitute and gain popularity on the gridiron for almost the past decade.

How much did Dwayne Johnson pay for the XFL?

Its first season is over, but the league will have to rewrite history if it’s going to make spring pro football work. – I t’s warm inside San Antonio’s Alamodome an hour before kickoff for the XFL Championship Game on May 13 when a commotion draws fans out of their seats and towards the field.

The sparse crowd, which by game time will grow to a bordering-on-respectable 22,754, has their phones out, ready to record the moment. They’ve spotted the XFL’s 6-foot-5-inch weapon against its main competition, rival spring league USFL, and its best shot at profitability — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The world’s biggest movie star is waving and pointing into the stands as he walks toward the sideline with Dany Garcia, long-business partner and ex-wife, who first asked him, in the pandemic summer of 2020, whether he was interested in her “crazy idea” of buying and running the XFL.

“You don’t call Dwayne Johnson and say, ‘I have a decent idea,'” Garcia told Forbes, “It’s got to be big, important and meaningful for him.” With fellow investors Disney and RedBird Capital Partners, Garcia and Johnson paid $23.5 million to take control of the bankrupt XFL through a joint venture holding company, Alpha Acquico.

The payment includes $8.5 million to settle previous XFL debt. The league wouldn’t disclose what percentages the individual stakeholders control. Johnson, 51, who was a defensive lineman at the University of Miami before his professional wrestling career and Hollywood, considers it “a league of opportunity” for guys, like him, who played college ball but never made it to the NFL.

At Miami, Johnson lost his starting job to Warren Sapp — a future NFL Hall of Famer — but he thought his name might still be called in the 1995 NFL draft. It wasn’t. “Football was my dream,” Johnson told Forbes, “The NFL was my thing. I was going to buy my parents their first house.” Already, the NFL has signed 26 XFL players,

“Football didn’t end on my terms,” Johnson said. “I wish I’d had the XFL when I was coming out.” “It completes that circle,” Garcia said. Dany Garcia at an XFL game in March. (Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Icon Sportswire via Getty Images The XFL lost an estimated $60 million in 2023, according to industry sources, and cut some jobs,

  • Next season, the league projects $100 million in revenue, said people familiar with its finances.
  • About a quarter of its income comes from ESPN, which pays the league $20 million per season.
  • That there will be a second season at all puts it ahead of more than a couple past attempts at professional spring football leagues.

Ownership told Forbes the XFL has capital commitments in place for years one through four, and the league has signed sponsorships with national brands such as Progressive PGR and Under Armor. “We’re extremely well-capitalized for the long-term,” said Garcia, the XFL’s chair.

“This is our new WWE. The next massive live property.” If spring leagues had a graveyard, the XFL would have two tombstones. The 2001 maiden voyage by NBC and World Wrestling Entertainment impresario Vince McMahon, which fans will forever remember as the ” He Hate Me ” season, resulted in the TV network losing $50 million and a shuttering after one season.

Years later, McMahon spent over $200 million to relaunch the league, reportedly committing another $ 500 million to fund it, and added Fox FOXA and ESPN as partners. But the pandemic had other ideas, and the shortened 2021 season would be XFL 2.0’s one and only.

  1. Rod Smart, aka He Hate Me, of the 2001 XFL.
  2. Photo: Todd Warshaw/Allsport Getty Images The United States Football League, or USFL, started in 1983, folded two years later, then was resurrected in 2021 and is currently playing the second season of its second iteration.
  3. The USFL declined to comment for this story.) In 1991 came the World League of American Football (not to be confused with the World Football League of the 1970s), which quit after four years.

A rebrand made it NFL Europe, which ceased operations in 2007. The Alliance of American Football gave it a shot in 2019. The league needed a $250 million infusion just one week into its inaugural season and made it two months. The most successful of all was the Arena Football League, an indoor product and therefore a slightly different animal, which had a 30-year run with rock-star team owners such as Jon Bon Jovi and Gene Simmons and an iconic success story in Kurt Warner, who went from the Arena League to two NFL Most Valuable Player awards, a Super Bowl victory in 2000 with the St.

