How Old Is Addison Rae
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Why is Addison Rae so rich?

Her first sponsorship was from Fashion Nova. She currently has her own cosmetics line, Item Beauty, with Sephora, and works with American Eagle, delivering an estimated $4.26 million in media impact value thanks to her massive social media presence.

What is Addison Rae date of birth?

Addison Rae Easterling is an American actress, influencer, social media creator, dancer, and singer. She is best known for her role as Padgett in the Television Series He’s All That (2021) (2021). Addison was named the highest earning TikToker in 2021 by Forbes Magazine. She was nominated for three Kid’s Choice Awards, and two People’s Choice Awards. Addison Rae (born October 6, 2000) to parents Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez in Lafayette, Louisiana. – IMDb Mini Biography By: DD

2nd most followed performer on TikTok but it’s highest earner. Born on October 5, 2000, as Addison Rae Easterling, in Lafayette, Louisiana. Attended Louisiana State University for one year with a goal of being a sports broadcaster before dropping out to leverage her burgeoning TikTok career in Hollywood. Has been a competitive dancer since the age of 6.

Who has Addison dated?

Here’s Addison Rae and Omer Fedi’s Relationship Timeline By now, most of the world knows ‘s name after she danced her way to when she joined the app in July 2019. Since then, she’s launched her own, dropped, and starred in her, The 21-year-old TikTok star’s tight-knit friendship with has introduced her to other A-listers like Travis Barker, Megan Fox, and Machine Gun Kelly.

  1. And, like any up-and-coming it-girl, people are fascinated with Addison’s dating life.
  2. She was romantically linked to fellow TikToker in 2020 and denied dating rumors about in 2021.
  3. But now, Addison is dating red-haired musician Omer Fedi.
  4. Rumors started circulating about the couple over the summer of 2021, but a certain comment made by Addison’s mom Sheri convinced fans that Omer and Addison were much more than friends.

Not to mention, Omer posted a super sweet message about Addison following the release of her new movie, He’s All That, Ahead, find everything you need to know about Addison Rae’s relationship with her Grammy Award-nominated boyfriend, Omer Fedi. This content is imported from poll.

You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. The happy couple hit the town for a night out in celebration of, the new mystery film featuring Taylor Swift, Margo Robbie, Christian Bale, and others. Addison wore a plunging black jumpsuit with a matching black choker and a flower pin, while Omer opted for a more casual (yet expensive) look in a comfy Balenciaga hoodie that read “XXXL” on the front.

The Amsterdam afterparty was held at Zero Bond, a members-only club in NYC. The couple on the heels of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, who wore coordinating shades of blue. Drake and Leonardo DiCaprio were also in attendance.

What happened to Addison Rae?

Popular TikTok star Addison Rae deletes her Twitter account while remaining on Facebook and Instagram without a final message to her audience. How Old Is Addison Rae Popular TikTok star Addison Rae has deleted her Twitter account without warning to her nearly five million followers that are left wondering what’s going on with her. As many fans keep up with the TikTok content creator through her primary app, others stay updated through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the latter of which is no longer an option.

On November 24 Addison Rae deleted her Twitter account, Whoisaddison, without one final message to her sizable community. Beyond her main TikTok account, Addison Rae has also retained her Instagram, public Facebook page, and YouTube account, the latter of which hasn’t been updated in a year as the content creator has prioritized the ByteDance app,

As of November 25, Addison Rae has yet to clarify why she deleted her Twitter account, and fans that visit her page will be greeted with the “this account doesn’t exist” screen. Because she regularly updates her community with videos and behind-the-scenes tweets, many Twitter users are perplexed by Addison Rae’s decision to leave one social media platform while keeping so many others.

  • Because her Twitter handle is still being held, it’s possible that the popular TikTok star is simply taking a break from the platform to focus more heavily on something else or in an effort to leave something behind.
  • Maintaining a growing following on TikTok with regular uploads, Addison Rae has seen a slight decline in her Twitter following as 40,000 followers have unfollowed the content creator since June 2021.

