How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty
Christopher Briney as Conrad Fisher – How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty Cindy Ord // Getty Images Age: 25 Conrad is 17 years old on the show, but Chris Briney graduated from Pace University in New York in 2020. According to Famous Birthdays, the actor was born on March 24, 1998 and if the math is mathing, that means he’s 25.

How old are Jeremiah and Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

How old is Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty? Jenny Han’s beloved YA novel The Summer I Turned Pretty has been adapted into a TV series by Video. The Summer I Turned Pretty focuses on Isabel ‘Belly’ Conklin (played by Lola Tung) and the summer of her 16th birthday when she is finally noticed by her friends Conrad Fisher (Christopher Briney) and his brother Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno).

  • Conrad is described in the books as being two years and a quarter older than Belly, which would make him 18-years-old.
  • By the time readers get to the end of Han’s trilogy, Conrad is 26 in the epilogue of the third novel.
  • However, in the show, he is 17-years-old and is going through an awkward adolescent phase.
  • Those wondering about younger brother Jeremiah, he was born in 2005 and is 17 at the time when the books are set.

How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty Conrad Fisher is played by Christopher Briney in The Summer I Turned Pretty (Image: GETTY • AMAZON) How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty The Summer I Turned Pretty features a cast of rising stars (Image: GETTY) How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty The Summer I Turned Pretty stars Christopher Briney (Image: AMAZON) How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty Christopher Briney plays Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty (Image: GETTY) Speaking about getting into character as Conrad, Briney said he had to “a lot of work” to prepare for the role. The actor said: “I read the book and I read the script and I was like, ‘Conrad, why don’t you just tell somebody how you feel? Why don’t you just ask for help?’ “And then I had to backtrack and be like, ‘Okay, he’s 17, he’s an older brother.

He’s used to having a lot of weight on his shoulders and being the strong man in the family, especially with his dad being who his dad is. He just needs to learn.'” The rising star went on to say: “I think when I understood that he had a lot to learn, it freed up the chance for me to be like, ‘Okay, you can make mistakes.

Now you can say things you shouldn’t say and be mean whether it’s intentional or not.'” READ MORE:

  1. He hailed his co-star Tung, telling Seventeen she was “wonderful to work with” as the pair built a bond.
  2. The Summer I Turned Pretty marked Briney’s first TV acting role and Tung’s first-ever job, with the two having a firm friendship and were keenly aware of the weight of expectation from fans of the novels.
  3. But Briney said he had Tung to bounce off with the pair speaking candidly while working on the show.
  4. In between takes, they would discuss their performances and support one another.
  5. Briney said it “meant a lot” to have Tung by his side as they filmed season one.

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Who is older Conrad or Jeremiah?

Characters –

  • Isabel “Belly” Conklin: The narrator, and protagonist of the series. She is the daughter of Laurel and the younger sister of Steven. She is known to have had a crush on her friend Conrad since she was young, but her relationship with him falls apart at the end of It’s Not Summer Without You after the two become a couple for a short time. She then starts a relationship with his brother, Jeremiah, after he kisses her; making his feelings known to her. In We’ll Always Have Summer, which chronicles their two-year relationship, Belly discovers at a frat party that Jeremiah cheated on her with a sorority girl. She slaps him across the face and spends days in bed, crying. To prove his regret, Jeremiah proposes to her, which she hesitantly accepts; however, a result of ongoing fights with her mother (who is furious with her for choosing to marry so young), she stays at Cousins Beach. Because of this arrangement, her old feelings for Conrad, who is staying there as well, begin to slowly resurface. Toward the climax of the novel, Conrad confesses his love for her. Although Belly blows up at his confession, saying he was too late, her feelings for both brothers are called into question. She and Jeremiah, in the end, call off their engagement and break up for good after realizing they are not meant to be. In the epilogue, Belly has not heard from Conrad for two years, before receiving her handwritten letters from him “each and every month” throughout the rest of her college years. Eventually, she begins to stay in contact with him. Conrad shows up at her college graduation, resulting in them getting back together as a couple. He proposes to Belly a little over a year later.
  • Conrad “Con”, “Connie” Fisher: The eldest son of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and older brother of Jeremiah. He is known to push away his loved ones and to keep all his emotions and feelings inside. In the first book, his character is something of a jerk, having spent the summer at the beach getting drunk or locked in his room. It is suspected, though, that he has developed feelings for Belly; he is shown several times as either overly protective or jealous of boys flirting with her. At the end of the novel, he and Belly become a couple. However, the relationship is short-lived when Conrad once again slips back into his emotional old ways. At the beginning of the second novel, he runs away from college to protect the beach house once he finds out his father intends to sell it. In the end, Laurel shows up and makes a deal with Mr. Fisher that Conrad and Jeremiah can personally keep the house if Conrad returns to college and passes all his exams. The adults leave and Belly and Jeremiah help prepare Conrad for his exams. Things seem to go well, but take an abrupt turn for the worse when Conrad walks in on Belly and Jeremiah kissing. Conrad, however, tells his brother he is over Belly and it is okay if the two get together. In We’ll Always Have Summer, which takes place two years later, it is revealed that Conrad lied when saying he was over Belly and has always been in love with her. He spends time throughout the novel fighting his true feelings and pretending he does not care for her. However, once he discovers at Jeremiah’s bachelor party how he cheated on Belly, Conrad becomes furious and leaves. When Belly later comes across him, Conrad confesses his long-hidden love for her before begging her not to marry his brother and to be with him, breaking down into tears. Belly turns him down, claiming he is too late, breaking his heart. The next day, Conrad apologizes to Belly because he was “too drunk” during his confession, but Belly knows he is lying. After Jeremiah finds out about his brother’s feelings for Belly, he goes missing on his wedding day. Conrad finds him at their mother’s garden. They fight and Jeremiah soon disowns him as his brother, saying that he is “dead” to him. Conrad bids Belly goodbye, and gives her back his infinity necklace, saying it “always” belonged to her and “always will”. In the epilogue, Conrad has not contacted Belly for two years before sending her his first handwritten letter, which then come “each and every month” through the rest of her college years. He then shows up at her college graduation, and they get back together. This all leads up to his marriage proposal two years into their relationship. The series ends with Belly marrying Conrad, and the couple starting a new life together.
  • Jeremiah “Jere” Fisher: At the outset of the series, he is the “golden” boy, the one who appears to be untainted in the eyes of everyone. He is a good friend to Belly and a loving brother to Conrad. He steps aside as Conrad pursues Belly, even when he came to realize his own feelings for her. In It’s Not Summer Without You, he grows tired of burying his feelings for Belly and abruptly kisses her while sitting in a car with her; she kisses back, only for Conrad to discover them. Despite being near furious of what he caught the two doing, Conrad gives Jeremiah permission to have his chance with Belly. In We’ll Always Have Summer, his character has gone through an ugly transformation from golden boy to frat boy, even cheating on Belly with the “sister sorority slut”. He proposes to Belly to prove his remorse, but is shown to have dramatically changed for the worse. He remains jealous of Conrad and Belly’s friendship and even uses his engagement to Belly to spite Conrad. However, when he discovers that Conrad confessed his feelings for her, he takes off the night before the wedding and fails to show up on the day. Conrad finds him and confronts him about who loves and deserves Belly more. After reading a letter for “him” from their mom, and discovering it was actually meant for Conrad, Jeremiah disowns Conrad as his brother. In the epilogue, he is seen at Conrad and Belly’s wedding and brings a new girl along.
  • Susannah “Beck” Fisher: The rock that everyone seems to cling to. Even in death, her calming force is referenced and used by all as they navigate the different situations in their lives. She dies of cancer between books one and two, but is heavily remembered by her family and friends throughout the course of the series. It is revealed that she left letters to “the summer kids” in the final book (although we only get to read the one she gave to Belly). She is shown to be very friendly, loving and compassionate. Her death hits everyone hard and life without her seems near impossible; it takes everyone almost a year to pull themselves together and form a life without her existence.
  • Mr. Fisher: A man who is known to have his way no matter what it costs or who it hurts. He is Susannah’s husband and the father of Conrad and Jeremiah. After Susannah dies, he turns to whiskey, He drives Conrad away after Conrad saw how badly he began treating Susannah, such as cheating on her and running away when she got cancer. He tries to sell the summer house in It’s Not Summer Without You following Susannah’s death, and is barely stopped in time by Laurel and Conrad. In the final book, he tries to mend his relationship with his sons and pays for Jeremiah and Belly’s wedding, despite not agreeing with them getting married at such a young age.
  • Taylor Jewel: Belly’s best friend despite being her polar opposite. Unlike Belly, she is boy crazy and shallow, though by We’ll Always Have Summer, she grows up and has something wise to say for once. In the first book of the series, as seen in flashbacks, she goes for all three boys (Steven, Conrad and Jeremiah) almost at once, determined to hook up with one of them. She is seen desperately trying to pair Belly with boys, even though her friend endlessly protests. She and Belly have a falling out towards the climax of It’s Not Summer Without You after Taylor accuses Belly of being “a crappy friend” when Belly does not want her to come to a party at the beach house. By We’ll Always Have Summer, they make peace, and Taylor can be seen throughout the course of the book supporting and helping Belly with her wedding. She confronts Conrad after suspecting he said something to Belly to upset her and warns him to leave her alone. Although she admits that Belly told her a part of her will always love Conrad, and knows he loves Belly too. She asks him to “be the good guy Belly says he is” by letting her go.
  • Laurel Dunne: Belly and Steven’s mother as well as Susannah’s best friend. She is rigid and desperate to have the relationship with Belly that her daughter had with Susannah. She seems to always make the wrong choices as far as Belly is concerned, but her desire to be close to her daughter is prevalent and admirable. The two women come head to head in We’ll Always Have Summer when Belly and Jeremiah announce their engagement. Laurel is furious, saying the couple are far too young for such a commitment, even going as far as refusing to show up for the wedding, which leaves Belly devastated. After seeing her upset one night at Cousins Beach, Conrad talks to her and manages to convince her to make amends with Belly. It is shown in the final book that the relationship between Conrad and Laurel is very close and even resembles the relationship between Conrad and Susannah. In the epilogue of We’ll Always Have Summer, it is implied that she helped Belly pick out her wedding dress for Belly’s wedding to Conrad, and helped plan the ceremony.
  • Steven Conklin: Belly’s older brother, a good friend and supportive brother. Though we see little of him, his truthfulness is a springboard for Belly to make difficult but wise decisions. He appears throughout Belly’s flashbacks, making fun of her and teasing her endlessly, but despite such teasing, he is shown to have a protective side. He even says to Belly herself in We’ll Always Have Summer that while Jeremiah was like a brother to him, Belly was his “little sister and came first”, something that surprises her.
  • Cam: He only appears in The Summer I Turned Pretty as a summer fling of Belly’s. It is said that he had a crush on Belly throughout grade school but never had the courage to approach her. He leaves one final voicemail for Belly, asking if she wanted to stay in contact after the summer, but if not, “it was nice hanging out with her”. He is mentioned twice more in the series, as one of Belly’s summer memories.