  • Louis Rams and a bust in the NFL Hall of Fame.
  • The league went belly up in 2019,
  • It said it plans to return in 2024.
  • I’ve yet to see any iteration of spring football work in the sense that it becomes a permanent part of the sports landscape,” former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson told Forbes,
  • The American public loves football.

It’s called NFL and college.” N ot surprisingly, Gerry Cardinale, a 20-year Goldman Sachs veteran who founded and runs XFL co-owner RedBird Capital, thinks such criticism is just noise. RedBird, which according to its website manages $8.6 billion, has a finger and sometimes a hand in running a variety of sports teams and businesses, including the Boston Red Sox and the New England Sports Network, or NESN, through its stake in Fenway Sports Group, and the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network, or YES, as well as investments alongside billionaires Larry Ellison and LeBron James.

  • I’m a contrarian investor constantly looking for arbitrage,” Cardinale told Forbes.
  • And the arbitrage of the XFL: no one has done it right before.” Cardinale likes to compare the trajectory of the XFL to Major League Soccer ( pre-Lionel Messi ) and aims to pass MLS to become the fifth-biggest sports league in the country.

Cardinale said he expects the XFL to become cash-flow positive by 2027. “It’s not a flip the switch and all of a sudden you’re successful,” he told Forbes. ” It took MLS 30 years to get to their current average team and implied league valuations. I believe we can do it in five years.” Cardinale said the metrics from the XFL’s first season suggest that the league is on its way.

Having Disney as a partner helps — the entertainment conglomerate owns ESPN, where the league’s championship game averaged 1.4 million viewers and 627,000 per game over its 44 regular-season contests, according to Nielsen. That tops the MLS, which drew 343,000 viewers across ESPN platforms in 2022, but is dwarfed by the NFL, a TV juggernaut that averaged 16.7 million viewers over 272 games in 2022.

The USFL’s TV numbers are slightly better than the XFL’s. It’s been playing for a year longer. Its games averaged 751,000 viewers on Fox, FS1, NBC and USA Network, and the 2022 USFL championship game drew an average of 1.5 million viewers, The league will play its 2023 championship game in July.

  1. NBC Sports’ Jon Miller called the USFL a “profitable property” and Fox executive Mike Mulvihill told Sports Business Journal that the networks demonstrated that spring football works at the viewership levels of the Premier PINC League, the NHL regular season, Formula One and MLS.
  2. To save money, XFL teams live and practice in Arlington, Texas and travel to local markets for games.

Aside from Arlington, the clubs compete in Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis and Washington. There’s no commissioner, and no individual team management. Former Buffalo Bills president Russ Brandon oversees day-to-day football operations.

  1. T here’s a single person who, by his presence, legitimizes the XFL and noses it ahead of the USFL.
  2. At the league’s championship game last month, Johnson was all smiles.
  3. He knows the attrition rate of spring leagues is high.
  4. My goal was can we get through the first season,” he said.
  5. As for the XFL championship game, the Arlington Renegades beat the D.C.

Defenders, 35-26. The game had its entertaining moments. The star was the Renegades’ Luis Perez, a 28-year-old quarterback from Texas A&M-Commerce, a school few football fans have heard of, who looked a little like Peyton Manning for one night. “This is not just an endeavor that’s going to fill up a portfolio and one day we flip it and we’re out,” Johnson told Forbes,

Can XFL players go to the NFL?

ESPN staff May 17, 2023, 09:31 PM ET

The newly re-imagined XFL under a new ownership group, headed up by Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners, concluded its 2023 season on May 13. That has opened up opportunities for XFL players to sign with NFL teams, with players being allowed to sign NFL contracts starting Monday.

Although there are a couple differences between the two leagues, there were a handful of players from the 2020 version of the XFL who stuck around in the NFL, including Chicago Bears quarterback PJ Walker, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Taylor Heinicke and Pittsburgh Steelers long snapper Christian Kuntz,

Many top XFL players have also drawn interest from NFL teams and have been invited to camps, such as Jachour Pearson, the XFL’s leading receiver, as well as the XFL’s top pass-rusher, Trent Harris, Here’s a running list of XFL players who have agreed to terms with NFL franchises:

Is XFL professional?