With a TikTok following of over 88 million viewers, Addison Rae makes fashion, dance, and IRL content, but she also hasn’t uploaded to the app since November 16 which may suggest that she’s busy with things in her personal life. The TikTok star’s most recent video focused on her collaboration with the mobile game War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius which is something she has referenced across her social media presence, including the deleted Twitter account.

  • While many Addison Rae fans have expressed their shock and disappointment in the popular TikTok star’s disappearance from Twitter, others are anticipating a return or a suitable explanation.
  • One Addison Rae TikTok viewer proclaimed the day that the star left Twitter as “the worst day” of their lives, while some remain speechless in the hope of a farewell from Rae on another platform.

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Who is the highest paid TikTok?

1. Charli D’Amelio – @charlidamelio ♬ original sound – charli d’amelio Annual Est. Earnings: $17.5M Number of Followers: 148.7M Charli D’Amelio tops the list as the highest-paid TikTok influencer of 2022. Forbes has included her twice in a row in their list of the Top 7 Highest Paid TikTok Stars.

  1. She started posting dance videos on TikTok in June 2019 which soon went viral.
  2. Since then, she went on to appear as an opening act for the Jonas Brothers and as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.
  3. She has been invited by Prada to cover Paris Fashion Week and has forged a partnership with EOS Cosmetics.

She has even appeared for a Super Bowl commercial! Together with her sister, Dixie, she moved to Los Angeles and joined Hype House, a creator cooperative. The two have also signed a joint venture deal with Hollister. They created Social Tourist, a clothing brand, whose success contributes to 10% of the company’s sales.

The sisters have also launched a mini-TV series on Hulu which has been renewed for a 2nd season. They even have a brand deal with Morphe Cosmetics. According to the Wall Street Journal, Charli D’Amelio earned higher than some of the biggest CEOs of publicly traded companies like Starbucks and McDonalds.

Her latest promotions include Dunkin Donuts, which named a drink after her. She also has her own line of influencer merch,

Does Addison Rae have a gf?

Are Addison Rae and Omer Fedi Still Together? – Confirmed: Addison and Omer are still going strong! The She’s All That actress posted a video of the pair kissing in June 2023 per Instagram, Prior to that, Omer shared multiple photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram Story on her birthday in October 2022.

  • In a series of pics, he wrote: “Babbyyyyyyy Happppy Birthday, my love.
  • To the person I can’t be without for not even one second, the funniest person I know.
  • You have the most beautiful smile in the world baby! And I’ll make sure you gonna keep smiling and laughing every day.” He continued, “I’ll always, always be right by you following u all around the world making sure you’re safe and happy.

I love you. You taught me that nothin is more important than being happy and sharing nothing but love and happiness with everyone. To my best friend, my lady, the love of my life! I love you so much. Happy birthday.” We think it’s safe to say they are very much still together and very much still in love! How Old Is Addison Rae Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock (12879667zm) Omer Fedi and Addison Rae 64th Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, USA – 03 Apr 2022 Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

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Who is Addison’s rae mom boyfriend?

Sheri Easterling, the mother of TikTok star Addison Rae, and rapper Yung Gravy captivated the internet Sunday when they attended the MTV Video Music Awards together and were spotted kissing. In a pre-show interview, Yung Gravy, whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, said the two met online and “connected right away.” “I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I figured it was just a perfect match,” Yung Gravy, 26, said in a red carpet interview,

Easterling, 42, split from Monty Lopez, 46, this year following allegations that Lopez was cheating on her with younger women. Rae, who is estimated to have earned over $8.5 million from TikTok alone in 2021, starred alongside her family on their YouTube channel and in TikTok videos. Her family joined her in “Addison Rae Goes Home,” a 10-episode, Snapchat-produced reality series.

While Rae’s star rose on TikTok and she expanded into music, movies and modeling, the rest of her family grew their profiles, too. Rae’s mother has a Spotify-produced podcast with her daughter, and both parents were signed to WME’s digital talent agency alongside Rae in 2020.

