How To Check Word Count On Google Docs
Count the number of words in a long document

  1. On your computer, open a document in Google Docs.
  2. To find the count of words, characters, and pages, at the top of the page, click Tools. Word count.
  3. To close the window, click Done.

What is the shortcut to count words in Google Docs?

How to discover keyboard shortcuts –

One method is to look for them when using Google Docs. In the Edit menu, most of the commands have a keyboard shortcut that can be used instead. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

Another way to discover shortcuts is to open the full list by going to Help > Keyboard shortcuts, You can also use the shortcut shown in the Help menu, which is Ctrl+/ if you’re on Windows, and Command+/ on a Mac. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

A new window will appear. This list of keyboard shortcuts is divided into different categories. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs Feel free to search for specific shortcuts by name. In this example, we’ll search for the Word count tool. It looks like the shortcut on a Windows computer for the Word count tool is Ctrl+Shift+C or Command+Shift+C if you’re on a Mac. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs Press Ctrl+Shift+C or Command+Shift+C if using a Mac. The Word count dialog box will appear. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs Let’s open the Keyboard shortcuts Window, using the shortcut Ctrl+/, How To Check Word Count On Google Docs While this window shows most of the shortcuts, it doesn’t actually show all of them. To see the full list, click View all in help center in the bottom-left corner. The webpage that opens shows every Google Docs shortcut across all of the different platforms. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs There are shortcuts for all sorts of different tasks. There are even a few shortcuts that can be done with a mouse! How To Check Word Count On Google Docs With so many shortcuts available, it’s not really possible to memorize all of them. Instead, if you find yourself repeating an action over and over again, look to see if there’s a shortcut that can help you out. /en/googledocuments/creating-a-table-of-contents/content/

How to check word count?

Count words in the Google Docs mobile app – The word count is also available on the mobile versions of Google Docs (Android and iOS). To access it, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the app. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs
  2. Tap Word count,

A pop-up window appears in the upper-right corner. The only difference between the mobile app and the browser app is the omission of the page count on mobile. This is true even if you switch to the print layout.

Why is my word count not showing Google Docs?

Keep track of the word count in any Google Doc by enabling the word count with just a few clicks. The live word count will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. From the pop up menu, select the checkbox next to ‘Display word count while typing’ and click OK.

Where is tools on Google Docs?

In Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, you can use the tool finder at the top left of the screen to:

Find menu items and tools. View recommended actions. These can include recent actions you took in the document. Get suggestions for related actions as you type. Activate Find & replace after you enter content from your document.

What is the shortcut to check word count?

Closing Thoughts – Word count shows you the number of words you have in the document. You can also see the number of selected words when you make any selections. This will be helpful when you curate data for professional or academic purposes. In this article, we saw how to count words in Word.

We also saw how to enable or disable them, know additional details from the Word Count dialog box, and add the word count to the document. For more high-quality guides on MS Word or Excel, please visit our free resources section. SimonSezIT has been effectively teaching Excel for 15 years. We have a very comprehensive set of courses with in-depth training modules covering all major business software.

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Is Google Docs word count accurate?

Counting characters, words, and lines is extremely important in content writing for both the writer and the client. The count sets the rate for an entire project and its price. So, if you rely on only one writing platform, you could be misled by the word count feature.

  • Not sounding like that big of a deal? Well, you could be paying more than you should for your articles.
  • That is because different writing platforms have different ways of calculating the word count of a file.
  • For instance, Google Docs and Microsoft Office will give you two different word counts—even though the text being processed is the same! Thus, they are not entirely reliable.

“But why is the page count different between Apple Pages and MS Word?” I hear you ask. It is a little complicated, but we have broken it down for you so that it’s easy to understand. Keep reading!

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How many pages is 1,500 words?

How many pages is 1500 words? 1500 words is about 3 pages single spaced or 6 pages double spaced.

Why can’t I see my word count?

2. Adding Word Count Field in the Document – A word count field directly adds the word count in a document in textual form, making it easier to track. To add one, follow these steps:

Open the document where the word count does not appear in the status bar. Place your cursor anywhere in the document where you would like to add the new word count field. Navigate to the Text section of the Insert tab. Choose the Field option from the Quick Parts dropdown. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs Locate NumWords under the field names on the left-hand side of the Field window. Select NumWords and hit OK, How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

By following the above steps, you will add the word count field where your cursor was located in the document. In contrast to the status bar, where the word count updates as you type, the count must be updated manually in this case. Here is how to update the word count field:

Go to the place where you added the word count field. Right-click on the word count. Click on the Update field in the dropdown. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

By following the above steps, your document’s word count will be updated, and next time you add more information to the document, you’ll have to follow the same steps to update the word count to the most recent one.