XFL TODAY – The XFL’s ownership group, led by Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital Partners, is building a fan-first, fast-paced global professional football league with innovative rules and enhanced 360 game experience.

Does the XFL have a age limit?


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Is the XFL a major league?

XFL (2020) Professional American football league For the 2020 XFL season, see, For other uses, see, XFL Current season, competition or edition: ClassificationSpring football leagueSportFoundedJanuary 25, 2018FounderInaugural seasonOwner(s)

  • Alpha Acquico, LLC
  • (RedBird Capital Partners)
  • ()
  • ()

Dany GarciaPresidentNo. of teams8CountryUnited StatesHeadquartersMost recentchampion(s)(1st title)Most titles(1 title)TV partner(s)

  • United States:
  • International:

Relatedcompetitions Direct:,, and Other: Official website The XFL is a consisting of eight teams located across the United States in mid-sized to major markets. Seasons run from February to May, with each team playing a ten-game regular season, and four progressing to the playoffs to crown a season champion.

  • The league is headquartered in,
  • The league was founded by executive in 2018, as a successor to the he founded in 2001.
  • McMahon founded the new XFL to create a league with fewer off-field controversies and faster, simpler play compared to the bigger (NFL), and one without the features inspired by or elements of its predecessor.

The league and its teams were originally owned by McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment. After only five weeks of play in its inaugural, the league abruptly ceased play due to the, and filed for bankruptcy on April 13. In August 2020, actor, along with longtime business partner and ex-wife, led a consortium to purchase the XFL for $15 million.

Do XFL players get paid well?

How much are XFL players paid? – The ESPN has reported that XFL players earn 5,000 dollars per week with a 1,000 dollar bonus per win. This means that one player could make around 60,000 dollars including potential bonuses. Meanwhile, the XFL’s benefits package is valued at 20,000 dollars, with the league also paying for housing and two meals a day during the season.

Why did XFL fail?

The XFL facing lowest viewership in its history in latest relaunch The XFL (Xtreme Football League), originally founded in 1999, has relaunched for a third time under the label of XFL 3.0. This iteration of the XFL, while similar to XFL 1.0 which lasted just one season in 2001 and XFL 2.0 which lasted just under one full season in 2020, is owned by Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson.

The XFL was purchased by Garcia and Johnson in August of 2020 for a mere $15 million dollars with the promise that XFL football would return once COVID-19 departed. With COVID-19 under relative control, the XFL returned to play in February of 2023 with assistance from Disney through a five-year television contract through ABC, ESPN and FX.

While this five-year television contract seems to promise at least five years of XFL action for fans, this isn’t exactly the case. In 2020, XFL 2.0 failed primarily due to financial troubles, filing for bankruptcy on April 13, just five weeks after the inaugural season had begun.

This primarily came from a lack of viewership, as the average viewers from the first five weeks had been declining steadily and sat at 800,000 prior to its bankruptcy, just barely enough to retain a broadcast deal they had with ABC, ESPN and Fox at the time. It was a similar story in 2001, as the initial XFL launch failed to gain enough viewers to finance the league – its lack of viewership in the XFL Million Dollar Game, the league’s Championship, caused NBC to back out of its promise to broadcast the league’s second season, rendering the league helpless financially. Due to these past two failures occurring with similar struggles under the hood, there has been a fair amount of skepticism surrounding a third attempt at success for the XFL in 2023.

It has already been revealed that XFL 3.0 lost half of its overall viewership between weeks one and two. This low viewership in week two also came out at roughly 68% lower than the previously failed XFL 2.0’s week two in early 2020. To spell even further disaster for the league, the XFL’s second week of action in 2023 marked the first weekend in XFL history in which no game received over one million viewers on television.