Is Conrad 18 The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Conrad is eighteen and about to enter college. He has always been moody compared to his much livelier younger brother, but during the summer when the novel is set, Conrad becomes particularly withdrawn. In the time since Belly last saw Conrad, he quit the football team at school, broke up with his girlfriend, and started smoking.

Playing guitar is one of Conrad’s few hobbies, and it is another indication of his solitary, thoughtful nature. His traits and behavior suggest that Conrad is the stereotypical teenage “bad boy”, but his withdrawn nature also hints at vulnerability that he’s hiding from others. As the story progresses, the reader learns that Conrad is aware that his mother’s condition has grown worse and realizes the family will likely lose her soon.

Much of what appears to be bad behavior is actually evidence of his emotional turmoil. Instead of sharing his feelings with others, he withdraws into himself. Conrad idolizes his father. As a result, he is particularly hard hit by the news that his parents are separating.

How old is Belly when she married Conrad?

We’ll Always Have Summer — “Summer” Series College freshman Belly Conklin was in love with Conrad Fisher for most of her life. Her mother Laurel was best friends with Conrad’s mother, Susannah, so Belly and her mom would go stay at the Fishers’ summer house in Cousins Beach every summer.

  • Belly’s childhood dreams of dating Conrad came true in high school, but Conrad’s emotional distance eventually broke them up.
  • Susannah’s death from cancer drove them further apart, and Belly began dating Conrad’s younger brother, Jeremiah.
  • Now finishing her freshman year of college, Belly has been happily dating Jeremiah for two years.

They’re a comfortable couple, happy together and well-liked by everyone they know. At a post-finals party at Jeremiah’s frat house, Belly feels jealous when Jeremiah talks to Lacie, a beautiful girl at his frat’s sister sorority. Belly dismisses her fears as groundless until she overhears Lacie saying she slept with Jeremiah during spring break.

Jeremiah admits that what she said is true, and Belly slaps him, utterly devasted by his betrayal. She tells him they’re finished. Belly recalls how she and Jeremiah had gotten into a fight before spring break. They broke up, but Jeremiah thought the breakup was permanent while Belly understood the breakup to be a temporary moment of trouble in the relationship.

To Jeremiah, getting physical with Lacie didn’t seem like cheating on Belly, but Belly interprets his actions as cheating. Belly’s disappointment in Jeremiah makes her think of his brother, Conrad. She recalls how, six months earlier she had driven down to the Fishers’ beach house and stayed the night.

  • Conrad showed up and the two of them shared fun conversations.
  • Belly never told Jeremiah about that day because she felt guilty about it.
  • That day made Belly realize that, even after a few years of dating Jeremiah, she was still in love with Conrad.
  • After a few days, Belly and Jeremiah have a heart-to-heart talk.

He says that he knows she’s the only girl for him and that he’ll never risk losing her again. He pulls out a diamond ring and asks her to marry him. Belly is shocked by the sudden proposal, but she loves Jeremiah, so she agrees to marry him although that night she still dreams about Conrad.

Telling both their families about their marriage plans will be a challenge, so they decide to break the news to everyone simultaneously at a dedication event honoring Susannah. When she was alive, Susannah was a key supporter for an abused women’s shelter, and the shelter is planting a garden in her honor.

At the garden dedication event, Conrad arrives late and the narration switches to his point of view. Conrad still loves Belly, though he’s aware he has no right to discuss his feelings with her since he treated her badly when they were together and she’s now in a long-term relationship with his brother.

Jeremiah announces to Belly’s mom, Laurel, and his father, Mr. Fisher, that he and Belly plan to get married, and the parents are stunned and angry at the announcement. Laurel takes Belly home and strictly forbids her from marrying Jeremiah. Belly refuses to back down from her choice, and Laurel says she won’t attend the wedding or help Belly plan it.

