How Old Is Peppa Pig
Some more frequently asked questions about Mummy Pig – Keen to know more about Mummy Pig? Read on! When is Mummy Pig’s birthday? Mummy Pig’s birthday is thought to be on the 23rd of June. Where does Mummy Pig live? Mummy Pig lives with Daddy Pig, Peppa and George at ‘the little house on a hill’ at 3 Astley Street in Peppatown.

Why not come and see Mummy Pig’s house for real at Peppa Pig World? What is Mummy Pig’s book called? Mummy Pig’s book is called ‘Funny Onion’ and is about an onion who wants to make people laugh, but instead makes them cry because he is an onion. Who are Mummy Pig’s parents? Mummy Pig’s parents are Granny and Grandpa Pig.

She also has a sister called Dottie who lives ‘far away in another country’. Where can I meet Mummy Pig? You can meet Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George here at Peppa Pig World!

How old are Peppa and George Pig?

7. Why are Peppa and George in the same class at school? – Peppa is four years old, and George is eighteen months old. They are both in the same class at school, along with all of Peppa’s friends and all of George’s friends. They have the same teacher (the inexplicably French Madame Gazelle) and the same lessons.

My question is this – if George is at school aged eighteen months, then surely Peppa would have been at school when she was eighteen months old? If this was the case, then Peppa would have been learning the same things then as George is learning now. Except that Peppa is also learning the same things now as George is learning now.

I have a headache. Is Peppa destined to repeat the same school year over and over again? Or has George been dropped in the deep end at school, and must have the same lessons as the four year olds? Also, why are any of them at school? Some people might argue that it isn’t a school, it’s a playgroup, which is why all the kids are lumped together.

  • But there are two answers to this.
  • Firstly, that place is far too structured to be a playgroup.
  • I’ve worked in a playgroup, and what Peppa and George go to is a school.
  • This is demonstrated by the fact that all the kids sit there behaving and listening to the teacher.
  • They actually learn things, instead of fighting over the sandpit and doing a wee in the corner of the room then trying to cover it up.

Secondly, it is referred to as a school on several occasions, most notably whenever something out of the ordinary is taking place, such as the ‘school fete’ and the ‘school play’. The most likely explanation for this is that the creators wanted to introduce the viewing children to the idea of going to something like a school, and this was the simplest way to do it.

  • They pulled the same trick in Rainbow, when Zippy, George and Bungle all started playgroup together, even though in other episodes Bungle was left to look after the others when Geoffrey went out, meaning Bungle must have been some sort of teenager.
  • Once again, I’m putting far too much thought into this.

I hope this article has gone some way towards answering the questions I’m sure have been keeping you all awake at night. Me? I’m sick of thinking about Peppa Pig. I’m also hungry, so now I’m going to go eat some of her relatives for tea Follow our Twitter feed for faster news and bad jokes right here,

How old is Daddy Pig?

2. How old is Daddy Pig? The age of Daddy Pig is not really clear, but he is believed to be around 30 years old. However, in the episode ‘Daddy Pig’s Birthday’, Peppa refers to him as ‘very very old’, despite having only 13 candles on his birthday cake.

How old was Mummy Pig?

How old is Mummy Pig? Mummy Pig is believed to be younger than Daddy Pig who is thought to be around 30 years old. In the episode ‘Mummy’s Pig Birthday’, Daddy Pig whispers to Peppa her age, and Peppa’s’ reaction is ‘Wow!

Is Peppa Pig 12 years old?

What age group is Peppa Pig aimed at? – Peppa Pig is aimed primarily at young children. The main character, Peppa, is 4 years old, which means that children who are around aged 4 are most likely to be able to relate to Peppa and her friends. Common Sense Media says that Peppa Pig is developmentally appropriate for children aged 3 and up.

Is a 15 year old to old for Peppa Pig?

PEPPA PIG is one of the most popular TV shows for toddlers and young children. But what is its age rating and what age is Peppa Pig for? – 14:39, Fri, Mar 29, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:55, Fri, Mar 29, 2019 Peppa Pig episodes are available to watch on Channel 5, Nick Jr and Amazon Prime, all of which say that the show’s age rating is acceptable for all.

Some parents of Peppa Pig viewers, however, have complained that the show may not be for all ages as it has taught their children some bad manners. Here’s the age rating for Peppa Pig and which ages it is suitable for. Amazon Prime has labelled their episodes of Peppa Pig as U, meaning they are suitable for all ages.