For comparison, only two of the 20 games in the XFL 2.0 season failed to average one million viewers or above. In 2023, six of the eight XFL 3.0 games failed to average one million viewers or above. In layman’s terms, the third and latest iteration of the XFL has recorded the lowest viewership in the league’s complicated history – and by a large margin.

One interesting component of the XFL 3.0’s struggles has come from those who argue that the existence of the USFL (another spring football league) has taken a chunk of the XFL’s current viewer base. Former ESPN analyst Darren Rovell took to Twitter to explain why he believes the XFL and USFL will fail, citing college football as the “other pro football league.” “The XFL and USFL will fail.

Is XFL losing money?

Report: XFL lost $60 million in 2023 The XFL could eventually be the ex-FL, again. For now, though, the spring league will keep moving forward. While there’s no panic yet from new ownership that features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the third iteration of the league founded by Vince McMahon in 2001, according to Jabari Young of

  1. For 2024, Young reports that the XFL projects revenue of $100 million, with $20 million coming from ESPN.
  2. We’re extremely well-capitalized for the long-term,” XFL co-owner Dany Garcia said.
  3. This is our new WWE.
  4. The next massive live property.” XFL co-owner Gerry Cardinale “expects the XFL to become cash-flow positive by 2027,” and that the metrics from the 2023 season “suggest that the league is on its way.” It’s still hard to sell football when it’s not football season.

Although the availability of pro football on TV (especially over-the-air networks) will generate decent numbers in comparison to alternate programming, spring football is a long way from being a happening. Alternate leagues have been trying to make that happen for years.

  1. From the original USFL to the NFL-owned World League (under various names) to the original XFL to the AAF to XFL 2.0 to USFL 2.0 to XFL 3.0, nothing has truly taken root.
  2. A minor league arguably would have a better chance of making it during football season.
  3. And it’s surprising that no one has decided to dust off the old NFL rulebook of the ‘80s and ‘90s and embrace full-contract, old-school, rough-and-tumble football.

Setting aside the ethical dilemma of re-introducing brutality and big, dangerous hits into the game, it could be the only way to create a “massive live property” that is sufficiently different from the type of football to which we’re all accustomed. Above all else, it remains to be seen whether either the XFL or the NFL can make enough money over the long haul to keep going.

Who actually owns the XFL?

Dany Garcia, Chairwoman and Owner Dany Garcia is a groundbreaking visionary, and the definition of a mogul: a chairwoman, entertainment magnate, founder, investor, producer, professional athlete, and philanthropist. The architect behind some of today’s most successful enterprises and brands, her innovative, global approach, precise instincts, and years of experience in the finance industry have led to trusted partnerships across verticals.

Garcia’s passion for bettering the world through socially responsible decisions is consistently reflected in the culture of her teams and the businesses she builds. As founder, CEO and chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, Dany oversees a vast portfolio and utilizes her keen expertise to foster growth for brands within the business, entertainment, sports, entrepreneurial and food spaces, including Seven Bucks Companies, the XFL, Teremana Tequila, virtual platform and live event experience Athleticon, the groundbreaking Project Rock line at Under Armour, VOSS, Acorns, Atom Tickets, CAVA, ZOA and Salt & Straw.

Her innovative thinking has garnered explosive growth for her brands, guided by her unmatched ability to seamlessly adapt business models in the rapidly changing business and media landscape. Garcia’s acquisition of the XFL made her the first woman to own an equal or majority ownership stake in a major professional sports league in the United States.

With partners Dwayne Johnson and RedBird Capital, the group has the unprecedented opportunity to option live entertainment intellectual property for further expansion across sports, live events and original entertainment programming. Melding her expertise and commitment to deliver inspiring, unique content, Garcia and team will develop the brand into a multimedia experience that athletes, partners and fans will embrace and love.

Last fall, Garcia launched the thought-provoking initiative #LatinxTheMosaic, bringing together prominent figures, influencers, actors, filmmakers and trailblazers for an honest dialogue confronting racism, colorism and celebrating Black influence within the Latinx community.