Belly goes wedding dress shopping with her best friend, Taylor, but feels terrible that her mother isn’t there with her for such a big moment. Jeremiah visits Laurel. He tries to persuade her to accept his and Belly’s marriage plans, but it doesn’t work.

  • Laurel and Belly get into a fight, and Belly moves out of their house and into the Fishers’ beach house.
  • Conrad is also staying at the beach house and is shocked to learn that Belly is moving in until her August wedding.
  • Jeremiah seems nervous about leaving Belly at the beach house with her former love, but doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.
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Belly and Conrad fall into a daily routine of her planning wedding-related things and him doing small home repairs around the beach house. She needs help with wedding preparations, so he goes with her on various small trips to pick out flower vases and decorations, which just makes Jeremiah more jealous.

  • Conrad endeavors to hide his love for Belly, though he pays close attention to all her needs.
  • When he hears her crying because her mother won’t attend her wedding shower, he resolves to convince Laurel to repair her relationship with Belly and is successful.
  • Laurel comes to Belly’s wedding shower, which makes Belly incredibly happy.

Conrad feels increasingly agitated as the wedding day draws near, and an older friend of his advises him to tell Belly how he feels, even if it means breaking up the wedding. Belly also feels uneasy about the upcoming nuptials and imagines kissing Conrad, growing even more drawn to him when she learns that her mom only attended the wedding shower because Conrad personally convinced her.

At Jeremiah’s bachelor party, Conrad overhears Jeremiah’s friends teasing him about not having sex with Belly yet. The guys also mention how Jeremiah slept with Lacie during spring break, infuriating Conrad, who had assumed that his brother was faithful to Belly and would never do anything to hurt her.

Conrad tells Belly that Jeremiah cheated on her, and when she replies that she already knows, he openly confesses that he still loves her. Belly is angry that Conrad is telling her the words she always wanted to hear two years too late. He explains that he originally let her go because he felt like he didn’t deserve to love anyone after his mother’s death.

  • Then he removed himself from Belly’s life so Jeremiah could have her, but only did so on the assumption that Jeremiah would treat her well.
  • Conrad asks Belly to cancel her wedding to Jeremiah and be with him instead, but she refuses.
  • The day before her wedding, Belly is in a quandary, loving both brothers but not knowing which one to choose, since her decision will permanently wound the remaining brother.

She tells Jeremiah about Conrad’s love confession, and Jeremiah realizes that Belly also still cares for Conrad and might only be marrying him to erase her memories of loving his brother. On the morning of the wedding, Belly learns that Jeremiah has vanished and that Conrad went to go look for him.

  • When Conrad finds Jeremiah, they have a verbal fight over Belly that escalates into Jeremiah punching Conrad.
  • Jeremiah agrees to return with Conrad to the wedding but says he never wants to see Conrad again afterward.
  • When Jeremiah returns, Belly is already wearing her wedding dress and is disappointed that Jeremiah doesn’t even want to discuss the fact that he ran away right before their wedding.

He finally admits that he’s not content with their relationship and feels like he’s never had Belly’s whole heart because she was always meant to be with Conrad. He asks if she still loves Conrad, and when she confirms that she does, he decides to let her go.

  • They cancel the wedding.
  • A few years later, Belly is almost 24.
  • After breaking up with Jeremiah, she spent a year abroad in Spain, where Conrad began to write her letters.
  • The letters re-established their relationship, and they decide to marry.
  • On Belly and Conrad’s wedding day, Belly thinks of Susannah and of all the dreams Susannah had for Belly’s future.

Instead of going to the reception immediately after their wedding, Belly and Conrad drive to the ocean to play in the water like they did when they were kids. : We’ll Always Have Summer — “Summer” Series

Why is Conrad depressed?

The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1 – why is Conrad depressed? This article, “why is Conrad depressed,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1. The whole premise of The Summer I Turned Pretty is a teenager growing up and finding the confidence to chase her crush.

  • Belly’s crush is none other than Conrad, the love of her life.
  • Her summer wish is to kiss this mysterious teenager, but when she arrives at Cousins Beach that summer, things are completely different.
  • Conrad has changed and appears to be depressed, but what has caused this altered mood? From the get go, there is something different about Conrad.

He’s ditched the dorky glasses, he acts all distant and moody, he smokes marijuana and he’s dating a debutante girl. All these changes make Belly question her infatuation, causing her to even call him a hypocrite. To Belly Conrad is a hypocrite. He always hated the idea of smoking and found the whole debutante scene to be superficial and dated.

But now, Conrad has turned into the one thing he hated. On top of all this, Conrad has quit College football and is unsure of his future prospects. Whilst Jeremiah and Steven acquire jobs for the summer, Conrad is left moping about the house, uninspired. He does manage to get himself a voluntary job however, where he teaches writer Cleveland about sailing and the two bond, discussing relationships on numerous occasions.

Cleveland tries to help Conrad control his anger problems and steer him in the right direction. Conrad even admits to Cleveland that he knows about his mother’s cancer. This is more than likely the main trigger for Conrad. He found out that his mother had cancer, but she wanted to keep it a secret.

  • It was killing him that he couldn’t tell his brother and kept everything inside.
  • At the end, Belly says he should have shared the problem with her, instead of burying it deep down, and he now realizes the damage that did.
  • He may also be aware of Adam’s affair, as he is extremely cold to his father when he arrives for the Fourth of July celebrations.

Their relationship is an odd one, and he seems to never be able to live up to his father’s expectations. Conrad’s moody behavior comes down to his mother’s cancer diagnosis and her struggles with treatment. He keeps the news deep inside and finds it hard to communicate his emotions to others.

How old is Jeremiah?

Jeremiah’s age in The Summer I Turned Pretty – In the first book/first season of the series, Jeremiah is 16. This is arguably why you see him flirt with everyone—and it is everyone as he is a bisexual character. He makes it clear that he wants to have fun, but that doesn’t stop him from falling hard for Belly as the season goes on.

  1. What is the age gap like between Jeremiah and Belly? Well, it turns out there isn’t one.
  2. Belly is also 16 in the first season of the TV series.
  3. Lola Tung, who plays the main character, was 19 at the time of filming the first season, so she’s not playing a character that much younger than herself.
  4. You can like the two characters together as the age gap won’t give you an icky feeling.

As the seasons (and books) progress, we pick up a summer later on. This means the characters only age by a year in the story. There isn’t that much change between the ages of 16 and 18, is there? The Summer I Turned Pretty is available to stream on,

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: How old is Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Does Belly lose her virginity to Conrad?

