How To Store Strawberries In A Mason Jar
How to Store Strawberries in the Fridge – Many of the berry storage guides you’ll find online share advice about how to clean and store strawberries and how to store cut strawberries. But we’ll cut to the chase: That’s not your best strategy if you’re seeking ways to keep your berries beautiful as long as possible.

  1. We’ve found that it’s best to store the strawberries, unwashed and whole, until you are ready to use them,” advises Lynn Blanchard, Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen director,
  2. It’s important to not wash berries before storing.
  3. They tend to absorb water, and that shortens their shelf life.” The berry company Driscoll’s echoes this sentiment, and recommends that you keep your berries as dry as possible as during refrigerator storage.

Either store in the container you purchased the berries, or transfer dry berries to a shallow storage with a paper towel. Scatter the dry berries on top in a single layer. Cover with a lid and place on a shelf inside your refrigerator, Blanchard suggests.

Test Kitchen Tip: To potentially tack on a couple more days to the lifespan of your fresh berries, employ Mason jars if you own them, Blanchard says. The airtight nature of the jar seems to keep the strawberries fresher for slightly longer. Here’s how to store strawberries in Mason jars: Pat the berries dry, if any moisture remains, then gently drop them into a Mason jar.

Add the lid and twist to seal tightly. Place on a shelf inside your refrigerator. “Depending on the freshness of strawberries when purchased—which is the biggest factor in how long your berries stay fresh—they’re typically best within 3 days when stored in the refrigerator in a shallow container.

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But I have kept them for up to one week in a glass jar,” Blanchard confirms. To maximize flavor, take your strawberry container out of the fridge an hour or two before you plan to eat them; strawberries tend to taste best at or near room temp, Driscoll’s fruit experts add. Just before you plan to eat or use the fruit in a strawberry recipe, rinse the berries under cool water, then use a knife to carefully remove the leaves and stems.

Slice as desired and enjoy. Related: 26 Sweet Strawberry Dessert Recipes Perfect for Summer

Do you wash strawberries before storing in mason jars?

Strawberry Storing Tips: –

Do not remove the stem, and do not wash the strawberries before storing them. Use a clean glass jar that’s been washed and dried thoroughly. It needs to have a tight-fitting lid. I like using large mason jars. Large jars like pickle jars are perfect for larger quantities of strawberries, too. Discard any spoiled or bruised fruit. Do not put the spoiled ones in the jar with the other strawberries. Place the jar in the coldest part of your refrigerator. The strawberries will not get moldy using this method. They will, however, start to ferment. They may seem fine, but they aren’t edible if you leave them too long in the refrigerator.

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***NOTE: The results will vary based on the ripeness of the fruit when placed into the jar, refrigerator temperature, etc. This post first appeared on FFF in May 2016. I have since updated the pictures and added a video.

Do strawberries last longer when stored in glass jars?

How to store fresh strawberries – My tests proved that the best way to store fresh strawberries to make them last longer was to place unwashed strawberries in a glass storage container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate them.

How do you keep berries fresh in mason jars?

Hey there! I wanted to pop in and share a quick little tip with all of you that I’ve mentioned before in this post but I thought it was worth sharing again. Don’t you just hate how fast berries go bad? It doesn’t matter if I wash them first or just leave them unwashed in the containers they come in, they always start to go bad in just a couple of days. I place all types of berries in mason jars unwashed as soon as I come home from the grocery store. Seal it tightly with the lid and stick the jar in the refrigerator. Then we just wash them as we need them. Berries will last well over a week. And I’ve had some that have lasted up to 2 weeks.

Amazing, right! I know it’s the little things in life. Ha ha! This post contains some affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here, I bought a case of wide mouth 32 oz. mason jars to store our strawberries in at Target.

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And use smaller jars for blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. You can find the larger jars here or here, These wide mouth large jars are also great for storing veggies. I often wash and cut up celery, carrots, peppers and cucumbers to have on hand for quick snacks. How To Store Strawberries In A Mason Jar What ways do you use mason jars in your kitchen? We’d love to hear some other ideas from you! ♥ AnnMarie

How do you clean fruit and store in Mason jars?

My Conclusion – The most effective way to make your fruit last longer is to soak it in a bath of water and vinegar, let it dry on a towel, and store in an airtight container in the fridge. The method varies slightly for different kinds of fruit, so I’ll take you through the process here:

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