In partnership with Hello Alice, Garcia created a program dedicated to the entire Latinx community, giving financial grants to Latinx small and new business entrepreneurs to keep the entrepreneurial dream alive amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Garcia is the Co-Founder of Seven Bucks Productions, a multi-platform production company and digital studio pioneering original content for television, film, emerging technologies, and digital networks.

Seven Bucks Productions creates innovative content rooted in authenticity, strong storytelling, and passion. Opening weekend of Jumanji: The Next Level became Seven Bucks’ biggest of all time, and fan-favorite Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw (Universal Pictures) set the record as the only 2019 title to lead the global box office for four weeks, racing past $700 million worldwide.

The ever-expanding slate of tent-pole movies includes one of Sony’s highest-grossing films of all time, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Sony Pictures Entertainment), Rampage (New Line Cinema), Skyscraper (Legendary Entertainment/Universal Pictures), Jungle Cruise (Walt Disney Pictures), Red Notice (Netflix), Unstoppable (101 Studios), The King (Warner Bros.), John Henry and The Statesmen (Netflix), Black Adam (New Line Cinema), Shazam! (New Line Cinema) and Fighting with My Family (MGM).

Seven Bucks also produces original television programming, including NBC’s Young Rock, HBO’s most-watched half-hour series Ballers, HBO’s No.1 stand-alone documentary special Rock and a Hard Place, NBC’s The Titan Games, BET’s Finding Justice, CNN’s Soundtracks: Songs that Defined History and Fuse’s Clash of the Corps,

Highly anticipated upcoming television projects on the Seven Bucks slate include the Disney Plus docuseries Behind the Attraction, HBO’s backyard wrestling show TRE CNT, and feature length documentary Four Down, Garcia’s passion for building global enterprises is matched by her love of professional sports and personally with her ambitions towards the sport of bodybuilding.

She first competed in 2011 and went on to earn her IFBB Pro card in 2014. She was the first-ever Women’s Physique Division athlete to be signed to the Weider roster. Balancing over 50 other projects in development while simultaneously managing a diverse portfolio of ventures, she continues to serve as a change agent and a multi-faceted trailblazer to women everywhere.

  • Garcia earned a spot in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Variety500 lists and in Variety’s Power of Women Report in 2016 and 2018.
  • Born and raised in New Jersey, Garcia moved to Florida where she earned her bachelor’s degree in International Marketing and Finance from the University of Miami School of Business.
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Following graduation, Garcia took a job at Merrill Lynch, before founding her own private wealth management firm, JDM Partners LLC. Garcia continues to be an active angel investor, using her wealth of experience to identify and invest in groundbreaking entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

Who owns XFL football?

How Much Do Xfl Players Make XFL chairwoman Dany Garcia called it “a milestone.” With three Week 6 games over the weekend, this latest iteration of the XFL officially crossed the halfway point of its first regular season – while also surpassing the point at which the 2020 version of the spring football league shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic,

  1. The monkey is off our back,” Garcia told USA TODAY Sports on Friday.
  2. We are now creating our history – a history that will not be compared to what happened in (the past), but our XFL history.” Garcia, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and private investment firm RedBird Capital Partners purchased the XFL and its assets for roughly $15 million in August 2020, a few months after its previous ownership entity, led by World Wrestling Entertainment founder Vince McMahon, filed for bankruptcy,

Under this new ownership group, the XFL has expanded into new markets – including Las Vegas and San Antonio – while continuing to tinker with the rules of the sport, introducing several rules changes that have drawn interest from the NFL. But the spring league has also grappled with many of the same challenges that its predecessors faced, fighting to draw eyeballs and fans during a busy stretch on the sports calendar.

Is XFL an indoor football?

XFL, Indoor Football League Join Forces on Player Personnel.

Are there kickers in the XFL?

Kickoff formation – XFL rule : The kicker lines up at his 30-yard line, with the other 10 members of the kickoff team lining up at the opponent’s 35 – 5 yards away from the returning team. Only the kicker and one returner can move until the ball is fielded.