Trivia –

She remains a virgin throughout the series, even during her two year relationship with Jeremiah. This is due to her wanting her first time to be special and something she took very seriously, choosing to wait until she knew she was absolutely sure. She hates her nickname “Belly” as she thinks it sounds childish. Despite being a tom boy and preferring relaxed and loose fitting clothes, she is shown to be very attractive and draws the eyes of many boys throughout the series. Cam even comments that Belly is one of the more popular girls at their school and admitted that he developed an instant crush on her the first time he saw her because of her beautiful appearance. Despite this, Belly herself does not believe she was ever that popular and has personal insecurities about her looks. She bears the brunt of the infamous “Belly Flop” that the boys created specifically for her when she was little. This involved all three boys – Steven, Conrad and Jeremiah – grabbing a hold of Belly and throwing her into the pool while yelling “Belly flop!” as they do so. They called this the “tradition” they had to do each summer they all came to the beach house together. Belly suspected Steven created the idea and may have decided to do it due to her always begging to be involved in the group’s fun when she was younger. She used to run to her mother for help whenever they tried to do it when she was a young child, but began to reluctantly put up with it when she was older. A “Belly Flop” occurs once in each novel. Both her and Steven’s, Conrad and Jeremiah’s and Taylor’s parents are divorced. She considers her first kiss to be with Jeremiah during a game of Truth or Dare when she was thirteen, this being when he abruptly kissed her when he was dared to kiss a random person in the group. Her passion is swimming and being in water as it makes her feel most calm and at peace. She had been on her school’s swim team and is a talented swimmer, possibly considered her team’s best swimmer. Her “specialty” is cocoa and a specific blend of slurpee. She got her nickname “Belly” from her father, who thought the name “Isabel” was too long of a name to casually say. When asked why he did not go with more common nicknames for Isabel such as “Izzy” or “Belle”, she theorized that it had to do with how Jelly Belly’s were her favorite candy. She further reveals that she dislikes the name “Izzy” and wished she was called “Belle” instead. By the third novel, she has started going by “Isabel” following her going into college, but her life-long friends and family still continue to call her “Belly” as they are used to calling her it. Although never specified, her birthday is in August and “marked the end of summer” for her and everyone. Belly’s character received mixed reviews from readers. Some readers disliked her character as they felt that she was childish and immature and found it hard to like her. Other readers, however, enjoyed the fact that Belly was somewhat immature and made poor choices at times since they felt like they could personally relate to her character. Some also found it refreshing that a main novel protagonist makes mistakes throughout their story, unlike other novel characters who are “perfect” and never make bad choices. They found Jenny Han’s writing choice for Belly to be realistic behavior for a normal teenager. Her favorite food is a pulled pork sandwich and yellow is her favorite flavor of cake. She is insecure about her facial freckles. Jeremiah taught her how to drive and use a stick shift car. Before the events of the first novel, when she is fifteen going on sixteen years old, she had always worn glasses before switching to contacts. Taylor had been encouraging her to get contacts since she was in the sixth grade and she listened by the events of the first novel. She is a fan of older films such as Casablanca and was heartbroken that Ilsa and Rick did not end up together. Belly is shown to enjoy a large variety of sweets (such as chocolate candy and sour patch kids) and junk food (like Cheetos and Kraft mac n’ cheese). She is sometimes teased about her unhealthy diet by her family. Daisies are her favourite flowers She hates getting up early “more than anything” and goes to bed late. The first (and only) time she struck someone was Jeremiah in We’ll Always Have Summer upon finding out that he cheated on her. The only time she has been hit herself was by her mother in It’s Not Summer Without You when yelling at her that she was disappointing Susannah with her behavior in the wake of her death. During her freshman year in college, she went through “Freshman Fifteen” in which she gained significant weight as a result of often eating unhealthy and processed food late at night. She ended up putting on ten lbs. before eventually losing the extra weight. As Conrad pointed out, she bites her nails and always has since she was young. She used to take piano as a child, in which she had to keep her nails short, but quit. She still kept her nails short since she had become used to keeping them that way. According to Jeremiah, her left eye squints when she is about to lie and she sucks in her cheeks when nervous. He calls her “an easy read”. She dislikes the use of the term “retarded” when calling something stupid and gets annoyed whenever someone uses it in such a way.

: Belly Conklin (Book Character)

How old is Conrad in season 1?

Christopher Briney as Conrad Fisher – How Old Is Conrad In The Summer I Turned Pretty Cindy Ord // Getty Images Age: 25 Conrad is 17 years old on the show, but Chris Briney graduated from Pace University in New York in 2020. According to Famous Birthdays, the actor was born on March 24, 1998 and if the math is mathing, that means he’s 25.

How old is Jeremiah in season 1?

Jeremiah, played by Gavin Casalegno – Gavin Casalegno stars in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Picture: Getty Character age: 16. Gavin, 22, plays 16-year-old Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty, who’s also Belly’s best friend.

Does Conrad love Belly?

We’ll Always Have Summer – In the third and final novel, We’ll Always Have Summer, Belly and Conrad have only seen each other once in the two years following the previous novel. This is when the two unexpectedly ran into each other at Cousins Beach during Christmas and spent a few days together.

Other than their unexpected Christmas together, they basically have had no contact with each other. When Belly and Conrad see each other again, Belly finds herself too shocked to react as Conrad simply waves at her. He later gives her a hug while joking calling her “little sis” when Mr. Fisher says how much Conrad has missed “his little sister”.

Upon Jeremiah and Belly making their announcement of their engagement, Conrad is the only one who has no visible reaction and does not look at Belly when he leaves. However, due to her mother kicking her out of the house, Belly stays at Cousins Beach until her wedding day.

  • She soon discovers that Conrad is staying there as well and the housing situation causes old and buried feelings to re-surface between the two.
  • Initially, Conrad does his best to stay away from Belly, but gradually finds himself struggling to resist his true feelings for her.
  • When Belly finds herself mostly left on her own to handle the wedding planning, Conrad ends up helping her with her wedding planning and arrangements.

He even secretly meets with Laurel to convince her to make up with Belly, being shaken when overhearing her cry because of the emotional toll her separation from her mother was mentally putting her through. However, the more time they spend together the more the lingering romantic tension increases between the two.

Soon enough, Conrad finds himself emotionally conflicted regarding his relationship with Belly as well his true heartbroken feelings about her engagement to his brother. After finding out that Jeremiah cheated on Belly during his bachelor party, Conrad is left completely outraged since he thought Jeremiah would treat her right and leaves to calm down.

Belly goes looking for him when hearing no one has seen him since he left the party and finds him at the beach. He immediately tells her what he heard, only to be shocked and disgusted upon learning that Belly already knew and intends to marry Jeremiah anyway.

  1. Belly and him argue, leading her to begin walking away from him.
  2. Unable to deny his love for her any longer, he abruptly yet passionately declares his love for Belly.
  3. Belly is left stunned as he confesses his love for her, insisting that she is the only girl he will ever truly love.
  4. Despite his heartfelt confession, Belly brutally rejects him and says what they had never meant anything.

She then walks away from a heartbroken Conrad, later collapsing into tears as soon as she is alone. The following day, things are left awkward between Belly and Conrad. However, when alone together in the house, Conrad attempts to play off his confession as a drunken mishap.

Belly, knowing the truth, is infuriated at his excuse and angrily snaps at him. The two furiously argue with one another, until Conrad confronts her that deep down she always knew his actual feelings for her. She weakly insists that isn’t true, refusing to admit to it. Conrad says he won’t “pretend” for her anymore and leaves the house, leaving Belly alone on the deck.

The night before the wedding, Belly tells Jeremiah about Conrad’s confession to her. Despite trying to convince him to stay, Jeremiah takes off in a fury. Conrad finds him the following day and attempts to convince him to return to Belly, but he refuses.

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Eventually, they end up in an intense and violent fight as both boys begin arguing over who loved Belly more and deserved her. Jeremiah demands Conrad finally admit his true feelings for Belly, fed up with how he has lied about his feelings for her for years. Conrad gives in and confesses that he is in love with Belly and feels he always will be.

This ultimately results in Jeremiah disowning Conrad as his brother. After his violent confrontation with his brother, Conrad says goodbye to Belly to give themselves time apart. Before leaving, he gives her the infinity necklace he failed to give to her years prior (during The Summer I Turned Pretty ) along with implying that he will always love her – declaring that loving her with her was worth all the trouble.