On Instagram, Easterling, who goes by Sheri Nicole on the platform, describes herself as “single mom” in her bio. She has 1.1 million followers. Yung Gravy has been in Lopez’s crosshairs since he mentioned on the “BFFs” podcast that he found Easterling attractive and planned to take her on a date. Easterling, Lopez and a spokesperson for Yung Gravy did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Across social media, those who tuned in to the VMAs commented on Yung Gravy and Easterling’s PDA after clips of their kiss went viral. “trying to explain to my bf who is barely on social media the absolute scandal of sheri/ yung gravy at the VMAS,” one Twitter user wrote,

  1. Some online called the duo’s red carpet appearance and kiss a “PR stunt.” Others said they’d rather not see the romance on display on their timelines.
  2. Im begging you all please get yung gravy and sheri off my timeline,” one user wrote,
  3. Many were simply just surprised.
  4. I cannot get over the reality that yung gravy and sheri nicole are actually together,” one user wrote,

Another Twitter user wrote: “Yung Gravy and Sheri Nicole stepping out as a couple was not on my 2022 bingo card but alright” Kalhan Rosenblatt Kalhan Rosenblatt is a reporter covering youth and internet culture for NBC News, based in New York. Kat Tenbarge contributed,

Who did Addison Rae date before?

Does Addison Rae Have a New BF After Bryce Hall Split? What We Know Is single? Since her rise to fame on the TikTok app, fans have become obsessed with the brunette beauty, especially when it, The internet star was most recently linked to music producer after they shared some flirty interactions via social media.

Previously, in April 2021, social media users started to wonder if something was going on between herself and after they were both spotted in Georgia during a boxing match. According to the TikTok Room Instagram account, the rapper — most known for his song “Whats Poppin” — shared a series of photos from his time attending the event and a few eagle-eyed fans noticed what appeared to be Addison’s hand on his arm in one snap.

Others also pointed out that she was liking Jack’s Instagram photos and claimed she followed his best friend on Instagram. After dating speculation started swirling online, Addison set the record straight with a tweet that read, “I’m single.” Prior to these budding romance rumors, the Louisiana native was romantically linked to fellow internet star multiple times since she first stepped onto the influencer scene.

The pair first dated and broke up in late-2019. Nearly a year later, they gave their relationship another shot and went public in November 2020. At the time, Bryce and Addison revealed that they had already, In March 2021, they, “I’ll be honest. I ended it,” Bryce said during an appearance on the, “I was just not in the mindset for a relationship.” He also uploaded a to confirm their breakup and address rumors surrounding their split.

“I,” he explained. “Addison and I broke up about a month ago and kept everything semi-private on social media both of us are going through a s–t ton of things right now behind-the-scenes that we don’t necessarily comfortably want to talk about, to a camera especially.

With all that stress we’ve mutually decided that it would be best if we parted ways.” In May 2021, Addison chatted with in an OBB Pictures YouTube video about having her love life in the public eye, explaining that she “never really made it a point to share details about anything.” ” Me and Bryce, for example, so many people’s eyes were on us out of nowhere,” the internet star explained.

“It was hard to adjust to the thought of people being interested in that or seeing it and reacting to it. More than usual, people being concerned about your relationship stuff. I think the lesson I learned from it is, keep your circle small, and keep your fights private. How Old Is Addison Rae Matt Baron/Shutterstock These two internet stars first got together and split in 2019. Nearly a year after their first breakup, Addison and Bryce got back together in October 2020. Months later, in March 2021, they called it quits again.2 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae AFF-USA/Shutterstock Romance rumors between Addison and Jack first started swirling in April 2021. It’s unclear exactly what’s doing down between them, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice their social media interactions.3 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS Addison locked lips with her costar during the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards in May 2021, which immediately sparked romance rumors between the two. Even though the actors kissed on stage, appears to be dating actress,4 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock Fans started to speculate if these two were together after a few flirty Instagram interactions. They’ve seen confirmed their romance with various PDA-filled photos. : Does Addison Rae Have a New BF After Bryce Hall Split? What We Know

Who kissed Addison?