This rating is also given by ratings board the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience. In its summary for the collection of episodes that was released in theatres, the board wrote: “It contains no material likely to offend or harm.” According to CommonSense Media, a website that allows parents to submit their own age recommendations for media, Peppa Pig is “developmentally appropriate” for children aged three and over. How Old Is Peppa Pig Peppa Pig is appropriate for all ages according to Amazon Prime (Image: AMAZON) Their expert summary describes the show as: “Sweet pig family provides gentle lessons to preschoolers.” However, in some of the parents’ recommendations, they offer a slightly higher age rating.

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One parent of a two-year-old child said the program was only appropriate for children aged eight and above. She wrote: “Honestly, I’ve never been the type of mom to obsessively monitor every single thing my son hears or sees. But this show threw me for a loop. Invalid email We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you.

This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info How Old Is Peppa Pig Some parents have expressed concerns with the effect Peppa Pig was having on their children (Image: CHANNEL 5) “The main character is so rude and downright ugly towards other characters that are supposed to be friends. And the parents do absolutely NOTHING! “I watched some more episodes after my son went to bed that night and I didn’t see a consistent pattern of noticeable consequences to the negative actions.” Other parents agreed with the 3+ rating but offered warnings to other parents. How Old Is Peppa Pig CommonSense Media gives Peppa Pig and age rating of 3 (Image: CHANNEL 5) “Her listening skills deteriorate and it takes a day or so before she is back to normal.” Other parents spoke of the positive lessons their children learned from the show. One wrote: “The message is great and there is never any tantrum thrown when things don’t work out with Peppa.” They noted that the show contains positive messages and role models and added: “The family always seem to talk things through.” Peppa Pig is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.

Who is 40 years old in Peppa Pig?

For the spin-off, see Candy Cat (series), Candace “Candy” Cat is a sweet but secondary character of the Peppa Pig series who isn’t allowed near sharp objects. She is (allegedly) a cat and is one of Peppa’s friends. Candy’s first appearance is in the episode ” The Playgroup “, although in this episode she doesn’t say anything, but she giggles.

Is Peppa A Boy or a girl?

Peppa Pig


Created by
  • Neville Astley
  • Mark Baker
Directed by
  • Neville Astley
  • Mark Baker
  • Phil Hall
  • Joris van Hulzen
  • Andrea Tran
  • Lily Snowden-Fine
  • Cecily Bloom
  • Harley Bird
  • Amelie Bea Smith
  • John Sparkes
  • Morwenna Banks
  • Richard Ridings
  • Oliver May
  • Alice May
Narrated by John Sparkes
Theme music composer Julian Nott
Opening theme “Peppa” (performed by Lily Snowden-Fine)
Composer Julian Nott
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 381 (+5 specials) ( list of episodes )
Executive producers
  • Joan Lofts
  • Laura Clunie
  • Olivier Dumont
  • Phil Davies
  • Chris White
  • Rebecca Harvey
  • Phil Davies
  • Randi Yaffa
  • Gillian Iversen
Running time 5 minutes
Production companies
  • Astley Baker Davies Ltd (Series 1-7)
  • Contender Entertainment Group (Series 1)
  • Entertainment One Family (Series 2-4)
  • Entertainment One (Series 5-present)
  • Karrot Animation (Series 7-present)
Original network
  • Channel 5
  • Nick Jr.
Picture format HDTV 1080i
Original release 31 May 2004 – present
Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. Produced by Astley Baker Davies, the show follows Peppa, an anthropomorphic female piglet, and her family, as well as her peers portrayed as other animals.

The show first aired on 31 May 2004. The seventh season began broadcasting on 5 March 2021. Peppa Pig has been broadcast in over 180 countries. Peppa herself has been voiced by several different performers through the years. Lily Snowden-Fine provided her voice in season one and Cecily Bloom in season two, then Harley Bird, five years old when she started, acquired the role for thirteen years until stepping down after season six.

The role was taken over by Amelie Bea Smith, John Sparkes, Morwenna Banks, Richard Ridings, Oliver May and Alice May also provide voices. On 31 December 2019, Hasbro acquired Entertainment One, including the Peppa Pig franchise, for a US$3.8 billion deal.

Is Peppa 50 years old?

Physical appearance – Pepa is a 50-year-old woman with fair skin, curly hip-length auburn hair in a braid, and green eyes. She has a small gap between her two front teeth and thin eyebrows. Although not as notable as Julieta, Pepa inherited many of her mother Alma’s facial expressions.