After giving her a kiss on the forehead, he leaves. After this, Conrad and Belly stay apart for three years. However, during her junior year abroad in Spain, Belly receives her first hand written letter from Conrad. He then writes her a series of letters in which he talks about his continued love for her and says he is always thinking about her, even recalling happy moments from their past together.

Initially, Belly won’t write him back until he eventually begs for her to send him something in response. After this, she begins writing him back and they soon stay in contact by writing monthly letters to each other. Another year later, he shows up at her college graduation, resulting in their reunion as a couple again.

Is Jeremiah in love with Belly?

Trivia –

Jeremiah was Belly’s first kiss, abruptly kissing her during a game of Truth or Dare at fourteen years old. Belly had been furious since he stole her first kiss, which she wanted to be special, and he had only done so as a joke and to make Taylor jealous. The two did not have sex during their two year relationship. While Belly came close to believing she was ready to give her virginity to Jeremiah, even seriously considering consummating their relationship during a trip to the beach house one time, she ultimately decided against it. Jeremiah later implies during the couple’s break up that their lack of sexual intimacy was a problem for him. The moment Jeremiah saw Belly as a “girl” and developed feelings for her was during their summer meet up after Belly and her family arrive at Cousin’s Beach in the very beginning of The Summer I Turned Pretty, It was shortly after this when Jeremiah saw Conrad checking Belly out as she walked away to get a pop from the house that he also experienced “crazy jealousy” and realized he liked Belly. The two remained friends after their break up. Jeremiah admits in the final novel that deep down he always knew that Belly and Conrad still loved each other. However, he still dated Belly regardless of it because he loved her and, initially, wanted a relationship despite it. Belly indirectly and unintentionally ruined the brotherly relationship between Jeremiah and Conrad. In the final novel, Jeremiah was jealous of her and Conrad’s lingering feelings for each other. After being fed up with Conrad lying about his true feelings for Belly as well finding out about his secret love confession to her, Jeremiah disowns him. This results in the two not talking to one another for an extended amount of time. When Belly and Jeremiah entered their college years together, this proved to be when they began to meet the rough times of their relationship when seeing their “non-summer” selves and the conflicting parts of their personalities. Whenever the couple ate together, Jeremiah would frequently steal bits of food from Belly’s plate. This heavily annoyed her as she does not like it when people do that, even playfully. While the two got along great during their non-romantic relationship and even had romantic tension together, their college years as a couple proved to be rather unstable and emotionally hard. After they ended their relationship together, it is implied their general relationship smoothed out again. Belly disliked Jeremiah’s habit of not taking things seriously anymore during their relationship and found this trait to be annoying, especially during their engagement and plans for a married life together. As children, they practiced an “ESP connection” where they would sit and try to read each other’s minds. Belly believed Jeremiah could read her mind when, actually, he was able to read her based on her facial reactions. However, they grew to know each other well enough to accurately guess what the other was likely thinking and began to simply call it their “ESP connection”.

: Belly and Jeremiah (Book Series)

Who does Jeremiah end up with?

Who Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah End Up With in the Summer I Turned Pretty Book Series “” has finally hit Prime Video, and the pristine sandy beaches of Cousin’s Beach and Susannah’s beautiful beach house make me feel like I’m right there with the Conklins and the Fishers. Based on the, which includes “It’s Not Summer Without You” and “We’ll Always Have Summer,” the series takes us into the lives of two families who spend every summer together in a fictional Massachusetts town called Cousin’s Beach because their moms are best friends.

  1. Laurel’s kids, daughter Belly and older brother Steven, are best friends with Susannah’s sons, Conrad and Jeremiah.
  2. Since she was 10, but it’s his younger brother who openly returns her feelings and doesn’t play games.
  3. Caught between the love of two brothers, she’s forced to figure out who she really wants, but little do they all know, their summers are about to change forever.

There are major differences between the first book in the series and the first season of the show, and while it’s hard to tell who will end up together on the show, here is each character’s fate if the show stays true to the books. : Who Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah End Up With in the Summer I Turned Pretty Book Series

Does Jeremiah kiss belly?

Summary – Chapter Twenty-Four In the days following the house party, Conrad acts as though nothing happened between Belly and him. He treats her like a little sister as usual. Cam invites Belly to the drive-in movies, and she wonders if they will finally kiss.

She remembers spying on Conrad and his date at the drive-in theater one previous summer, and she wishes that Steven and Jeremiah were somewhere out in the darkness spying on her now. During her date with Cam, Belly is disappointed by the lack of physical contact. However, after he drives her home, he kisses her for the first time.

Chapter Twenty-Five When Belly returns from her date, she overhears Susannah and Laurel fighting. Their argument reminds her of a time the two women had a disagreement the previous summer. Susannah wanted to buy Belly a purple chiffon dress as a treat, but Laurel would not allow it.

  1. She said that Belly would have no use for a dress that fancy or expensive.
  2. At the end of that summer, Belly found the dress hidden in her suitcase and assumed Susannah had left it as a secret present.
  3. As Belly enters the summer house, she hears Susannah telling her friend to stop trying to manage her life.

Belly asks the women why they’re arguing. They insist nothing is wrong, but Belly can tell from Laurel’s posture and silence that something is. Chapter Twenty-Six It is the first week of August, which is when Mr. Fisher typically comes to Cousins Beach for a short visit.

  • However, Susannah informs them that he can’t make the trip this summer.
  • Belly later learns from Conrad that his parents are getting a divorce.
  • Although Belly is surprised, Conrad seems unfazed.
  • Jeremiah, on the other hand, is upset about the end of his parents’ marriage.
  • He tells Belly not to tell Laurel because the boys are not supposed to know.

As she consoles Jeremiah, Belly realizes the divorce explains the recent changes in Conrad’s behavior. Chapter Twenty-Seven Susannah asks Belly to invite Cam for dinner at the summer house. The next night, Conrad does not dine with them, choosing to play guitar in his room instead.

  1. Jeremiah teases Cam about the fact that he’s vegan and Belly is not, and he asks if Cam minds kissing her even though she eats meat.
  2. Cam says he does not mind then demonstrates by giving Belly a quick kiss at the dinner table.
  3. Later as they walk along the beach, Cam asks Belly which of the brothers was her first kiss.

He knows it happened during the summer and deduces it must have been one of the Fishers. Cam thinks it was likely Conrad because of the way the older brother looks at her, but Belly corrects him and says her first kiss was with Jeremiah. Chapter Twenty-Eight Chapter Twenty-Eight focuses on the summer Belly is fourteen and her best friend Taylor visits the beach house.

During a game of truth or dare, Taylor dares Jeremiah to kiss someone in the room. She and Jeremiah have been flirting, and she expects him to kiss her. However, he surprises everyone by kissing Belly instead. It is Belly’s first kiss, and she’s mortified that it took place in front of her brother and Conrad.

Two days later, Belly catches Taylor kissing Steven on the beach and quickly becomes angry. When her brother calls her response a temper tantrum, Belly tells him to “go to hell.” Taylor later reveals she’s had a crush on Steven for some time. However, Belly blames her friend for hurting Jeremiah and calls her “slutty.” By the time Taylor’s visit ends, the two girls have repaired their relationship.

When did Conrad kiss belly?

