How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed
4. Don’t Send any Feet Pics Until You Receive Payment – Trust me, there’s wisdom in the old adage: don’t put the cart before the horse. Similarly, in the world of selling feet pics, never send out your pictures until you’ve secured the payment. It might seem like a simple step, but it’s crucial in preventing scams.

Where can I sell my feet pictures without getting scammed?

FeetFinder is a secure and reputable website that allows clients to sell their foot photos without worrying about scams. Setting up an account is easy, making it one of the top sites for selling feet pictures online. FeetFinder stands out from other marketplaces due to its commitment to user safety.

What is the safest way to sell feet pics?

Where Should You Sell Feet Pics? – The best platform to sell feet pics is FunwithFeet. Despite a small monthly fee ranging from $3.33 to $4.99, it is by far the best platform to sell feet pics. They provide sellers with a safe and user-friendly website to sell feet pics and have received an excellent 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Get started on FunwithFeet today

Is selling feet pics risky?

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous? – Selling feet pictures online is generally not dangerous, provided you adhere to safety protocols and maintain privacy.

Firstly, feet photos inherently preserve your anonymity, as they typically don’t contain identifiable features. Secondly, these images don’t hold personal data, minimizing the risk of identity theft. Lastly, platforms like FeetFinder allow you to sell feet pics anonymously, further safeguarding your identity.

However, potential risks such as encountering malicious websites, content theft, or inappropriate requests exist. It’s crucial to remain vigilant to these threats, but they don’t make the activity inherently dangerous. In essence, selling feet pictures can be a safe and profitable venture if conducted with caution and diligence. 👉 Try FeetFinder

Is selling feet pics easy money?

For a single shot of a woman’s foot in various positions and angles, people are willing to pay anywhere from $5 to $100 online for feet pics. If you sell feet pics, just one can earn you extra cash quickly. Having five different pictures of the soles of your feet or showing off your toes could be worth up to $500.

What type of feet make the most money?

National Foot Week is on from now until March 14 and has shared the results of its recent survey which identified the types of feet earning the most money across the UK.’s Shoe Department surveyed 5,468 participants asking them to choose their foot type and disclose their average annual salary, revealing the most and least financially successful foot types in Britain.

  • Foot reading, also known as ‘solestry’, is the practice of observing foot structure, which is believed to reflect our emotions and character, but now it could also be used to determine your future financial success.
  • There are seven main foot shape types – peasant, square, Greek, stretched, Roman, Egyptian and simian and experts at can reveal that those with the ‘peasant’ foot type are the most financially successful, earning an average of £45,000 a year which is 15 per cent higher than the UK average of £39,000.

The ‘ peasant’ foot type is characterised by three equal length toes and is the rarest in the UK. Commenting on the research results, Cas Paton, CEO and Founder of, said: “People with a peasant foot are known for their strategic thinking and consistency – meticulously contemplating the pros and cons for both big and small decisions.

  • These qualities allow for consistent and positive career growth, contributing to their financial success.” Ranking as the second most financially successful foot type is the ‘square foot’, identified by all toes being of equal length – people with this foot type earn an average of £43,000 a year.
  • Cas maintains that this financial success is due to the fact “people with square feet are typically eager to seize every opportunity without hesitation – this adaptability and determination are key when looking for professional and financial growth.” The ‘ Greek’ foot, also known as the ‘flame foot’, ranks as the third most financially successful foot type in the UK – those with a protruding second toe make an average of £42,000 annually.

Cas added: “Creative and social, people with this foot type are innovative – coming up with the best ideas and remaining the centre of attention, Greek footed brits are well equipped for networking and fast paced work environments.” The ‘stretched’ foot ranked as the fourth most financially successful foot type, with £38,000 a year.

  • Despite being known for their hard work, those with widely separated toes are commonly driven by personal pursuits as opposed to their career and financial success.
  • Also known as the traveller’s foot, those with this foot type typically want to explore the world and learn about themselves – this is arguably why they are not amongst the highest earners,” said Cas.

Those with the ‘Roman’ foot type, characterised by inward pointing toes, are set to earn an annual average of £35,000. Cas commented that those with this foot type, also known as the ‘common’ foot, “are known to be cautious people so, much unlike those with square feet, sometimes too afraid to jump at opportunities, stalling their professional progression and subsequently their salary.” Ranking sixth are those with the ‘Egyptian’ foot type, earning an average of £32,000 a year.