Addison Rae kissed co-star Tanner Buchanan at the MTV awards and fans have mixed feelings Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards – Getty Images Addison Rae and her co-star Tanner Buchanan shared a kiss on stage at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards and fans are having a very mixed reaction. Last night (May 16) the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards took place at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, and it was pretty exciting for us all to have just a little bit of awards show joy after a year of missing out on red carpet looks and,

  • But there was one thing we absolutely were not expecting out of last night, and that was and Tanner Buchanan sharing an on-stage kiss.
  • The pair were there to present the Best Kiss award and before reading out the winner took the time for, well, a pretty hefty make-out sesh.
  • Tanner stars alongside Addison in her upcoming gender flipped remake of the 1999 film, titled, He’s All That.

So, it’s not like they’re total strangers. However, fans were still pretty surprised by the kiss and it definitely got a very mixed reaction, with some remarking on the chemistry between the two while others just weren’t keen on the on-stage kiss at all.

But perhaps the most dramatic part of the whole thing is that it looks as though Addison’s former boyfriend Bryce Hall has responded to the kiss with a cryptic statement on Twitter.Addison and Bryce after roughly a year and a half together, after rumours surfaced that he had cheated on her while on a trip to Las Vegas. to have Cosmopolitan delivered to your door.

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Who did Addison sleep with?

Derek Shepherd – How Old Is Addison Rae Derek and Addison attempting to give their relationship another try. Addison met her future husband, Derek Shepherd, in medical school in the summer. Their relationship grew and they eventually married. Derek once wrote a song for her. After medical school, Addison and Derek became extremely successful in their respective fields and each began their own practice in New York,

  1. However, this strained their marriage.
  2. Addison was married to Derek Shepherd for eleven years before eventually sleeping with Derek’s best friend, Mark Sloan, which prompted Derek to leave New York for Seattle at the request of their old friend and mentor, Richard Webber,
  3. After she and Derek initially separated, she tried to get over him, even hoping that dying her hair blond would help.
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She remained in New York and lived with Mark for two months, during which she became pregnant with Mark’s child but she chose to have an abortion. The relationship ended when Mark cheated on Addison and Richard Webber brought her to Seattle Grace for a consult on a difficult case.

After a period of antagonism between her and Derek (in which he continually referred to her as “Satan”), Addison decided to stay on as the Head of Neonatal Surgery and OB/GYN at Seattle Grace, signing a two-year contract after she and Derek decided to make an effort to work things out. Addison was unaware that Derek still had feelings for Meredith,

When Addison discovered that her husband slept with Meredith at the hospital-sponsored prom, Addison (in a drunken haze) called Mark Sloan to Seattle. She and Derek agreed that their marriage was over and started divorce proceedings. She asked Mark to go back to New York, but he stayed, expressing his desire to continue their relationship.

Is Addison Rae still with Bryce?

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s Split: What Went Wrong? Ever since their rise to fame on the TikTok app, and have captured fans’ attention with, In March 2021, both internet stars confirmed that they called it quits a second time after rocked their romance.

“I’ll be honest. I ended it,” Bryce said during an episode of Barstool Sports’ and ‘, noting that the former flames have been broken up for about a month. “We were actually just not even going to mention it at all, but then she kind of slipped up in an interview.” Of course, the interview Bryce was referring to was Addison’s chat with about her During the interview, the budding songstress dished on the story behind the song and said, “I had dropped off my ex-boyfriend, my boyfriend at the time, and I dropped him off at his house.

And then before that happened, he looked at me and was like, ‘I’m obsessed with you.’ And I was like, ‘Me too.'” The two Gen Z superstars announced their relationship in a November 2020 YouTube video titled, “.” Addison and Bryce confirmed at the time that they had been dating for almost two months.

  1. This is our second time dating, ever,” the brunette beauty said during the video.
  2. This is going to be really interesting to see where this goes.” When it came to their breakup, Bryce explained on “BFFs” that they decided to keep things quiet for a while “because we didn’t know if we were going to work things out or not.” The former Sway House member also touched on the Las Vegas cheating accusations from February 2021 and explained how they factored into his and Addison’s split.