How do you do a word count on Google Chrome?

Word Counter A lite tool for counting words and characters via right-click menu. Word Counter is a simple extension that helps you get the number of words and characters in a text selection via context-menu. Simply select a text with the mouse, then right-click and select – Count words & characters – from the context menu.

  • A popup will appear to inform you about the number of words in the selected text.
  • Besides this number, it also informs you about average word length, number of total characters, number of special characters, and the longest word.
  • This addon has no settings or options to adjust.
  • Simply add it to your browser and start using it.

It works on any web page as long as you can select a word or sentence. Please note that this addon does not have a toolbar icon. If you want to report bugs or have a feature request, please fill the bug report form on the addon’s homepage (

Is there a sentence count on Google Docs?

How to Find the Page and Word Count – Finding the page and word count is an easy process that is integrated into Google Docs. The first thing you want to do is fire up and open the document for which you want to get the count. Click “Tools” and click on “Word Count.” Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+C (on Windows) or Command+Shift+C (on macOS). That’s it! The word count window pops up and shows you a list of different counts related to your document, including the number of pages, words, characters, and characters excluding spaces. If you only want to check the count of a specific paragraph—or sentence—in your document, select the text first and then go to Tools > Word Count (or press the key combos) to open the tool. The Word Count window shows much of the same info for the selection, but also shows how much of the total document that selection makes up. For example, you can see in the image below that the text we selected takes up 1 out of our 13 total pages and 255 out of our 6480 total words. It’s an easy tool to use. We just wish we could leave it open on the screen while typing in our documents. If you’re trying to meet a quota (or trying to come in under a maximum page count limit), it’s frustrating having to keep opening the tool over and over. RELATED: : How to Find the Page and Word Count in Google Docs

What is Google Docs word count limit?

When it comes to Google Docs – Your document can have only 1.02 million characters, If it’s another text file that you convert to Google Docs, it can only be 50 MB in size.

How do I check word count in word without references?

View word count in the Status Bar – When you select text, word count for the selected text should appear in the Status Bar on the bottom left of your screen automatically: If no text is selected, the count shows the total for the entire document. If you double-click the word count in the Status Bar, the Word Count dialog box appears. Although word count typically displays by default in the Status Bar, you can choose options to display.

Why is my tool bar not showing in Google Docs?

How to show the toolbar disappeared in Google Sheets – With a shortcut

Press “Shift” + “Ctrl” + “F” (for both Windows and Mac).

‍ Without a shortcut

Go to the top right corner of a sheet.Click the small arrow sign.

‍ If you want to hide the toolbar, you can use the same shortcut or click the small arrow icon at the upper right corner again. How To Check Word Count On Google Docs How to show the toolbar missing without a shortcut Learn how to do this step-by-step in the video below 👇

Does Google Docs have a reference tool?

Add citations and a bibliography You can add citations and a bibliography to your Google Doc with these styles:

  • MLA (8th ed.)
  • APA (7th ed.)
  • Chicago Author-Date (17th ed.)

Important: The citations tool is available in all languages, but the elements that the tool generates in your document currently only appear in English. For example:

  • A book title that you enter in the citations tool appears in the language in which you entered it.
  • The ‘Bibliography’ heading, ‘edited by’ and other elements generated by the citations tool appear in English regardless of your language in Google Docs.
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You can translate auto-generated elements to another language after you insert them in your document. To add citations and a bibliography:

  1. Open a document in Google Docs and click Tools Citations,
  2. In the sidebar, select your formatting style from MLA, APA or Chicago author–date,

Is tool bar used in Google Docs?

The Google Docs interface – The Google Docs interface includes the toolbar at the top of the screen, as well as the document itself. It allows you to type and modify text, in addition to sharing a document with others. Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about the Google Docs interface.

What is the keyboard shortcut for word count?

Closing Thoughts – Word count shows you the number of words you have in the document. You can also see the number of selected words when you make any selections. This will be helpful when you curate data for professional or academic purposes. In this article, we saw how to count words in Word.

  1. We also saw how to enable or disable them, know additional details from the Word Count dialog box, and add the word count to the document.
  2. For more high-quality guides on MS Word or Excel, please visit our free resources section.
  3. SimonSezIT has been effectively teaching Excel for 15 years.
  4. We have a very comprehensive set of courses with in-depth training modules covering all major business software.

