How To Grow Strawberries Vertically
As not everyone has a large garden or balcony, growing strawberries vertically is an excellent option for those of us with limited space. Here are some useful tips and tricks. How To Grow Strawberries Vertically A great advantage of vertical gardening is being able to work at a comfortable height Nothing beats the sweet taste of home-grown strawberries ( Fragaria ) in summer. Unfortunately, strawberry plots take up a lot of space, making it seem impossible to plant strawberries in a small garden or on a balcony.

However, there is a trick to growing a large number of strawberry plants in a small space – simply stack them on top of each other. This brilliant concept is also known as vertical gardening, in which plants are grown upwards rather than outwards. What may sound complicated at first is actually a very quick and easy way to save space.

On top of that, vertical gardens are real showstoppers!

Is Strawberry a climber?

Strawberry is an example of a creeper. Creeper is a type of a plant that grows along the ground. Their stems are weak.

Do strawberries do well in a vertical planter?

Tips for overwintering – First, check your plant’s growing zone to find out how close your area is to the end of the range. If you’re in the middle to upper end of the growing zone range, you probably only need to water your plants every couple of weeks in the winter for them to make it through to the next season.

Plants will look dead in their dormant season, but that’s completely normal. They’ll make a comeback once the weather starts to warm. If you’re growing in colder zones like 3, 4, or 5, you will want to take some precautions to ensure your plants have the best chance of making it through the winter. Some ideas are: + Move your GreenStalk Vertical Garden towards your home or other heated structure for protection against windy winter days.

+ Use a frost protection cover on cold nights to help insulate the planter. + If you’re expecting extreme cold weather, move your GreenStalk to an unheated garage or shed for a limited time. This is easier with the GreenStalk Mover, + Add straw to the top of the pockets to provide some additional protection.

  • Remember to water your plants until the winter cold freezes the soil solid.
  • Don’t worry about the GreenStalk Vertical Planter making it through the winter, we make it durable enough to last through the coldest winters and we back it with a 5-year warranty,
  • Even with the best winter care, there will be some plants that don’t make it.
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We typically get about 85-95% back year after year. Strawberry plants won’t last forever, but you should be able to get 3-4 years out of one planting. When the mother plants start to decline in berry production, you may consider placing the runners or baby plants in the pockets beside the mother plants. How To Grow Strawberries Vertically Alpine strawberry plants in a 3 Tier GreenStalk Vertical Planter with a GreenStalk Mover

What kind of planter is best for strawberries?

What are the Best Pots for Growing Strawberries in Containers? -, in general, are fairly easy to grow and there’s nothing like a fresh berry plucked off your own plant. The best pots for strawberries are those which are urn-shaped, punctuated with holes down the sides in variable areas.

Even though the holes make the pot look like dirt, water or even the plant may fall out of them, these pots are perfect for growing strawberries in containers. Strawberries do particularly well in these types of pots since they are small plants with shallow root structures. Additionally, since the fruit does not touch the soil, the reduction of bacterial and fungal disease is greatly reduced.

Also, the pots can be easily covered with sawdust, straw, or other compost to overwinter them or even easily moved into a sheltered area or garage. Strawberry pots are made from clay pottery, ceramic pottery, plastic, and sometimes even wood.

Plastic has the benefit of being lightweight, but its very benefit can be its Achilles heel. Plastic pots may blow over. Clay pots that are not sprayed with a waterproofing agent tend to break down after a year or two and will also require more vigilant watering. Ceramic pots that have been coated will indeed last, but tend to be quite heavy.

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Any of these for growing strawberries in containers will work, just be mindful of their downsides. Make sure the pot will hold several plants and has adequate drainage., Everbearing strawberries, such as Ozark Beauty, Tillicum, or Quinalult, are good choices for container gardening strawberries.

What size hole for strawberry Tower?

Here are a few tips and lessons we learned from last year’s failed DIY strawberry tower ( see above photo ) –

  1. We did not use a reservoir, nor rocks on top of the strawberry planter, so the soil would get dry quickly, and when we water, the soil was washing away instead of soaking up the water. Add a reservoir and rocks on top has made all the difference.
  2. The cut holes should be no larger than 1.25″. Otherwise, soil will fall out when watering.
  3. Rotate the pots every 1-2 weeks so all the plants can get some sun.
  4. This strawberry planter is a very compact system to grow strawberries, which are heavy feeders. Fill the reservoir with diluted fish emulsion(if you don’t mind the smell), compost tea or worm tea every 1-2 weeks to give the plants some extra nutrients,
  5. If one of the seedlings don’t make it, wait till the others send out runners, then tuck the runners into those empty spots. They will root very easily.

How To Grow Strawberries Vertically Happy gardening! And feel free to share ideas for improvements in the comment section! A few similar posts in case you missed them: How to start seeds in 1/3 time with 300% more success- How To Grow Strawberries Vertically Make a seed box from 2 shoe boxes! How To Grow Strawberries Vertically And a simple trick to help your seedlings establish quickly in the garden- How To Grow Strawberries Vertically Happy growing!

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How do you make a vertical wall plant?

Recycled Pallet Planter – A pallet is a fast and easy way to create a DIY vertical garden wall. You don’t even need to secure it in place: simply lean it against a wall, and use some pipe hangers for your plant pots. Or if you’d rather put your carpentry skills to the test, you can deconstruct it and build some rustic planter boxes instead.

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