  • Touchbacks are spotted at the 35-yard line.
  • NFL rule : Kicking team lines up at its 35-yard line, with eight members of the return team within 15 yards.
  • No double-team blocks allowed.
  • Touchbacks are spotted at the 25-yard line.
  • The XFL’s rule was one of many preserved from the league’s 2020 incarnation, and it has continued to hit its goal of maximizing returns and minimizing the incentive for touchbacks while avoiding the high-speed collisions that made the traditional kickoff so dangerous.

It takes some getting used to, as 20 players stand still with the ball in the air, but the numbers don’t lie: More than 90% of XFL kickoffs have been returned this season, compared to about 40% of NFL kickoffs. Most XFL teams have blocked these returns like zone running plays, which hasn’t led to many long returns.

But in Week 5, the St. Louis Battlehawks’ Darrius Shepherd reeled off an 80-yard return. The progression followed a similar pattern in Week 5 of the 2020 season, when the Battlehawks used a trick play to record the league’s first kickoff return for a touchdown. The NFL rewrote its kickoff rules in 2018, responding to data that showed the high-speed collisions involved had made concussions five times as likely to happen on kickoffs than on standard offensive or defensive plays.

But the rules in essence led to touchbacks being the most likely outcome rather than a return. If nothing else, the XFL’s efforts here demonstrated there are creative ways to preserve the kickoff as a live play while also protecting players from unnecessary risk.

Does XFL have punters?

Meet Your 2023 XFL Special Teams Players As the XFL gears up for its inaugural season, two vital positions that will play a crucial role in the early success of the teams are the kicker and punter. While often overlooked, their contributions on the field can make a decisive impact on the outcome of a game.

Let’s discuss where specialists are heading for the upcoming 2023 XFL Season; There are 8 teams in the twice-revived XFL, which means that roughly 16 specialists will get a shot at proving themselves to the rest of the football world. Throughout this article, I will go through each special team roster and break down who they selected/signed and what I think about it.

A special thanks to Nick Novak, from, for hosting the XFL Specialist Camp as well as posting film for many specialists in the 2022 Draft Pool.

Why is it called XFL?

How the XFL Was Named – When the XFL originally launched at the beginning of this century, co-owner Vince McMahon stated, “The NFL stands for the ‘No Fun League.’ The XFL is going to be the ‘Xtra Fun League.'” In fact, according to author Brett Forrest in his book, Long Bomb: How the XFL Became TV’s Biggest Fiasco, none of the league’s three letters actually stood for anything.

So if we’re to take McMahon at his word, the naming of the XFL was more a marketing ploy than a defining attribute. In a sense, the league represents what fans want it to represent. Start with the two most obvious letters, “F” and “L.” Naturally, one would assume they stand for “Football League.” And nothing suggests otherwise.

One would need to bend over backward to come up with something more compelling and aligned with the league’s principles. After all, the XFL features football and only football. It’s not a casual assemblage of talent but a full-fledged league that crowns champions.

How do XFL teams travel?

All eight teams in the league practice in or around a hub in Arlington, Texas. They are all based out of the same location and travel to the various markets for games. As it would turn out, both teams travel together.

Will the XFL last?

How Much Do Xfl Players Make No one can blame you for wondering if the Defenders vs Renegades championship game will be the last XFL game for some years. After all, the XFL is known for its irregular calendar. When some owners were not declaring bankruptcy, Covid forced a mid-season suspension.

  1. So, you are forgiven for questioning whether XFL will return in 2024.
  2. But we’ve got some good news for you; XFL will return as it stands.
  3. Officials have confirmed that the story of the professional football league will continue.
  4. So, there’s no reason to fret.
  5. Whether you are planning a big bet on your favorite team or eyeing a Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, we are in business for a 2024 XFL season! History of the XFL The XFL is an American football minor league for professionals.

It consists of eight teams in the United States that play ten games each in the regular season, while four progress to the playoffs to determine a season champion. The first XFL ran for one season in 2001 before it failed. The league returned in 2020 after one of the founding owners, WWF executive, Vince McMahon, returned to reboot it.