According to’s CEO, the reason Egyptian-footed people have less financial success is due to their “impulsiveness and habit of daydreaming getting in the way of routine and structure which are vital in any work environment.” Did you know you can keep up to date with the latest news by signing up to our daily newsletter? We send a morning and lunchtime newsletter covering the latest headlines every day.

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Alternatively, you can sign up and check out the rest of our newsletters here, The least financially successful foot type is the ‘simian’ foot, identified by disproportionally small little toe and an inward facing big toe. Those with this foot type are set to earn an average of £27,000 a year, which is 31 per cent lower than the UK average and 40 per cent lower than those with ‘peasant’ feet.

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“Despite being highly motivated and having a captivating aura, simian footed people are known to be the most emotional of all foot types. It can be argued that those with this foot type struggle with the stress and pressure of leading roles in the workplace, potentially stunting their professional and financial progression”, said the CEO. How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed Which foot type are you? (Image:

How much are feet pics worth?

How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures. The neat thing about selling foot photos is that you decide how much to charge. Most people charge anywhere from $5 to over $100 per foot picture. However, the average foot photo is usually around $15-$25 per photo.

What’s the average price for feet pics?

Depending on the seller, feet pics can cost anywhere between $5 to $100 per pic, On average, a buyer may have to pay $25 for a batch of photos from a vendor. The trend among sellers is that they charge less to regulars. Opting for the same content dealer will thus potentially get you loyalty discounts and price cuts.

However, in some cases, the cost of the feet pic may exceed $100. Content like this is typically very polished or niche. In the former case, the seller will have put in a lot of work to appeal to the buyer. They may have used props and opted for professional; photo service and premium editing plans to deliver a high-quality product.

In the latter case, the image will either be extremely rare or showcase a veche activity. Feet images incorporating stomping, bondage, or food play may fall under this category. Additionally, if you sell feet pics, you know that custom feet content costs more.

  1. When buyers request personalized images or videos, it will likely cost them more.
  2. In such cases, a buyer will show an unusual interest in a particular buyer’s content.
  3. They may approach them for custom content involving distinctive elements.
  4. For such a request, the buyer may have to foot the bill for the vendor’s spa treatments, photo costs, and editing.

The cost of custom videos and images of feet may exceed $100. Typically, the clients buying these types of feet images include

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Artists
  • Footwear brands
  • Accessory labels
  • Foot model agencies
  • Stock photo collectors
  • Influencers

Buyers like these are usually found on reliable websites like Feetfinder. Platforms like these support authentication for both sellers and buyers. As a result, major brands are more willing to trust the feet sellers on Feetfinder. To get started, you must provide a government-verified ID and create a working profile on the site.

Why is sending feet pics illegal?

Yes, Some Youth Are Making Money from Feet Pics, But Is It Legal? How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed Caveat: We are not lawyers, but several on our team do come from a strong law enforcement background. As always, please ensure that you connect with a lawyer when it comes to actual legal advice on any topic of concern. This article is specific to Canada, but we have also learned that much of what we found also applies to many US states as well.

Over the past several months, during our question and answer segment with both middle school and high school students on the topics of sexting, nudes, intimate images and the Canadian law, we have seen an increased frequency of teens asking us about the legalities of sending/selling feet pictures online.

Yes, this is a thing; in fact, there are a plethora of online sites where teens can sell these types of pictures both in Canada and the United States. Don’t believe us? – just Google it yourself and see what pops up! Obviously, these questions about feet pics parked our interest, we wanted to drill down on this topic with teens who follow us on our social media platforms. Although this was a small anecdotal survey, it did shed some light on the fact that, yes, there are some teens (appears to be a very small number) who are engaging in this type of online behaviour. In fact, we helped a family whose 17-year-old teen was sending pictures of their bare feet for $25.00 per picture deck.

This specific teen had made over $350 in one week sending pics of their feet. So, with this reality teens, parents, caregivers, and educators need to understand the legal consequences, if any, when it comes to engaging in this type of online activity. It is well understood that when it comes to teens sending or selling nudes online, there could be criminal consequences under the criminal code of Canada such as the possession/distribution of child pornography, or the non-consensual distribution of intimate images.

