How much are blueberry biscuits at Bojangles?

Bojangles’ Menu & Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Grilled Chicken Wrap $4.19
Grilled Chicken Wrap – Combo $6.19
Sweet Biscuits & More
Bo- Berry Biscuit ® 1 Pc. $0.99


Does Bojangles have $5 meals?

Bojangles ‘ targets the magic $5 price point for fast food value meals with the introduction of five $5 meal combos. Available for a limited time at participating locations, here are the five options: – 3-wing Dinner Combo – Three fried chicken wings, a side, a 22-oz drink, and a scratch-made buttermilk biscuit.

How much is a chicken biscuit from Bojangles?

Cajun Filet Biscuit Combo for $4.99 Nothing compares to our signature, cajun-spiced chicken breast filet on a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit. Everyone knows that the best chicken sandwich is a Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuit, so grab one today for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

What kind of biscuits does Bojangles have?

Whether you’re a fan of our signature Cajun Filet Biscuit ® or prefer the simplicity of our savory Sausage Biscuit, you’ll find your fave at any meal. Best of all, you can pair your biscuit of choice with your favorite fixin’. Want Bo-Tato Rounds® for dinner? Done.

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Does Bojangles have senior discount?

No, Bojangles ‘ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits does not offer senior discounts.

What comes in a Big Bo Box?

Through June 27 or while supplies last at participating locations, fans can order a camo Big Bo Box with their favorite Bojangles family meal, each of which comes ready to serve with eight, 12 or 20 pieces of hand-breaded, Cajun-spiced chicken; Southern fixins; made-from-scratch, buttermilk biscuits; and a half-gallon

What does Bojangles serve for breakfast?

All day, every day Bojangles ‘ breakfast biscuits that are menu priced less than $2 each (at participating locations) include the:

  • Smoked Sausage Biscuit.
  • Cheddar Bo Biscuit. ®
  • Bacon Biscuit.
  • Sausage Biscuit.
  • Gravy Biscuit.
  • Egg Biscuit.
  • Bo-Berry Biscuit. ®
  • Cinnamon Biscuit.

What’s the special at Bojangles?

For lunch or dinner, Bojangles has a 2-piece Chicken Dinner Combo for about $6. At most locations, ask for the 2-Piece Combo and get a leg and thigh of Bojangles ‘ bone-in chicken, one individual fixin’, a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit and a 22 oz. Legendary Iced Tea or fountain drink. Priced at about $6.

What is the healthiest thing at Bojangles?

Chicken Breast; 1 Piece Serving Yule notes that the Bojangles ‘ Chicken Breast is one of the better chicken options available at this restaurant. It has only five grams of saturated fat and 690 milligrams of sodium, and it provides 30 grams of protein—which is great for making you feel full after the meal.

What are Chicken Supremes at Bojangles?

Want a serious snack? Our 4-Piece Supremes Snack has four pieces of our juicy, boneless, whole-breast tenderloins, seasoned to perfection and served up hot and fresh with a hand-made buttermilk biscuit. Now that’s a snack.

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What kind of tea does Bojangles use?

Our tea is freshly steeped and available in 16oz, 22oz, 32oz, or, if you’re really thirsty, half-gallon sizes.

What’s in Bojangles tailgate special?

12 Piece Super Tailgate Our 12-Piece Super Tailgate includes twelve pieces of perfectly seasoned chicken, three picnic fixin’s, six made-from-scratch biscuits and a half-gallon of Legendary Iced Tea®.

Can you buy plain biscuits at Bojangles?

Despite the name, there’s nothing “ plain ” about our made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit. Baked fresh every 20 minutes, our biscuits taste great with or without toppings.

Does Bojangles make biscuits from scratch?

Yes, Bojangles ‘ does make their biscuits from scratch. And any biscuits not sold within 20 minutes are tossed. Every Bojangles ‘ also has designated a master biscuit maker who oversees the biscuit making for that store. On average, a master biscuit maker makes about 1,000 biscuits over the course of an eight-hour shift.

Does Bojangles have biscuits and gravy?

Gravy Biscuit Combo – Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits.

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