Pepa is also noticeably taller than her siblings and husband. She wears an orange-and-yellow dress with amber accents, a yellow ribbon on her head, golden sun-shaped earrings, and orange-and-brown sandals with golden details and black ribbons around her ankles. Symbolizing her gift, Pepa’s collar has suns on it, with raindrop patterns on her dress and lightning-bolt symbols on the bottom of her dress (along with lighting-bolt symbols on her ribbon), and wearing her said sun-shaped earrings.

On her wedding day she used the same sun earrings with an identical copy of her current dress, only white with light pink details and instead of using a ribbon she wore a long wedding veil that reached her hips.

Who is Daddy Pig’s husband?

Bio – Daddy Pig is the father of Peppa Pig and George Pig, He is the husband of Mummy Pig, and the son-in-law of Granny and Grandpa Pig, He has an older brother who is called Uncle Pig, He works at his office,

How is Peppa Pig 7 feet tall?

How tall is Peppa Pig? – A barrage of Google searches stemmed from that one tweet, around the same time as the tweet was published, making the animated piglet’s height a hot topic on the internet. So, how tall is Peppa Pig really? Insider reported Peppa Pig is 7 feet 1 inch tall, citing the internet as the source.

  1. However, the website for Peppa Pig World Online Toy Shop said the animated cartoon’s height is 3 feet 9 inches.
  2. This is terrifying,” Twitter user @Memeulous wrote, reacting to Google’s response to Peppa’s reported 7-1 height.
  3. Some noted if Peppa’s height was indeed 7 feet, she would be as tall as NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neil.
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How many Star Wars movies are there?: In order of chronology, release date and ‘machete.’ More Peppa Pig: Here’s what to bring to the new Peppa Pig theme park

How old is Suzy Sheep?

Most asked questions about Suzy Sheep character – 1. How old is Suzy Sheep? Suzy sheep is 4 years old, the same age as her best friend Peppa Pig.2. How tall is Suzy Sheep? It is not clear how tall Suzy is but we believe she is a similar height to Peppa who is 3’9″ (3 feet and 9 inches).

Suzy Sheep is Peppa’s best friend. They have been friends since they were babies. Mummy Pig showed Peppa and Suzy Sheep some old photographs from when they were babies. They don’t remember being that young, but they are pleased to see that they have always been best friends. Suzy Sheep’s favourite toy is her toy owl.

Suzy Sheep often comes to Peppa’s house to play. Peppa and Suzy love to play in the garden. They also love playing in Peppa’s bedroom. Suzy loves to jump up and down in muddy puddles. Peppa and Suzy are very chatty. While running on the school sports day, they were so busy chatting that they forgot to run and ending up being last however, they didn’t mind as it was the taking part that counted.

  1. Suzy sheep likes playing dress-up.
  2. She often dresses up as a nurse, and when she grows up, Suzy wants to be a doctor or a nurse because she likes to help sick people get better.
  3. One Halloween, she dressed up as a vampire, and on an international day, she represented Holland.
  4. Suzy Sheep is very confident.

She isn’t afraid to ask for a turn in the sandpit at the playgroup after the other kids have had a go. Suzy is good at sports and loves playing bat and ball. Suzy Sheep almost moved away to another country and to a new school because her mummy got a new job.

How tall is Peppa?

How Tall Is Peppa Pig? – You would never guess it, but it turns out that Peppa Pig is 7 feet 1 inch tall. We’ve always wondered if the ridiculously steep hill that the Pigs live on was drawn to scale, yet never thought twice about Peppa’s height. But one Twitter user did and shared a screenshot of their Google search as evidence.

  • This prompted other users to wonder even more about the alternate universe of Peppa Pig, where dogs, foxes, and zebras speak English, but ducks are still ducks.
  • Based on Peppa’s height, one Twitter user hypothesized about the height of the remaining Pig family members, suggesting dad is 14 feet 2 inches tall, mom is 11 feet 6 inches, and baby bro George is 4 feet 5 inches.

Those are some tall genes from mum and pop Pig. Considering this revelation, others speculated about future career options for Peppa (aside from releasing an album, which she just did). While it’s hard to imagine that Peppa and Shaquille O’Neal could stand shoulder-to-shoulder, her height does suit her character.

Remember when Peppa hung up on Suzy Sheep because she was jealous that Suzy could whistle? Sometimes, Peppa has a bit too much pep; maybe animators decided her feisty personality wouldn’t fit in the average pig’s body. While the show’s creators haven’t confirmed or denied this leak, this scene does prove that Peppa has gotten taller over the course of the show.