However, the question that needs to be answered is, “are the selling or distribution of teen feet pictures applicable to these laws, and therefore also illegal in Canada?”. After reading the criminal code, combined with several voiced opinions from legal scholars here in Canada, the answer is “No”. Why? – because the picture of a person’s feet would not fall within the legal description of “child pornography” under section 163.1(1)(a), or an “intimate image” under section 162.1(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC)

Definition of child pornography 163.1 (1) In this section, child pornography means (a) a photographic, film, video or other visual representation, whether or not it was made by electronic or mechanical means, (i) that shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity, or (ii) the dominant characteristic of which is the depiction, for a sexual purpose, of a sexual organ or the anal region of a person under the age of eighteen years; Definition of intimate image 162.1(2) In this section, intimate image means a visual recording of a person made by any means including a photographic, film or video recording, (a) in which the person is nude, is exposing his or her genital organs or anal region or her breasts or is engaged in explicit sexual activity;However, of importance, those who ask and pay for these types of pictures (the consumer), depending upon context, could face being arrested for “purchasing a sexual service from a person under the age of 18yrs” under section 286.1(2) of the CCC: Obtaining sexual services for consideration from person under 18 years 286.1(2) Everyone who, in any place, obtains for consideration, or communicates with anyone for the purpose of obtaining for consideration, the sexual services of a person under the age of 18 years is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of (a) for a first offence, six months; and (b) for each subsequent offence, one year.

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For section 286.1, it would be up to a court to determine the case-specific parameters of what consists of sexual service. We could see a court ruling either yea or nay. If our goal as a parent or caregiver is to provide our kids with accurate information so that they can make informed decisions, then yes, we need to be honest with them about the legality of sending feet pictures, even if we disagree with the law. Often, the selling of what teens see to be innocent feet pictures, can also lead to more intimate pictures being shared or sold. Why? – because sometimes those who purchase such pictures will pay way more money for an actual teen nude. Feet pictures can, and often do, become a gateway to the exchange of child pornography or intimate images because of the disinhibition effect of the internet and the lure of easy money.

So, although feet pictures are not illegal to distribute or sell, and although youth may believe that sending or selling such pictures are not harmful, it is important for them to understand that such pictures can and do support the sexual abuse and exploitation of youth – there is a direct nexus! Also, although the selling of feet pictures may not be illegal under the criminal code of Canada, teens do need to understand that there could be significant financial consequences under the Canada Revenue Agency Act (CRA) Recently, we had a discussion a business accountant and learned something very interesting.

The selling of feet pictures would be considered a “service” by the Canadian Revenue Agency and therefore, any money made, even gifts, would be considered taxable income. This fact also applies to those under the age of 18 yrs. It doesn’t matter to the CRA if the money was made legally or illegally by a teen.

  • Although the CRA is likely not aware of the amount of money that is being made with this type of behaviour, which can be significant, they do have a tip line where anyone can anonymously report such activity.
  • Not only can the CRA claim money owed to them, but will also add interest on that amount owed.

As the old saying goes – “They want their cut!” So, what is a parent to do?

Engage with your kids about what they are doing online. The good evidence-based research has shown us that parents who engage with their kids in their online activity, through parental communication and parental participation, those youth are far less likely to engage in less than desirable online behaviour.

Does your child have links to credit/pay apps in their social media profiles? If they do, what are they using them for?

Have an open and honest discussion with your child about this issue. Enlighten not frighten is the key. Remember, be your child’s best parent and not their best friend!

Speak the truth about the legalities surrounding the sending of feet pictures. Remember, what you say is only a Google fact check away. If you try to bluff on the legal consequences, they will know, and parent credibility will be shot.

Although feet pictures are not illegal to distribute or sell, let your child know that the consumers who want to receive or purchase these types of pictures from youth could be breaking the law in Canada.

Let them know that the selling or gifting of feet pictures can have significant financial consequences via the CRA.

Have a deeper discussion with your child about the fact that although they may believe that sending or selling feet pictures in not harmful and an innocent way to make money, it is important for them to understand that such pictures can and do support the objectification, sexual abuse, and exploitation of youth – there is a direct nexus!

When it comes to feet pictures, or even intimate images that are being sold by youth online, parents and caregivers need to create a paradigm shift with our kids on this issue, a paradigm shift such as the one pushed by the Ontario London Abused Women’s Centre – “I am not for sale! Stop the Demand! End Women/Child Abuse” Digital Food For Thought The White Hatter : Yes, Some Youth Are Making Money from Feet Pics, But Is It Legal?