  1. It started on February 8, 2020, and was suspended on March 12, 2020, over COVID-19-related concerns.
  2. The 2020 XFL would not return after league executives filed for bankruptcy, saying the pandemic deprived them of tens of millions of dollars in revenue.
  3. It was familiar territory for XFL.
  4. However, it didn’t take long for the league to find a saviour this time as a consortium led by former wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; his ex-wife, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale bought it for $15 million on August 2, 2020.

The XFL returned from the dead for the second time as the 2023 XFL season kicked off on February 18, 2023. XFL schedule The XFL is not played during National Football League (NFL) season, even though it was designed as a simpler alternative to the NFL.

The XFL season typically runs in the winter and early spring months, just after the NFL season ends and before the United States Football League (USFL) season. The idea is to take advantage of the desire for football while NFL is on break. Why is the XFL unique? What makes the XFL different from the NFL is the unique set of changes that the league says delivers “fans a faster pace of play and more action.” Here are some special XFL rules: Game Timing The XFL operates a 35-second play clock, contrary to the NFL’s 40-second play clock.

This rule is part of the XFL’s plan for a “faster pace of play.” Also, the first and second halves are split by 10-minute halftime, two minutes less than the NFL’s 12-minute break. The head coach can challenge the game A head coach can challenge one on-field decision per game.

This rule applies to any element of play. While many NFL teams would like this, they don’t. Fourth-and-15 onside kick The XFL has a cool onside kick rule that most NFL fans will want to see, but it’s not currently in their game. The XFL offers teams the chance to attempt a fourth-and-15 conversion in the fourth quarter.

However, the traditional onside kicks are part of the rules. The kickoff During kickoff, only the kicker and returner are allowed to move. Other players can only move after the ball has been in the ground for three seconds or until someone catches the ball.

The teams must also start play five yards apart. When will the XFL return? A champion will be crowned on Saturday, May 20, 2023, as Arlington Renegades take on D.C. Defenders. Rest assured, that championship is not the last XFL game you will watch for years. XFL Chairwoman Garcia recently told USA Today that the league owners are in for the “long haul”, which is why they have started securing dates and planning for the 2024 XFL season.

Johnson added, “Absolutely, there will be a 2024 XFL season,” guaranteeing that this time is different; XFL will return for a second consecutive season in 22 years. This time, no heart is getting broken by an abrupt end. American Football International is your source for news and updates about American Football outside the United States!

How much is XFL league?

XFL vs NFL Comparison Table

Ticket Price $40 USD $151 USD
Highest-Paid Player QB Brett Hundley, $200k Aaron Rodgers $50.3 million
Average Viewership TBD 14.8 million viewers per game (2022)
Average Attendance 10,000 69,389

Can you buy an XFL team?

The XFL Seeking Investors To Own Up To 45% Of The League – The XFL has engaged PJT Partners to raise $125 million in equity funding. A focused equity raise with PJT Partners contacting 15 affiliated offices. RedBird Capital is prepared to fund 100% of the equity if needed.

  1. Although not specified for this endeavor, RedBird could, in theory, assist investors with capital in exchange for residual interest.
  2. New investors could own up to 35%-45% of the XFL.
  3. Sources indicate the league is not looking to sell ownership of its eight teams.
  4. There have been early investors who have expressed interest in the league’s teams during discussions.

The XFL was purchased out of bankruptcy for $15 million, plus over $9.2 million in debts and payments in the summer of 2020. The 2023 XFL season starts a week after the SuperBowl on Saturday, February 18th. A 12-week season, 43 games as part of a five-year broadcasting agreement with Disney/ESPN.

  1. All games will be broadcast in linear and digital format.
  2. Daniel Kaplan and Bill Shea of The Athletic reported that the XFL has a substantial rights fee with Disney to air their games exclusively on ABC, ESPN, and FX.
  3. Several sources have indicated that the XFL’s five-year deal with Disney has ad splits (percentages not confirmed), with the network covering production and broadcast talent costs with escalators throughout the agreement to go along with the initial rights fee.