It also acknowledges that Peppa herself is confused about the concept of height when she tells her little brother, “I will always be taller than you, George, because I will always be older.” But when Peppa meets the new, taller kid in her class, Gerald the Giraffe, she realizes her mistake.

Who is the youngest Peppa Pig?

Bio – Baby Alexander is the youngest member of the Pig family and is the son of Aunty Pig and Uncle Pig, the younger brother of Chloé Pig, the younger cousin of Peppa and George, and the nephew of Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, He is also related to Granny and Grandpa Pig,

Is George older than Peppa?

The Pigs –

Peppa Pig (voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine in series 1, Cecily Bloom in series 2, in series 3 to series 6, Amelie Bea Smith since series 6 and Sydney Patrick in the US Tickle-U version ) – Peppa is a cheeky little pig and Mummy & Daddy Pig’s daughter, George’s sister, Granny & Grandpa Pig’s granddaughter, Uncle and Auntie Pig’s niece, Alexander & Chloe’s cousin sister and the main character of the show. She is 4 years old. Her hobbies include jumping in muddy puddles, playing with her teddy bear, Teddy, going to playgroup, playing the computer game “Happy Mrs. Chicken”, and playing dress up. She wears a signature red dress and black shoes. When she jumps in puddles, she wears her golden boots (referred to as yellow by Suzy). She is the only character to appear in every episode. Her best friend is Suzy Sheep, but once stopped being friends for a while., Her best friend in-law is confirmed to be Rebecca Rabbit.

