How do you get more keys in funky Bay?

The resources are earned by completing more chapters and by reading more stories. One should earn enough keys by applying the Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure cheats. Problem in the replay– If you are playing Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure then you can’t replay the chapters.

How do you get nori in funky Bay?

Where can I find Nori? Nori is one of the products delivered by the Ship from sea expeditions. To get Nori, restore the Pier, fill up the boxes on the Ship and send it on a sea expedition.

How can I help Davin on funky Bay?

Click on ” Help Davin ” to open tab to ” help ” neighbors, which really helps You! Names will come up for you to ” help “. As you advance in levels you get more friends to help.

How do I make donations on funky Bay?

Your neighborhood members will ” donate ” to you the item(s) requested. To donate, click the green ” DONATE ” button on the request, one time for each individual item you donate. Once the request has been fulfilled, click/tap the green “TAKE” button. Each donation is given 3 hours to fulfill.

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How do you get free energy on funky Bay?

Build Confetteria To Get Energy Conferreria is one of the facilities in the Funky Bay that unlock at a certain level. It helps you get free energy with the goods that you get from farming activities. You can get it from the shop for 500 coins.

How do you get planks on funky Bay?

Some buildings require special resources to build: planks, nails, bricks or screws. You can get them from chests or daily rewards, by completing tasks on the Beach, and by buying from other players in the Global Market.

How do you add friends on funky Bay?

1) You can add people already playing Funky Bay to your Facebook friends list. You need to link your Facebook account to the game in order to see them. 2) You can add friends using the dedicated button in the lower right corner. Tap on the button with two figures and select the Friends tab.

What is the regatta in funky Bay?

The Regatta is a tournament in which Neighborhoods compete for rewards.

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