“I don’t even know why it’s still a thing, because I’ve already said it’s a lie,” Bryce said. After his trip, rumors that the internet personality cheated on his girlfriend started swirling online. Bryce, for his part, vehemently denied the claims via social media.

When asked on the “BFFs” podcast if Addison believed that Bryce didn’t cheat, he replied, “Yeah, she did but at the same time, the trust wasn’t fully there she knows I didn’t cheat.” “I was just not in the mindset for a relationship,” Bryce said, adding that he was “completely stressed out” while dealing with the cheating accusations.

“We were going to deal with everything privately and then it became public.” So what went wrong between these two? Scroll through our gallery for a full breakdown. Love J-14 ? Be sure to for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.1 of 9 How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram(2) Fans first speculated that things were going south between Bryce and Addison in February 2021. At the time, she hosted a Zoom called with followers and, per social media, revealed that she and her beau had been fighting. Then, cheating rumors started swirling online, which Bryce denied.2 of 9 Instagram Addison never outwardly acknowledged the rumors surrounding her boyfriend, but she did share a cryptic social media post with a message to fans. “Sharing my life with y’all makes me happy, but some things I choose to handle offline,” she wrote. “When and if I want to share, I will make that decision.” 3 of 9 How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram Some eagle-eyed fans started to notice that both Addison and Bryce removed some Instagram photos with each other.4 of 9 How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram The influencer all but confirmed their split during an interview when talking about an “ex-boyfriend.” She never revealed his name, but Bryce later confirmed she was talking about him.5 of 9 How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram “Yes, Addison and I are broken up. I don’t want to talk about specific reasons because that’s our private business,” Bryce said in a three-minute YouTube video “I never cheated on Addison,” he continued. “Addison and I broke up about a month ago and kept everything semi-private on social media both of us are going through a s–t ton of things right now behind-the-scenes that we don’t necessarily comfortably want to talk about, to a camera especially. How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram Despite the split, both Addison and Bryce have no bad blood toward each other. “I wish him the very best,” she after confirming their breakup. On “BFFs,” Bryce added, “We’re good I have no s–t to talk about Addison.” 7 of 9 How Old Is Addison Rae Instagram Bryce further addressed the split during an April 2021 episode of the Sway House’s Instagram reality show, He discussed the interview where Addison referred to him as her “ex-boyfriend” and explained that he had hoped to keep their split “off social media.” Bryce also opened up about Addison unfollowing him. How Old Is Addison Rae Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock In March 2022, she reflected on the breakup during an episode of her Snapchat show Addison Rae Goes Home, : Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s Split: What Went Wrong?

What made Addison Rae famous?

Career – Rae in 2021 Addison Rae has 88.7 million followers on TikTok; she first joined TikTok in July 2019, uploading dance videos to trending songs on the platform. She has been part of, a TikTok collaborative group, since its formation in December 2019.

  1. In just a few months, Rae gained over one million followers on TikTok and decided to leave LSU in November.
  2. I remember that’s when it changed for me,” Rae told in April 2020.
  3. I knew I wanted to take it more seriously and expand it to other platforms.
  4. I uploaded a video to YouTube and got really active on Instagram.” She signed with talent agency in January 2020, along with her parents.

In that same month, Addison released a weekly exclusive to with her mother called “Mama Knows Best” in July 2020 entailing topics covering their personal and career life. In 2021, Rae relaunched this podcast with the new name, “That was Fun? With Addison and Sheri.” Addison has launched her own cosmetics line, Item Beauty, with her as the role of,

She co-founded Item Beauty with Madeby Collective, and she oversees most of the products in the brand. Rae (right) with (left) in 2021 Rae starred in, a remake film of the 1999 teen comedy, Her role was inspired by ‘s character Zachary Siler from the original. The film was released on in August 2021 and though it was the most streamed film of its week, it received negative reviews from critics.

Courtney Howard for wrote that “Rae has a natural ease and charm, at her best when she’s either leaning into the bubbly, comedic, satirical overtones, or performing in a heavily choreographed dance-off; however, she’s a little rough around the edges and not quite a confident presence when tasked to mine emotional poignancy, especially evident in the third act.” Rae subsequently signed a deal with Netflix.