You can access all these 140+ courses for a low monthly fee. Please visit our courses section for more information about our offers.

What does Ctrl Y do in Google Docs?

Navigate your documents and screen a lot faster when you use these keyboard shortcuts for formatting and more. For Windows go to this link for hyperlinks,1. Ctrl+Home: Get back to the top of your doc.2. Ctrl+B: Bold.3. Ctrl+E: Center alignment 4. Ctrl+L: Back to left alignment.5. Ctrl+M: Insert comment.6. Ctrl+H: Replace.7. Ctrl+End: Go to last cell in data region.8. Ctrl+Home: Go to first cell in data region.9. Shift+spacebar: Select entire row.10. Ctrl+Z: Undo.11. Ctrl+Y: Redo.12. Ctrl+spacebar: Select entire column.13. Ctrl+J: Full justify.14. Ctrl+Shift+L: Bulleted list.15. Ctrl+Shift+Space: Insert non-breaking space.16. Page Down: Move down one screen.17. Ctrl+K: Inset link.18. Ctrl+Shift+F: Full screen.19. Page Up: Move up one screen.20. Ctrl+Space: Remove formatting.21. Ctrl+: Heading style 1. Change the “1” to any number 1-6 and get the corresponding header. Productivity Hacks These hacks will make your Google Docs experience even more efficient and streamlined.22. Templates: Use Docs’ 300 templates to get started on different types of documents.23. Work offline: View and edit documents even when you don’t have access to an Internet connection.24. Create shortcuts: Create shortcuts and bookmarks for new documents, Google Docs home and more frequently visited pages.25. Save as different file types: Instead of converting docs to different file types, you can simply change it to HTML, RTF, PDG, ODT and more whenever you save it. Features and Tools Make use of features and tools like Docs Translation or CSS Editing to customize your docs and make them work for you.26. Polyline: Draw shapes and lines in Google docs to make graphs, images and examples.27. Docs Translation: Find the docs translator under Tools.28. Snap to Guides: With this Edit feature, you can line up shapes in your doc automatically.29. Reference tools: Google docs comes with access to a dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia that you can use within the document.30. CSS Editing: Change the display of your doc by manually plugging in your CSS text.31. HTML tags: Docs supports, or partially supports, some HTML tags, shown here. Collaboration One of the best things about Google Docs is that you get to share and collaborate on projects with others. Learn how to make the most of these features here.32. Shared foldersCreate shared folders and drag-and-drop items from other folders.33. Privacy: You can choose to have documents published publicly or privately.34. Share, don’t email: Instead of emailing docs back and forth, type in email addresses of people you’d like to share your Google document with, and they’ll be sent an editable, web copy.35. Make changes at the same time: You and your classmates can log into the same document at the same time to make edits.36. Share a folder: Share entire groups of documents saved in a single file with coworkers and students.37. Invite mailing lists as collaborators: You can share a document with all members of your email mailing lists with this function.38. Make a presentation in real-time: Invite others to view a presentation you’ve made as you see it too.39. Data validation: Make sure everyone is entering data into the spreadsheet the same way by controlling data validation settings.40. Allow people to edit without signing in: This means anyone, even if they don’t have a Google account, can sign in and edit your piece.41. Remove collaborators: If you want to take someone off a project, click None next to the name of the person you want to remove.42. Forum: If you get stuck with a docs problem, you can head over to the forums and find help from other users.43. Change ownership: Switch ownership of Google docs as project leaders change. Files, Folders and Filters Find out how to use files, folders and filters for optimum organization and a clearer display.44. View and unviewed: You can mark new shared documents as viewed or unviewed, like an inbox.45. Create subfolders: Make subfolders for better organization. Create, then choose to move it wherever you want.46. Drag-and-drop folders: Drag-and-drop folders and docs to spreadsheets, documents and presentations.47. Tag: Tag items with certain keywords instead of going to the trouble of moving them to a folder.48. Star: You can also star documents, like you would in Gmail.49. Upload multiple files: Click “select more files” to upload multiple files in Google Docs. Organization These hacks are designed to organize your Google Docs, from starting a new assignment to sharing and publishing.50. Color code folders: Color-code the names of folders.51. Insert bookmarks: Insert a link to another part of your document, like in a table of contents.52. Zip archive: Export Google docs, spreadsheets and presentations in a single ZIP archive.53. Block quote: Use this setting to automatically indent and set aside a long quote in your document.54. Minimize: Star only the docs you want to see at one time, and minimize everything in the left pane for a minimized view.55. Annotate with footnotes: Insert annotations as footnotes to your document easily.56. Preview templates: Preview a template before committing to it. Edits With these editing tools, you’ll track comments, save editing history and more.57. Color-code comments: You