Get ready for a summer of teenage love! Prime Video released the moody season 2 teaser for The Summer I Turned Pretty, set to a new version of Taylor Swift’s “August,” and it’s going to be an interesting summer for Belly. The YA series, based on Jenny Han ‘s bestselling novels of the same name, follows Belly (Lola Tung) and the Fisher brothers, Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), as they spend summers together at Cousins Beach.

  1. And while a love triangle brews between the trio, the season 1 finale saw Belly and Conrad sharing a kiss.
  2. The season 2 teaser opens with Belly being sprinkled with water by Conrad as they’re both committed to being together.
  3. We get it, you guys are into each other,” Jeremiah says, as Conrad leans down to kiss Belly.

It seems like all is well with the three friends, but as later scenes from the teaser reveal, Jeremiah isn’t exactly OK with Belly and Conrad being a couple. Watch the teaser below. According to Prime Video’s official synopsis of season 2, “Belly used to count down the days until she could return to Cousins Beach, but with Conrad and Jeremiah fighting over her heart and the return of Susannah’s cancer, she’s not sure summer will ever be the same. Prime Video Sean Kaufman, Rain Spencer, David Iacono, Rachel Blanchard and Jackie Chung all return for the new season, with Elsie Fisher and Kyra Sedgwick joining the cast. Han and Sarah Kucserka serve as showrunners/executive producers, while Karen Rosenfelt, Gabrielle Stanton, Hope Hartman, Mads Hansen and Paul Lee are EPs. Prime Video The Summer I Turned Pretty premieres Friday, July 14 with its first three episodes on Prime Video, with subsequent episodes dropping weekly through Aug.18. RELATED CONTENT: ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Reveals Season 2 Premiere Date: Watch the Cast Find Out Elsie Fisher, Kyra Sedgwick Join ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 First Look at Season 2 Production of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Why did Belly and Conrad kiss?

The Summer I Turned Pretty — “Summer” Series Isabel, nicknamed Belly, has grown up with Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher. Her mother, Laurel, is best friends with the boys’ mother, Susannah, so Belly, her mom and her older brother, Steven, have spent every summer for the past 15 years at the Fishers’ beach house in Cousins Beach.

Belly has always been in love with Conrad and has always been pals with Jeremiah, but this year she is about to turn 16, and both boys begin to look at her differently. Belly has blossomed into a lovely young woman, but her appearance isn’t the only thing that has changed at Cousins Beach. Conrad is acting moodier than usual, and Belly learns that he recently quit football, broke up with his girlfriend and began smoking.

Since Belly still adores Conrad, it’s hard for her to see him acting so withdrawn. Belly recalls when Conrad first broke her heart. She was 12 that summer. Conrad took her to the local boardwalk, which she had hoped was a date, but turned out to be a pretext for him to visit a girl he had a crush on.

  1. Susannah, who is like a second mother to Belly, is worried about Conrad.
  2. Susannah’s health is frail because she went through a bout of breast cancer and chemo treatments.
  3. Belly remembers that she and Jeremiah bonded the summer when she was 13, because they both overhead Susannah talking to Laurel about her cancer treatments and crying over the possibility of a mastectomy.

From that moment, Belly became a friend that Jeremiah could rely on for support during moments of family tragedy. Belly’s 14th summer threatened to ruin her friendship with Jeremiah, however. Belly brought her best female friend, Taylor, to Cousins Beach, and Taylor immediately began flirting with both Fisher boys.

Taylor decided to try to win Conrad’s heart, but Conrad wasn’t receptive to her attention. Jeremiah was, so she flirted a lot with Jeremiah. During a game of truth or dare, Jeremiah kissed Belly in order to make Taylor jealous. It hurt Belly’s feelings because it was her first kiss, and she wanted the moment to be shared with someone she really liked, not with her close friend.

In the present, Jeremiah teaches Belly how to drive a stick shift, since she’ll be turning 16 and getting her license. Steven leaves the beach house to go on a college road trip with his dad, leaving Belly without her brother as a buffer between her and the Fisher boys.

  1. Conrad and Jeremiah get more protective of Belly when her new-and-improved appearance draws attention from other guys at Cousins Beach.
  2. Clay, one of their neighbors, invites her to his Fourth of July bonfire.
  3. There, she meets Cam, a straightedge vegan — he consumes no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, meat products or animal products.

Cam likes her. Belly tells Conrad that she’s going to leave the party and get a ride home with Cam. Conrad forbids her to leave. Belly feels that Conrad is treating her like a kid and gets so angry she nearly cries at the unfairness of the situation. Later, Jeremiah asks Belly to forgive Conrad for his bossy behavior because he’s going through a tough time emotionally.

  • Belly notices that Susannah is taking many naps and doesn’t socialize with the rest of the family like she usually does. Since Mr.
  • Fisher has not visited the beach house even once, Belly speculates that their marriage might be in trouble.
  • An impending divorce would explain Susannah’s reclusiveness and Conrad’s mood swings.

Cam invites Belly to a party at his friend’s house. Conrad and Jeremiah insist on also attending the party so they can protect Belly. Jeremiah sings a love song on the karaoke machine and dedicates it to Belly and Cam’s new summer romance, embarrassing Belly in front of everyone at the party.

  • Later on, the evening is ruined when Conrad gets drunk and tries to pick a fight with a bigger guy.
  • Belly and Jeremiah manage to get Conrad away from the other guy before things get violent, ending Belly’s date with Cam in a very unsatisfying way.
  • As Conrad and Belly wait in the car for Jeremiah to drive them home, Conrad strokes Belly’s hair.

For Belly, the moment of close contact brings up all her old feelings for Conrad and she realizes she’s still in love with him. Conrad tells Belly that his parents are getting a divorce but that his mom won’t admit it to the kids because she wants them to all have one last, perfect summer at the beach house.

  1. As July turns to August, Belly keeps meeting Cam and going on dates with him.
  2. Laurel and Susannah invite Cam over for dinner with the whole family, but it’s awkward because Conrad doesn’t come down for dinner and Jeremiah spends the meal making fun of Cam.
  3. Conrad comes home drunk one night and turns on blaringly loud music.

Belly wonders whether his sudden change in character will finally make her stop loving him. However, each time Belly meets Cam, her thoughts go to Conrad. Cam realizes that Belly’s obsession with Conrad is still ongoing, so he and Belly decide not to contact each other when the summer is over.

  1. One night, while the family is watching movies together, Susannah falls asleep, and Jeremiah has to carry her upstairs.
  2. When the movie is over, Jeremiah and Belly are left alone, and Jeremiah confesses that he has feelings for her.
  3. He says that he hopes she’s over Conrad, but she tells him that she still cares for his brother.

Jeremiah’s confession gives Belly the strength to find Conrad and admit that she still loves him. He says he’s not the one for her, but she counters that she knows he likes her, too. Belly gets angry because she thinks Conrad is stringing her along, not wanting to return her love, but still wanting to receive the benefits of her admiration.

  1. They get into a verbal fight on the beach, and Belly is crying when Jeremiah drives up.
  2. Jeremiah yells at Conrad for making Belly cry, and the two brothers have a fistfight due to their built-up tensions from a whole summer of unhappiness.
  3. Laurel breaks up their fight.
  4. When Susannah arrives looking suddenly frail, it’s clear to Belly that the boys weren’t just unhappy because their parents are divorcing or because they both have feelings for her.
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Conrad and Jeremiah have been aware that their mother’s cancer has come back. Laurel tells Belly that Susannah’s cancer has now spread to her liver, meaning she will probably have less than a year to live. The next day, Belly lies in bed crying, mourning over Susannah’s condition.