What is Addison’s net worth?

So.How Much Is Addison Rae Worth? – According to Celebrity Net Worth, Addison Rae’s net worth in 2023 is a reported $15 million—and apparently, she earned a casual $9 million in 2021 alone. Soooo yeah. If you need us, we’ll be crying over our bank account balance. Bye!! Mehera Bonner is a celebrity and entertainment news writer who enjoys Bravo and Antiques Roadshow with equal enthusiasm, She was previously entertainment editor at Marie Claire and has covered pop culture for over a decade.

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Who has $100 million on TikTok?

Khaby Lame is the most-followed user on TikTok.

How much is 1 TikTok worth?

How much are TikTok coins worth? – Each TikTok coin is worth about 1.4 cents. However, the exact cost to buy a coin depends on how many coins you buy at a time and whether or not you buy coins through the normal TikTok mobile app or through the TikTok website.

Number of Coins Price Price per Coin
5 $0.07 1.4000 ¢
70 $0.99 1.4143 ¢
350 $4.99 1.4257 ¢
700 $9.99 1.4271 ¢
1,400 $19.99 1.4279 ¢
3,500 $49.99 1.4283 ¢
7,000 $99.99 1.4284 ¢
17,500 $249.99 1.4285 ¢

As you can see, TikTok actually offers a reverse bulk discount (i.e. they charge you slightly more per coin when you buy more coins at a time) which is definitely unusual. Another thing that is unusual is that TikTok offers substantially cheaper pricing when you log into TikTok through a web browser on your laptop or desktop computer to buy coins rather than buying coins directly on the mobile app.

Number of Coins Price Price per Coin
70 $0.74 1.0571 ¢
350 $3.70 1.0571 ¢
700 $7.40 1.0571 ¢
1,400 $14.80 1.0571 ¢
3,500 $37 1.0571 ¢
7,000 $74 1.0571 ¢
17,500 $185 1.0571 ¢

Who started TikTok?

Zhang Yiming About Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming is the main founder of Chinese tech giant ByteDance, best known for its insanely popular app TikTok, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide.Zhang stepped down as chairman of ByteDance in November 2021 after resigning as CEO in May that year, reportedly under pressure from the Chinese government.Zhang owns 20% of ByteDance, whose valuation has taken a hit lately amid speculation that TikTok may be banned in the U.S. market.ByteDance also has interests in everything from news and education to video gaming.Zhang started ByteDance in 2012 in a four-bedroom Beijing apartment and launched news-aggregation app Toutiao months later.He was a member of the 2013 Forbes China 30 Under 30 List.

Wealth History HOVER TO REVEAL NET WORTH BY YEAR Personal Stats Age 39 Source of Wealth TikTok, Self Made Residence Beijing, China Citizenship China Education Bachelor of Engineering, Nankai University Related People & Companies : Zhang Yiming

Who is the owner of TikTok?

Founder of TikTok owner ByteDance Zhang Yiming makes fresh donation while keeping a low profile.

How does Addison Rae make her money?

– Article continues after ad Spotify Spotify are hoping to bring more teenages to their platform with Addison Rae’s podcast. Addison Rae is a major force in the world of content creation, it’s even been reported that she was the in 2019. The majority of her income, which was said to be $5m that year, was from posting sponsored posts for the likes of Rebook and Fashion Nova.

  • When going live on TikTok, viewers can donate in the form of gifting.
  • Addison Rae, once living in the Hype House — a collective of content creators in Los Angeles — has gone live with her friends to give further insight into her lifestyle, an enviable one for her many young fans.
  • So, from TikTok alone, she’s made plenty from gifting and branded content deals.

Article continues after ad Then, as you’d perhaps expect, there’s YouTube. The Google-owned video platform isn’t Addison’s main platform but she’s proven that she is a hit on there whenever she chooses to post. With 4.64m subscribers at the time of writing after posting only 16 videos, she makes money from adverts on her content and sponsorships from brands.

Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. It’s clear that sponsored content is a big driver of revenue for the dancer, and that translates over to Instagram too. Companies such as, Disney, and Daniel Wellington have all paid healthy sums to have a presence on her ever-popular feed.

Article continues after ad Moving away from video content, Addison Rae signed a in July 2020. Published weekly, Mama Knows Best is an original audio product from the TikTok star and her mother, Sheri Nicole. The show is produced by Spotify-owned Parcast.

Why is Addison Rae so successful?

Over the last year, Addison Rae burst from the TikTok scene into mainstream Hollywood fame. – Addison Rae started posting on TikTok in 2019 and has grown in fame since. Bryant Addison Rae, the 20-year-old influencer turned budding mainstream celebrity, is one of TikTok’s biggest stars. The third-most-followed person on the app (behind Charli D’Amelio and Khaby Lame, who unseated Rae from the penultimate spot just last week ), Rae has parlayed her TikTok fame into that of a conventional celebrity better than most online influencers ever have.

That pivot has led to Rae, whose full name is Addison Rae Easterling, releasing her own music, appearing on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and starring in a Netflix remake of “She’s All That.” Over the course of her career, however, she’s also become a face of conventional TikTok stardom: a creator who rose to prominence by performing dances and lip-sync trends, eventually moving out to Los Angeles and joining an influencer collective (in Rae’s case, the Hype House) before turning online clout into brand deals and entertainment contracts.

This is how Rae, who currently has 81.9 million followers, went from posting videos for fun in the summer of 2019, as she previously told Insider, to becoming one of the app’s best-known stars.

How does Addison make money?

How Does Addison Rae Make Money? – Other than posting videos on TikTok — which definitely brings in a large paycheck — Addison has kicked off an acting career, released music and launched her own makeup line. “It can get overwhelming but I think I’ve done a pretty good job at handling it,” she told in January 2021 about continuing to succeed.

  • I get overwhelmed in general by wanting to make everything perfect so sometimes I have to get something done with not much time to complete it and that definitely overwhelms me.
  • I think the last year has made feel a lot of different ways — I’m not sure that overwhelmed is the first one that I’d list.

The comments don’t overwhelm me but will sometimes make me sad.” While it seems like she has a lot under her belt now, Addison is just getting started! Scroll through our gallery for details on all Addison Rae’s money-making ventures. Love J-14 ? Be sure to for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.1 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae David Fisher/Shutterstock According to an August 2020 report from, Addison made $5 million alone with her TikTok videos.2 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae Matt Baron/Shutterstock While the budding star has only appeared in He’s All That so far, she plans to act more in the future.3 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock Addison released her debut single, “Obsessed” in March 2021 and has plans to make more music.4 of 4 How Old Is Addison Rae Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock Her makeup and beauty brand launched in August 2020, and it’s already being sold in Sephora stores. : Addison Rae’s Net Worth Proves She’s More Than Just a TikTok Star

How did Addison Rae get her fame?

Who is Addison Rae? – Addison Rae Easterling is a 21-year-old American social media personality, dancer, actress, and singer, who found fame on TikTok, posting under @addisonre. She was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas.

Her Christian parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling played a massive role in her social media success and have even created a TikTok presence themselves. Rae and her family have since moved to Los Angeles. I LOVE THROWING & this song She started dancing competitively at the age of six, competing across the United States, before briefly studying sports broadcast journalism for three months at Louisiana State University.

In July 2019, she started posting content to her TikTok account, and in just three years reached a staggering 88.5 million followers. “Well, I actually downloaded the app in July, made a post with a friend, and literally out of nowhere it got 93,000 likes, and I was like woah.

  • I like this! I kept going, made videos with my mom, and then that was kind of the main thing that blew up,” Rae told,
  • In 2021, Rae released a debut single ‘Obsessed’ and made an acting debut in the Netflix film He’s All That, a spin-off of the 1999 film She’s All That,
  • She has since released a beauty line and merchandise, along with signing major company deals with Spotify and Snapchat.

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