can color-code live comments in Google Docs.58. Revision pruning: When you have too many revisions, they’ll automatically collapse, or prune, but can still be viewed in revision history.59. Track edits and changes: In Google Docs you can go back and forth between edits that you or collaborators made.60. Revision history: View older versions of your document, and choose to “revert to this one” if you choose.61. Find and replace: This version of find and replace lets you match cases, match whole words, find previous words, and more. Synchronization Make your Google Docs work with other tools too.62. Preview docs in Gmail: You can preview Google docs attachments in Gmail.63. Google Finance: Enter information from Google Finance into spreadsheets with this formula Syntax: =GoogleFinance(“symbol”; “attribute”).64. Sync with Office Documents: With Syncplicity, you can sync Google Docs with Microsoft Office.65. Sync with your server: To work offline, your documents will have to be synced to your server.66. Google Mobile: Use Google Mobile to access docs on your phone. Search Google Docs uses Google search to find documents and more.67. Search PDFs: There’s a search box in the upper right corner of your PDF document.68. Search for docs using keywords: If you don’t remember the title of a doc, type in keywords from the document instead.69. Advanced search: Find documents by selecting who you’ve shared with, keyword, title, and more.70. Search the web: Highlight a word and search the web for matching websites and images.71. Search operators: Search operators will help you find starred, hidden and other documents quickly. Example: Presentations Learn how to make and present projects with videos, images and more.72. Embed a presentation in a website: Add your class presentations to your website or blog by publishing and pasting the HTML code that is revealed.73. Insert tables: You can insert tables into Google Presentations, too.74. Sequentially reveal objects on a slide: Bullets and text boxes will be revealed one at a time if you select this option.75. Custom colors: You can choose custom colors to add to your presentation.76. Hide the gray bar: In presentation view, click on the icon in the upper-right corner of the gray bar at the bottom of your screen to make it disappear.77. Chat: Chat with your audience in view presentation mode. You’ll need Adobe Flash Player 8 or above.78. Insert videos: You can add videos to your presentation, minimize and maximize it, and move it around your screen.79. Hide chat: Keep everyone quiet during your presentation by clicking the left side of the chat module.80. Organize slides: You can reorder slides, make duplicate slides, and insert new slides wherever you want.81. Replace image and video placeholders: Depending on your presentation’s template, you can replace placeholders with an actual image or video. Spreadsheets With spreadsheets, you can create forms, reports, invoices, portfolios, and other docs that solve problems, save email addresses and more.82. Google search inside your spreadsheet: Highlight a word, right click, and select Search the web.83. Print as PDF: Choose to print your spreadsheet as a PDF if you want all formatting to stay intact.84. Live lookup: Use the following formula in a cell to ask Google to look up quantitative information: Syntax: =GoogleLookup(“entity”; “attribute”).85. Roman function: Have numbers displayed as Roman numerals with this formula =ROMAN(number, form).86. Create forms: Google Spreadsheets has various templates for forms you can create and have people fill out.87. Edit forms: Add section headers to make it easier to divide up forms and make them easier to fill out.88. List view: Select list view to load spreadsheets faster, view from your mobile phone and access basic editing features.89. Protect sheet: Select Protect sheet to prevent certain collaborators from editing it.90. Automatically add email addresses: If you have Google Apps, the email addresses of the people who fill out the form will automatically be saved.91. Scientific notation: Adjust spreadsheets so that cells display in scientific notation.92. Solve: Maximize and minimize values when you solve problems in your cells.93. Add and delete comments: You can add, delete and edit comments in spreadsheets too.94. Freeze columns and rows: Freeze rows and columns to stop editing. Tasks These tasks, from printing to tracking tournaments, are examples of other ways you can use Google Docs.95. Print as a webpage: You can print your doc so that it displays as a web page.96. Insert mathematical equations: Insert Equation makes an equation editor dialog box appear to add an equation to your doc.97. GoogleTournament: Create brackets, and let Google automatically update data according to the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I Basketball Championship.98. Enable offline access: You can install offline access for Google Docs to edit existing documents anywhere.99. Track analytics: Track visits to published documents.100. Update posts: You can republish posts that are already on your web page if you want to make edits and support an updated version. Did you enjoy this article? Bookmark it at »
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What does control R do?

Ctrl+R Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen. Ctrl+S Save the open document.

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