  • She finally has a heart-to-heart talk with Susannah, who asks Belly to take care of Conrad in the future.
  • Belly finds Conrad sitting out on the beach, looking heartbroken over his mother’s fate.
  • She goes to sit with him as he cries.
  • Belly kisses Conrad to comfort him, and he kisses her back.
  • He indicates that he can’t really think about love and relationship issues at the moment, so Belly sits with him on the beach, holding his hand in silent support.

Summer draws to a close. Belly and Laurel start cleaning the beach house and packing up to go back home. On the last night, everyone sits around the dinner table and Susannah addresses her illness, saying that she wants to live life to the fullest, even if she doesn’t have much time left.

After dinner, Belly invites Jeremiah and Conrad to come for a midnight swim with her in the pool. All three of them splash around and have fun together just like they’ve always had, though it’s clear that Conrad and Belly’s relationship has grown romantic. Months later during the Christmas season, Conrad drives more than five hours to visit Belly in Boston.

He arrives at midnight, and she goes outside to meet him. Happily together with Conrad at last, Belly feels like every summer of her life was leading her to this moment. : The Summer I Turned Pretty — “Summer” Series

Who did Conrad lose his virginity to?

Ordinary People Summary Ordinary People opens with one ordinary person: Conrad Jarrett. Fresh out of a mental hospital, our boy, interrupted, is about to resume his average, everyday life. However, his world is still a little drab and gray, like an uncolored adult coloring book.

  1. Conrad has trouble reconnecting with his friends, and he no longer finds pleasure in activities he used to enjoy, like being on the swim team.
  2. But why? Conrad visits a therapist named Dr. Berger.
  3. We don’t know his first name yet.
  4. Ham? Cheese? Together, Dr.
  5. Mushroomandswiss and Conrad hope to get to the root of Conrad’s problems.

Speaking of roots, no we don’t have the, but we do have Conrad’s parents: Calvin and Beth. They have problems of their own. It’s too cold to play golf. There are too many options for a Christmas vacation. There’s lots of paperwork for successful tax attorney Dad to complete.

  1. Geez, life is hard in the suburbs.
  2. Soon, we start to learn what makes this family tick.
  3. During Conrad’s therapy sessions, we learn that he attempted suicide.
  4. The reason why is difficult to understand.
  5. It always is.
  6. Conrad feels guilty over the death of his older brother, Buck.
  7. And he feels like his mom totally hates him.

All the blood when he slit his wrists totally ruined her nice towels. Um, did we say tick? We meant tick, tick, boom. This family is a time bomb waiting to explode. Meanwhile, all the guilt from the death of their older son and the suicide attempt of their younger son is tearing Calvin and Beth’s marriage apart.

Beth doesn’t want to talk about it at all, and she thinks Calvin talks about it too much. Our dead son. Our alive son. Suicide suicide wah wah wah. Why can’t they just go on vacation and ignore their children like everyone else? Ugh. While Mom and Dad bicker between rounds of golf, Conrad attempts to rebuild his life.

He distances himself from his friends because they remind him too much of his dead bro. He quits the swim team. Hmmsounds like he doesn’t understand the definition of “rebuild.” However, he does start to play guitar again, he decorates for Christmas, and he starts a romance with Jeannine, a new girl at his school.

  • There ya go, little C.
  • A tipping point occurs for Conrad when he gets in a fight with Stillman, a jerk at school.
  • Both his therapist and his dad agree that this is a good thing because it means that Conrad is showing emotion.
  • He’s been depressed for so long that any emotion, even anger, is a good one.
  • Seriously, Conrad, just pick a random emoji and act it out.

After losing his virginity to his girlfriend, Jeannine, Conrad learns something: not all people are as perfect as they seem on the outside. In fact, probably no one is. Jeannine reveals her flawed past to Conrad, and—surprise, surprise—he still likes her.

  1. Does this mean that people might like him even if they know he isn’t perfect? Most people would, but Beth is another story entirely.
  2. Mom still refuses to acknowledge Conrad.
  3. She’s unable to get past her belief that Conrad attempted suicide to spite her.
  4. When Calvin mentions their son one time too many, she finally decides to leave the family and go on vacation herself.

Don’t forget your toothbrush, Beth, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Left by themselves, Conrad and Calvin move into a smaller home. Dr. Berger tells Conrad he will have to learn to accept his mother’s behavior because she just doesn’t know how to love.

  1. It’s easier for Conrad to accept that when he doesn’t have to see her every day.
  2. Mentally, he comes to terms with Beth, telling himself that she does love him; she just shows it differently than most people do.
  3. As in, not at all.) At the end, Conrad decides to reconnect with his best friend, Joe Lazenby.

He can’t run from his brother’s death forever, and this is one more big step in making peace with it. Plus, Lazenby’s mom is nice, and Conrad will take whatever he can get. Ordinary people unite. : Ordinary People Summary

Does Conrad not like his dad?

Conrad and Jeremiah (Book Series) The friendship between brothers and starts off as strong and affectionate. They both dearly loved their mother, but shared different opinions regarding their father (or Mr. Fisher, as he is often referred to in the novel).

  1. Since Adam frequently cheated on Susannah, emotionally mistreated them and even left them when her cancer returned, Conrad personally hated his father.
  2. However, Jeremiah wished to see the good in him despite having harbored resentment for him favoring Conrad as well as leaving them during their time of need.

Despite this, the two brothers still loved and looked out for one another. However, their bond is challenged when both boys fall for their childhood friend and ‘s younger sister,, It is well known by their whole family that she liked Conrad since childhood, but when Belly is left questioning her personal feelings for Jeremiah, the three soon find themselves in an intense love triangle.

What did Conrad do at prom?

“It’s Not Summer Without You” Summary – The novel begins one year after “The Summer I Turned Pretty” ends, with Belly having a daydream about being back at with the Fishers. To her dismay, she comes to and realizes she is actually in her hometown with friends from school.

We learn right away that Belly and Conrad are not together, that she is not planning a trip to Cousins for the summer, and that Susannah has died. Conrad and Belly kept in touch throughout the school year and even spent some time together as Conrad drove to visit her, but their romance ended in May. “It’s Not Summer Without You” jumps between the present and the past throughout the book, and even switches narrators.

Through Jeremiah and Conrad, we learn more about their perspective on Susannah’s death, and how the loss impacted their lives and relationship with Belly. At Susannah’s funeral, Belly catches Conrad in his room with another girl, and they have a fight in which Belly tells Conrad to go to hell, and that she hates him.

  • Conrad bites back by telling Belly he should have never started a romance with her, as she is just a kid.
  • Flashing forward, Jeremiah calls Belly to inform her that Conrad is missing, and that Jeremiah needs her help to find him.
  • Conrad’s mid-terms are coming up, and he needs to be at school to take them.

On her and Jeremiah’s road trip to find him, Belly gives readers more intel on what went down between herself and Conrad. First, before Susannah’s death, she made Belly promise that she would always look after Conrad no matter how much he pushed her away.

Second, we learn about the night they broke up. Conrad took Belly to her prom, and after acting strange all night, broke things off with her with no explanation. After showing up to Conrad’s college to look for him, they meet Conrad’s friend, who mentions that the missing teen was headed to the beach.

Jeremiah and Belly realize that Conrad has returned to Cousins. In contrast to the TV series, the college trip is where Belly finds the infinity necklace from Conrad, and puts it on without seeking his permission. When Belly and Jeremiah later arrive to the beach house, Conrad is there and unhappy to see them both.