Are feet pics illegal?

Is it legal to sell Feet pics on social media platforms? – Yes, there is nothing illegal about selling Feet pics on social media platforms. Another big problem with selling Feet pics on social media directly without involving third-party platforms like FeetFinder and OnlyFans is that you can be scammed.

Why are people buying feet pics?

Why are people selling pictures of their feet? – People are selling pictures of their feet to make money from home quickly and safely. Many people have found that they can monetize their assets by taking pictures of their feet, which can then be sold online or through other platforms.

Do you have to have pretty feet to sell feet pics?

Despite the oddity of it, selling feet pictures can be a profitable endeavor. Whether you have nice feet or not, some people are willing to pay for pictures of feet, making it a great way for you to make extra money online, Learn how to sell feet pics safely with this guide. How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed It’s not just about people with foot fetishes. Other potential buyers include stock photo sites, marketing agencies modeling agencies, and footwear brands. Anyone who wants to make some extra cash can sell photos of feet without being a professional foot model.

Do you need a VPN to sell feet pics?

I don’t really have set prices for buyers, but people pay more for videos versus photos – Sometimes I’ll offer pictures for a cheaper price, like $5, because then people tend to buy more of them and I end up making more than if I sold single pictures for a higher amount.

You just have to feel it out. Some buyers have specific requests ( like one who asked me to walk barefoot in Walmart and take a video of it), To see how much they’re willing to pay, I’ll ask things like “How much is this video worth to you?” I’ve even had people ask me to ship them dirty socks but I haven’t done that.

If you’re thinking of selling feet pictures online and want to stay safe or anonymous, I recommend keeping walls around your identity — like by using a pseudonym and a VPN. As long as you’re being safe, it can be a lucrative and relatively easy side hustle. Sign up for notifications from Insider! Stay up to date with what you want to know. Subscribe to push notifications

How to sell feet pics for beginners?

14. Websites that sell stock photos – There are numerous stock photo agencies online, most of which will pay for your feet photos. You can get paid for each photo users download from these websites as a contributor. Start selling your feet pics to stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixaby, and iStock Photo if you are starting a foot-selling business.

How much can you make a month selling feet pics?

A woman earns nearly $5,000 a month selling pictures and videos of her feet — dirty socks can fetch as much as $500.

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What is the most rare foot shape?

Take a shoe off and look: you should have three equal length toes. You’d be lucky if this were you, however: the peasant foot is the rarest type of foot.

What is the best app to sell feet pics?

👉 Get Started With FeetFinder – OnlyFans, a popular social media platform, offers an excellent opportunity to sell feet pics and build a dedicated following. Here’s why it’s one of the best apps to sell feet pics:

  1. Free and easy to join:- Joining OnlyFans is free, and the setup process is straightforward.
  2. Dedicated audience:- You can attract fans who are genuinely interested in your content without distractions from advertisements.
  3. Flexible pricing:- You can sell feet pics through monthly subscriptions or Pay Per Views (PPVs) with prices ranging from $5 to $100 per pic.

By leveraging OnlyFans, you can create a loyal fan base and monetize your feet pictures effectively. Feetify is another exceptional app for buying and selling feet pics online. It offers a secure and private platform for buyers and sellers to interact, negotiate, and complete transactions. Here’s why Feetify is worth considering:

  1. Free to join:- Feetify allows you to join for free, providing an accessible platform for selling your feet pics.
  2. Set your own pricing:- You have control over pricing, ensuring you’ve compensated appropriately for your pictures.
  3. Connecting with foot lovers:- Feetify brings foot enthusiasts and individuals with beautiful feet together, creating an environment to connect, chat, buy, sell, and enjoy each other’s offerings.

Join Feetify today to showcase your foot modelling skills and connect with your audience. When it comes to the best apps to sell feet pics, stands out with its wide selection of high-quality foot pictures. Here’s what makes it an excellent choice:

  1. User-friendly interface:- provides a user-friendly platform, ensuring a smooth experience for buyers and sellers.
  2. Excellent customer service:- The platform offers reliable customer service, addressing any concerns or issues promptly.
  3. Strong security measures:- prioritizes security, safeguarding your personal information and ensuring secure transactions.