The league has announced its eight-team locations, with three teams playing in Texas. The XFL’s arrangement with REV Entertainment, a subsidy of the Texas Rangers, will see Arlington, Texas, serve as the league’s in-season hub and headquarters for the next three years.

How is XFL different from NFL?

Game timing – XFL games will operate with a 35-second play clock rather than the standard 40-second clock used at the NFL level. This change will theoretically create more offensive plays during the contest. Additionally, the clock will continue running on incomplete passes and out-of-bounds plays before the two-minute warning in each half.

  • This will keep the game from running too long if either team struggles to complete passes.
  • Finally, the game clock will also stop on first downs following the two-minute warning.
  • This allows more time to potentially score in the two-minute drill which, again, would hypothetically make the game higher scoring and more exciting.


What is the lowest paid pro football?

The NFL’s minimum player salary – As per the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement established in March 2020, NFL players’ minimum salary measured up to $660,000 in the 2021 season, which went up from $610,000 in 2020. The minimum salary is slated to rise to $750,000 in 2023.

  • The salary went up $45k from last year.
  • Since 2011, salaries have risen by nearly $300,000 in 10 years, according to,
  • Now, the minimum salary relies on how many years of service an NFL player has, and is imposed by the CBA.
  • So if a player kicked off his rookie season in 2021, he’s bound to make a minimum of $660,000.

Once a player hits four years in the league, his minimum salary becomes $900,000. However, all things considered, the player has to perform up to par to get a merit-based raise. If not, he might have to wait until his seventh season to get to the million-dollar mark (a number that currently sits at $1.075 million).

What is the lowest pro football salary?

The minimum for an NFL player’s salary is $750,000 in 2023, according to Spotrac, but that number changes based on experience. The minimum for a rookie is $750,000, but that increases to $870,000 for players with one year of experience and $940,000 for players with two years of experience.

Who is the lowest paid football player?

How much are NFL practice squad players paid? – Rookies and players with two or fewer accrued NFL seasons make at least $9,200 a week, ‘ Accrued ‘ stands for when a player is on full-time pay status for a minimum of six regular-season games, This means that these players would be making what’s equivalent to $165,600 for 18 weeks spent on the practice squad.

  • On the other hand, players who have accrued at least three seasons make a minimum of $14K per week and $252K for the whole season,
  • As opposed to practice squad players, a rookie on an active roster would have a minimum salary this season of $660K,
  • For Tyrone Swoopes, being the least paid NFL player could seem like an unfortunate title.

Nonetheless, he is actually set to make $780,000 in 2021 as a free agent, and he is making more than the average salary for a practice squad player. The only bad news for him is that he has yet to receive any of that salary. It slightly gets worse. Throughout all his five NFL seasons, Swoopes has not been guaranteed any of the salaries he signed for on his contracts,

Is the XFL a minor league?

XFL (2020) Professional American football league For the 2020 XFL season, see, For other uses, see, XFL Current season, competition or edition: ClassificationSpring football leagueSportFoundedJanuary 25, 2018FounderInaugural seasonOwner(s)

  • Alpha Acquico, LLC
  • (RedBird Capital Partners)
  • ()
  • ()

Dany GarciaPresidentNo. of teams8CountryUnited StatesHeadquartersMost recentchampion(s)(1st title)Most titles(1 title)TV partner(s)

  • United States:
  • International:

Relatedcompetitions Direct:,, and Other: Official website The XFL is a consisting of eight teams located across the United States in mid-sized to major markets. Seasons run from February to May, with each team playing a ten-game regular season, and four progressing to the playoffs to crown a season champion.

  1. The league is headquartered in,
  2. The league was founded by executive in 2018, as a successor to the he founded in 2001.
  3. McMahon founded the new XFL to create a league with fewer off-field controversies and faster, simpler play compared to the bigger (NFL), and one without the features inspired by or elements of its predecessor.

The league and its teams were originally owned by McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment. After only five weeks of play in its inaugural, the league abruptly ceased play due to the, and filed for bankruptcy on April 13. In August 2020, actor, along with longtime business partner and ex-wife, led a consortium to purchase the XFL for $15 million.

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