  • For days, the trio argue about Conrad skipping his mid-terms.
  • Eventually, the truth comes out: Conrad and Jeremiah’s father, Adam Fisher, is selling the beach house and Conrad is there to stop it from happening.
  • The trio plans a big party at the beach house, during which Belly gets drunk and calls her mother, Laurel.

Through drunken tears, Belly begs Laurel to come to Cousins and stop Adam from selling the house. Laurel arrives and she convinces Adam to instead give the house to Conrad and Jeremiah, pending Conrad returning to school to finish his mid-terms. Jeremiah and Belly drive Conrad to campus, but not before sharing a kiss.

Conrad and Belly get into an argument over her moment with Jeremiah, and Conrad tells her that she belongs with his brother. Conrad also tells Belly that he does not have feelings for her anymore. The book ends with Jeremiah bringing Belly home, and the two holding hands after Jeremiah confesses he wants to be with her.

The third and final installment in Han’s book series, “We’ll Always Have Summer,” brings the entire Cousins crew’s saga to a close — but we’ll have to wait to see that on the small screen in season three! : “The Summer I Turned Pretty” Season 2 Is Almost Here — What Happens in the Second Book

Are Jeremiah and Conrad twins?

Biography – Jeremiah is the youngest child of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and the younger brother of Conrad, The pair grew up in New York but visited Cousins Beach every Summer with their moms best friend Laurel Park and her two kids, Steven and Belly, Jeremiah was always the fun, playful, and energetic kid getting into mischief and convincing others to join him in his mischief.

Did Jeremiah and Nate break up?

Are Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Still Together? – Nate and Jeremiah are still together and celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in May 2022. The milestone came after the duo competed on season 2 of Rock the Block in 2021 where they designed a chic and family-friendly home.

  1. Though they didn’t win the competition, they had several important takeaways from working together on the house.
  2. The best part I would say was we really pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone,” Jeremiah revealed during a March 2021 interview with,
  3. In addition to their stint on the competition series, the home designers landed a show called The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project in October 2021.

The second season of their series aired in February 2023.

Who does Jeremiah have a crush on?

Belly and Jeremiah – Main article: Belly and Jeremiah (Book Series) The relationship between Belly and Jeremiah doesn’t officially start or has any true focus on until the second novel, It’s Not Summer Without You, Jeremiah, like Conrad, did not see Belly as anything more than a sister-like figure.

  • However, he had a very strong friendship and bond with her as the two grew up together as children.
  • When Belly finally “blossoms” as a teenage girl, he develops newfound feelings for her and wishes to be together with her.
  • When realizing her lingering feelings for Conrad, Jeremiah finds himself heartbroken and longing to be with her.

However, the two begin spending significant time together during It’s Not Summer Without You, Due to Conrad’s confusing signals regarding his feelings for her, Belly finds herself pulled towards Jeremiah and begins to realize that she may like him after all.

What age are they in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Parents Need to Know – Parents need to know that The Summer I Turned Pretty is the first of a trilogy and is the source for a popular TV series of the same name. It centers on the romantic dreams of a 15-year-old girl spending the summer in the same place, with the same people, she has for her entire life. Teens kiss a few times and talk a lot about dating and romance. The only violence is a fight with a punch and blood from glass that was broken accidentally in the fight. Strong language includes “s-t,” “d-k,” and verbal hostility with name calling like “douche.” A teen smokes cigarettes, and adults smoke marijuana once. Teens drink at parties, mostly beer, but don’t drive when drunk. Fathers are remote and mostly absent. One character is being treated for a recurrence of cancer. There’s no resolution when a teen sneaks out of her house at night to go on a trip (the destination and length of time aren’t given) and justifies it by telling herself she’ll call her mom in the morning to explain.

Who is older Stephen or Conrad The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Biography – Steven is the firstborn child of Laurel Park and John Conklin, He is the older brother of Belly Conklin, From the time he was a child, he and his family would spend their Summers at Cousins Beach with the Fisher family. On Belly’s fifteenth summer, a drunk Jeremiah and Conrad dared an also drunk Steven to pee in the fireplace which stunk up the house for days.

How old is Belly supposed to be in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

What will The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 be about? – Peter Taylor/Courtesy of Prime Video The Summer I Turned Pretty book trilogy follows the coming-of-age of 16-year-old Isabel “Belly” Conklin as she spends summers in the fictional beach town of Cousins Beach with her mother Laurel, older brother Steven, and her mother’s childhood best friend Susannah and her sons Conrad and Jeremiah — two brothers who Belly gets wrapped up in a love triangle with.

According to, the official synopsis for reads as follows: ” is a multigenerational drama that hinges on a love triangle between one girl and two brothers, the ever-evolving relationship between mothers and their children, and the enduring power of strong female friendship. It is a coming-of-age story about first love, first heartbreak, and the magic of that one perfect summer.” It’s possible that TSITP season 2 could follow the chronology of Han’s novels.

The next book in the trilogy, titled It’s Not Summer Without You, was first published in 2010. Dana Hawley As we mentioned above, Susannah dies from breast cancer in the trilogy’s second book. Naturally, Conrad is deeply affected by his mom’s passing, and his new relationship with Belly suffers under the weight of grief.

  • Conrad eventually runs away from home, which leads Belly and his brother Jeremiah to embark on a road trip to find him and bring him back.
  • It’s during this trip that the love triangle between Belly and the Fisher brothers deepens, as Belly and Jeremiah find solace in one another.
  • Peter Taylor It has not yet been confirmed whether TSITP season 2 will follow the book order in terms of plot — though there’s potential for some of the major plot points to make it into the show, like Susannah’s death and Belly and Jeremiah’s budding relationship.

At the end of season 1, Susannah revealed her decision to participate in the experimental trial to target her cancer. This decision could set up her eventual death in season 2, especially since she told Jeremiah that the chances of the trial being successful were “slight.” However, season 1 included a handful of changes that made the series diverge from the books, so season 2 might follow suit.

How old is Belly in the first book?

When it comes to YA page-to-screen adaptations, fans tend to seriously scrutinize how faithful or not they are to the source material. The first season of Prime Video ‘s The Summer I Turned Pretty, based on rom-com sensation Jenny Han ‘s 2009 novel of the same name, is no exception.

  1. As viewers were finally able to see the TSITP world come to life on screen, many were cataloging its many differences, though it does adopt a similar summery, wistful tone and the key themes of the book.
  2. Of course, it’s next to impossible for every detail to be translated with perfect accuracy, but TSITP proved to many that, by adding compelling new characters and plot details, change isn’t such a bad thing.

The Summer I Turned Pretty follows the premise of the first book in Han’s trilogy: 15-year-old Belly Conklin ( Lola Tung ) returns to Cousins Beach for the summer, where she’s been going since birth with her mother Laurel ( Jackie Chung ) and brother Steven ( Sean Kaufman ).

  1. There, they stay in the house that belongs to their life-long family friends Susannah ( Rachel Blanchard ) and her two sons, Jeremiah and Conrad ( Gavin Casalegno and Christopher Briney ).
  2. Belly has had an enormous crush on Conrad for years, and for her whole life, the boys have treated Belly as a little sister.

However, this summer is different — Belly has come into her own, and the brothers take notice. As a new summer dynamic emerges, she grapples with shifting relationships and figuring out her own identity. Though the basis of the plot is the same, how closely does the new series stick to the first TSITP book? Read on for the differences between The Summer I Turned Pretty show and book.

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