How To Grow Strawberries In Oklahoma
Strawberries can be planted in a raised bed, in mounded rows or in beds in the ground. However, raising the soil improves drainage. Mix compost into the soil to add organic matter. As you prepare the bed, limit the width to around 3 or 4 feet so that you can easily reach in to harvest.

What is the best time to plant strawberries in Oklahoma?

Propagation and Planting – Strawberries are propagated by removing rooted runners from the mother plants and placing them in a new strawberry bed. Patented varieties may not be legally propagated either for expanding your plantings or for sale. February 1 to March 20 is the recommended time for planting strawberries in Oklahoma gardens.

  • In the southeastern third of the state, plants may be set in the fall (October to mid-November).
  • These plants will have a more extensive root system by spring and will be more vigorous producers of runner plants than plants set in February or March.
  • Adequate soil moisture must be present during the winter months for good root development.

Plants should not be set during dry windy conditions or if extremely cold weather is predicted during the following few days. Before planting, remove all but two or three of the most vigorous leaves from the plants. Plant the strawberries 1.5 to 2.5 feet apart, depending on the vigor of the variety.

Since the strawberry has the potential to produce 30 to 50 runner plants the first year of growth, this distance will allow plants to develop runners in the row, while keeping the middle between the rows free of plants. Ask your nursery representative for recommendations on plant spacing for the varieties you choose.

Plant the strawberries so that the crowns (where the leaves arise) are even with the ground surface after the soil has been firmed around the roots (Figure 1). This is very important, because plants set too deeply will rot and plants set too shallowly will dry out and die.

Spread the roots out somewhat in the planting hole. Pack the soil firmly enough to hold the plant in the ground if you tug on a leaf, but not so firmly as to crush the plants. If you use a hand trowel to plant the strawberries, push it about six inches into the prepared soil, and then pull it forward to open the hole.

Put the plant into the hole at the proper depth and remove the trowel. Then, close the hole by placing the trowel in front of the plant and pulling the trowel forward to firm the soil. After setting, give each plant at least a pint of water. Do not allow plants to become dry during the planting operation.

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As each bundle of plants is opened, place the plants in a container with just enough water to keep the roots wet. Planting may be easier if the roots are trimmed slightly with scissors or a sharp knife so that they fit more easily into the hole. An irrigation system such as leaky pipe or other drip irrigation is recommended in order to lessen disease problems associated with wet foliage.

These systems also conserve water that can be lost through evaporation and runoff. Figure 1. Planting depth for strawberries. A—correct. B—too shallow. This plant will dry out and die. C—too deep. This plant will rot.

What berries grow best in Oklahoma?

Cold Hardy: –

Blackberries are another type of berry plant that is cold-hardy in Oklahoma. Blackberries are a perfect complement to blueberries and raspberries, blooming mid-summer to early fall.

Where are strawberries grown in the US?

US Strawberry Production and Exports – There are three states that significantly contribute to strawberry production in the US: California, Florida, and North Carolina. The general peak of the California strawberry season usually starts from the third week of May through the end of June.

  1. P.54) In Florida, strawberry volumes are generally available from November until April.
  2. Meanwhile, strawberry season in North Carolina starts in April, which should last until the end of May.
  3. P.55) There is also a huge local demand for organic strawberries in the US.
  4. In fact, strawberries are among the top organic products consumed in U.S.

households. Strawberry consumers in the country purchased USD 334 million worth of organic strawberries in 2019, representing a 10.8% increase compared to the year-ago period. (p.26-27) In terms of pricing, organic strawberry prices are lowest during the months of May through August, when farmers in California and Florida are harvesting.

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What fruit is Oklahoma known for?

Fruit – Strawberry ( Fragaria x ananassa ) Oklahoma recognized the strawberry in 2005 when fifth-grade students from Skiatook Intermediate Elementary held an election to choose a state fruit. The winner was the strawberry and their teacher, Pam Bell, asked Representative Joe Sweeden to sponsor the bill. The bill passed, naming the strawberry the official state fruit (25 OS § 98.10).

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