  • George Pig (voiced by Alice May (vocal effects), Oliver May (Series 1-5, spoken lines), Vincent van Hulzen (Series 6-7, spoken lines) and Kira Monteith (Series 8-present, spoken lines) – George is Peppa’s younger brother, Mummy & Daddy Pig’s son, Granny & Grandpa Pig’s grandson, Uncle & Auntie Pig’s nephew and Alexander & Chloe’s cousin brother. He is often seen in possession of his toy dinosaur, named “Mr. Dinosaur”, but due to George’s limited vocabulary, he pronounces it as “dine-saw,” which was given to him as a present by Grandpa and Granny Pig when he was born, as shown in the episode The Olden Days, He cries in several episodes with his trademark showers of tears and very loud crying sounds. Often when he cries it has to do with Peppa teasing him or him being afraid of something. He is the only one in Peppa’s playgroup whose name does not start with the same letter as his species. Also, in the series, he is referred to as just “George”. He is now a member of Peppa’s class despite being only two years old (presumably 3 by season 7) He wears a blue shirt and black shoes. He shares many similarities with his dad such as drinking hot milk and making chocolate cakes or cookies. His best friend is Richard Rabbit. His best friend in-law is confirmed to be Pedro Pony.
  • Mummy Pig (voiced by ) – Mummy Pig is Daddy Pig’s wife, Grandpa & Granny Pig’s daughter, Auntie Pig’s and Uncle Pig’s sister-in-law, Peppa & George’s mother, and Cousin Chloe and Alexander’s aunt. She is home employed and works on a computer. She also works as a volunteer firefighter with the Mummies’ Fire Service. She has skill in literacy and worked as an author in series 5, writing the book “Funny Onion”, which is really just one long number due to “printing issues”. She wears an orange dress.
  • Daddy Pig (voiced by, Oscar Cheda in the US Tickle-U) and Andrew Macheca in the pitch pilot ) – Daddy Pig is Mummy Pig’s husband, Granny & Grandpa Pig’s son in-law, Uncle Pig’s brother, Auntie Pig’s brother in-law, Alexander & Chloe’s uncle, and Peppa & George’s father. He wears glasses due to his poor eyesight. Unlike Mummy Pig’s parents, Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig, Daddy Pig’s parents have never been shown or heard of in the series. Daddy Pig shows signs of illiteracy and has issues with map reading, too. Despite this, he remains jolly and never lets anything get him down, even when Mr. Potato openly insults him on his TV show, which the whole town appears to watch. Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, and almost everybody else make fun of his “Big Tummy”, but Daddy Pig doesn’t let that bother him. He is also shown to have, a fear of heights. He works as a structural engineer, and a concrete technician. He wears a turquoise (referred to as green by him) shirt.
  • Grandpa Pig (voiced by and Heath Kelts in the US Tickle-U version ) – Grandpa Pig is Mummy & Auntie Pig’s father, Granny Pig’s husband, Daddy & Uncle Pig’s father-in-law and Peppa, George, Alexander & Chloe’s grandfather. Although the two bicker and fight in a few episodes, he is best friends with Granddad Dog. He has a named Gertrude and calling it a toy train quickly angers him, claiming that “Gertrude is not a toy, she is a miniature locomotive!”. He loves sailing and gardening. Some garden features, however, such as chickens eating his lettuces, blackberry bushes looking at him, garden gnomes, and plastic wells tend to anger him. He is often seen wearing a white sailing cap with a blue anchor on the front. He always wears an indigo shirt.
  • Granny Pig (voiced by and Nanique Gheridan in the US Tickle-U version ) – Granny Pig is Grandpa Pig’s wife, Mummy & Auntie Pig’s mother, Daddy & Uncle Pig’s mother in-law, Peppa, George, Alexander & Chloe’s grandmother. She is a fan of perfume. She grows apples in an orchard near her house along with vegetables in her own garden next to her house. She also has four pet chickens that often annoy Grandpa Pig.
  • Uncle Pig (voiced by ) – Uncle Pig is Daddy Pig’s older brother, Mummy Pig’s brother in-law, Grandpa & Granny Pig’s son in-law, Alexander & Chloe’s father, Peppa & George’s uncle and Auntie Pig’s husband. He has a “big tummy” like Daddy Pig. He shares many similarities with his younger brother, Daddy Pig.
  • Auntie Pig (voiced by in series 1 to series 2 and Judy Flynn in series 3, 4 & 6) – Auntie Pig is Uncle Pig’s wife, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig’s sister in-law, Peppa & George’s aunt, and Alexander & Chloe’s mother. She wears a pink polka-dotted dress.
  • Chloe Pig (voiced by Eloise May in series 1–2, Abigail Daniels in series 3, Zara Siddiqi in series 4 and Charlotte Potterton since series 6) – Chloe is Auntie & Uncle Pig’s daughter, Granny & Grandpa Pig’s granddaughter, Peppa & George’s cousin, Mummy & Daddy Pig’s niece and Alexander’s older sister. Her best friends are Belinda Bear & Simon Squirrel and they like to tease Peppa. She is 8 years old (10 by the events of Season 6) and wears a yellow dress. Since she is older than the other kids, she does not go to Peppa’s playgroup and instead is presumed to go to a different school. She and her family did not appear at all in series 5, but they return to series 6.
  • Baby Alexander (voiced by Oliver May in series 2, in series 3 and since series 4) – Alexander is Auntie & Uncle Pig’s son, Grandpa & Granny Pig’s grandson, Chloe’s brother, Peppa & George’s cousin brother and Mummy & Daddy Pig’s nephew. His first word was “puddles”, taught to him by Peppa.
  • Auntie Dottie Pig – Auntie Dottie Pig is Peppa and George’s aunt who sent a toy horse, which Peppa and George call “Horsey Twinkle Toes”. She is only mentioned and never seen or heard. She is presumed to be the sister of Mummy Pig and the daughter of Granny & Grandpa Pig. She is also presumed to wear a dress with a dot-style pattern.
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Who is 40 years old in Peppa Pig?

For the spin-off, see Candy Cat (series), Candace “Candy” Cat is a sweet but secondary character of the Peppa Pig series who isn’t allowed near sharp objects. She is (allegedly) a cat and is one of Peppa’s friends. Candy’s first appearance is in the episode ” The Playgroup “, although in this episode she doesn’t say anything, but she giggles.

When was Daddy Pig born?

Daddy Pig’s birthday is June 30th.

How old is Granny Pig?

Most asked questions about Granny Pig character – 1. How old is Granny Pig? It is not clear how old Granny Pig is but it is believed she is 70 years old, the same as Grandpa Pig.2. What are Granny Pig’s Chickens called? Granny Pig has three chickens called Jemima, Sarah and Vanessa, she also has a cockerel called Neville.

They love to eat Grandpa Pig’s lettuce. Peppa and George love to collect the chicken eggs. Granny Pig loves it when Peppa and George visit her. She takes the kids to see Mummy Pig’s old room, which is where they sleep when they visit. Granny Pig makes a delicious homemade chocolate cake which Peppa and George enjoy tasting when they come over to play.

Granny Pig loves old things. She stores them in her attic. Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig find it difficult to throw old things away.

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