Where is Lyman in scary scavenger hunt?

In the online game, Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt, players can unlock a secret room in the basement of a haunted house. There, on the wall, is Lyman chained up.

How do you complete Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt?

Garfield – Scary Scavenger Hunt Walkthrough

  1. Go right one screen.
  2. Open the chest and get the front door key.
  3. Come down the step and move one screen to the right again.
  4. Pick up the shovel.
  5. Head back to the front door.
  6. Go left one screen and talk to Jon.
  7. Head another screen to the left, then walk up past the trees.

How do you make chocolate chip muffins in Garfield?


  1. Go far left and pick up the matchsticks and the empty donut box.
  2. Now go far right and pick up the bone.
  3. Then click on the fire place so that there will be light.
  4. Now go to the right cell and click on the left candle stand (The one that is tilted ).

What is the order of the books in scary scavenger hunt?

When arranging the books, you need to put them in alphabetical order, which goes like this, from left to right:

  • Beefs Up (Turqoise);
  • Furry Tales (Green);
  • Garfield Gets Cookin’ (Red);
  • How to Draw Garfield (Violet);
  • Insults, Put-Downs & Slams (Blue);
  • Never Accept a Gift with Air Holes (Orange);
  • Party Now.
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What is the code in scary scavenger hunt 2?

Keep going through the maze till you find the Bobble heads. Talk to the Bobble heads to get the code for the exit. The code is 95844 But I think it change all the time.

Who is Lyman in scary scavenger hunt?

Lyman was one of the main characters in the Garfield comic strip. He was a friend and roommate of Jon Arbuckle and the original owner of Odie. The comic strip had Lyman as one of four main characters, alongside Garfield, Jon and Odie.

How do you beat Garfield’s Scary Scavenger Hunt 2?

Garfield – Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Walkthrough

  1. You begin in the basement.
  2. Move right twice and light the furnace.
  3. Pick up the bone by the furnace.
  4. Go left again and click the crooked candles on the wall.
  5. Head to the next cell and collect the key from the wall.
  6. Use the key to open the cell and head up the ladder.
  7. Give the bone to the dog and go inside.

Who is Lyman in Garfield?

Lyman was Jon’s friend, roommate, and Odie’s original owner during the strip’s early years. Lyman first appeared on August 7, 1978. His last appearance in the comic strip was on Garfield’s 10th birthday, though he had stopped appearing regularly by the end of 1981.

How many Garfield books are there?

Garfield Book Series (49 Books )

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