If you’re looking for a reliable and secure app to sell your feet pics, is a great option. Dollarfeet offers a hassle-free approach to selling feet pictures and videos online. Unlike other platforms, Dollarfeet purchases content directly from sellers, making the process simple and stress-free.

  1. By joining Dollarfeet, you can avoid the complexities of dealing with individual buyers and sell your feet pics with ease.
  2. AllThingsWorn is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of used clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  3. It has emerged as the premier platform for selling feet pictures.
  4. With a large and active community, sellers can set their own prices and negotiate deals, making it a profitable option for anyone looking to sell feet pics. caters specifically to individuals with a fetish for feet, particularly women’s feet. While engaging with such platforms, it’s important to prioritize legality, consent, and safety. Familiarize yourself with relevant laws, seek legal advice if needed, and always prioritize your personal well-being.

By taking the necessary precautions, you can enjoy this niche market safely and positively. Etsy provides an average platform for selling feet pics, requiring commitment and perseverance to attract potential customers. Although it may take time to establish a presence and generate significant income, it is not impossible.

Starting with accounts on multiple platforms can help you gauge the market value of your foot photos and gain more exposure. Persistence and focus are key when selling on Etsy. Foap offers a great opportunity to monetize your feet pics. It serves as a marketing platform for brands seeking images that align with their brand story.

You can make money on Foap through various avenues: participating in quests, both regular and advanced, selling photos in the marketplace, and earning a commission by adding other users’ photos to your album. Active engagement increases your chances of success. Instagram has gained popularity as a platform for selling foot pictures, driven by the increasing demand for fetish content, especially foot-related content.

Many sellers have dedicated accounts solely for selling feet pics, attracting a substantial following and generating considerable income. However, keep in mind that selling fetish content violates Instagram’s community guidelines, which may lead to an account suspension if caught.

With its massive user base of over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter presents excellent opportunities for selling feet pics. To succeed on Twitter, create a dedicated account specifically for selling feet pictures to maintain privacy. Post high-quality pictures, utilize appropriate hashtags to reach a broader audience, and engage with potential buyers to maximize your selling potential.

Reddit, being a social media platform with diverse interest groups, provides an ideal environment for selling feet pictures. It offers anonymity and a vast user base, making it an attractive choice for sellers. To effectively sell on Reddit, choose the right subreddit dedicated to buying and selling feet pics, post high-quality images, set reasonable prices, build a good reputation through professional interactions, and use secure payment methods.

  1. Feet picture buyers come from various backgrounds, driven by personal preferences, artistic purposes, or marketing needs.
  2. While it is not a consistent or reliable income source, selling feet pics can be a niche market worth exploring ethically and transparently.
  3. Conduct thorough research to understand potential risks and benefits before venturing into this market.

Selling feet pictures online can be a profitable venture, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Follow these tips to protect yourself throughout the process:

  1. Protect your identity:- Use a pseudonym and refrain from revealing personal information to protect your identity.
  2. Watermark your images:- Watermark your photographs to prevent them from being stolen or used without your permission. You may watermark your images with your name or a pseudonym.
  3. Exercise caution when communicating with buyers and trust your instincts.
  4. Use reputable platforms that ensure payment security and protect your personal information.
  5. Beware of scams and avoid upfront payments or promises of large sums of money.

By implementing these safety measures, you can enjoy a secure and successful selling experience. Selling feet pictures on reputable platforms can be a lucrative side hustle. The 12 best apps to sell feet pics online in this article provide opportunities for selling feet pics and monetizing your work.

Is selling feet pictures on feet finder worth it?

FeetFinder Review Final Thoughts: – FeetFinder is a legitimate platform for selling feet pics, but it’s not without its downsides. A 20% commission fee plus high subscription fees and a market saturated with sellers makes competition fierce and earnings hard to come by.

  • Even with a high rating on Trustpilot, users report issues with scammers on the site and poor customer service.
  • Newcomers to the foot pic business are better off trying a smaller, newer, and more user-friendly platform like FunwithFeet.
  • Here, you’ll enjoy a healthy balance of buyers and sellers, advertising on the website’s homepage, and the ability to keep 100% of all your sales.

With plenty of interested buyers on the platform, you’ll also enjoy plenty of opportunities to make sales and earn a decent income. How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed JOIN FUNWITHFEET

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