How long does it take for blueberries to mature in Stardew Valley?

Takes 13 days to mature, and continues to produce after first harvest. Blueberry Seeds are a type of seed.

Can you walk over blueberries Stardew?

Crops that grow continuously like corn and berries can still be walked through as they are not on a trellis.

Why are my blueberries not growing Stardew?

You do have to continue to water them if you want them to produce fruit. “Crops must be watered every day for maximum growth. If unwatered for a day, a crop will not grow. Unwatered crops do not die, but they will not grow either. ”

Do you need to water blueberries after first harvest Stardew Valley?

Every crop needs to be watered each day until fully grown. An immature crop that goes unwatered on any day does not die, but it does not grow either. Mature crops that produce multiple harvests also require daily watering. Using Retaining Soil fertilizer allows crops to stay watered for extra days.

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What is a good price for blueberries?

The average market price for fresh and processed wild blueberries was $0.60 per pound (NASS, 2015).

How much does a blueberry sell for Stardew?

Summer Crops in Stardew Valley

Crop Cost Sell
Blueberries $80 $240
Blueberries can actually produce up to $35/day if you plant them at the beginning of Summer as they are harvestable every 4 days when mature. Blueberries produce 3 berries when harvested at $80 each.
Starfruit $400 $800


Do giant crops die in winter?

Yes they do, even into winter.

Does Speed grow work on blueberries?

That makes Speed – Gro an optimal fertilizer for this crop, as it gives one extra harvest before the Fall (assuming planting on day 1 of the summer), increasing season earnings from Blueberry by 25% compared to at most 6% with Quality Fertilizer.

What crops sell for the most in Stardew Valley?

Strawberries are easily the most profitable crop in Spring, but with a hitch: the player can’t buy Strawberry seeds until Spring 13 at the Egg Festival. Save up some money with parsnips in Year 1 to buy a few of these $100-apiece seeds, and remember to sell the night before the festival to maximize yield.

How long does it take for blueberry to grow?

It can take three to four years before they will produce fruit. Blueberries also produce better if they are cross pollinated. This means that growing blueberry bushes of different varieties will help with their production. Before growing blueberry plants, you need to choose a type of blueberry to grow.

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How long do melons take to grow Stardew?

The Melon is a fruit crop that grows from Melon Seeds after 12 days. Melon is one of only three crops that can grow into a giant crop.

Do potatoes grow in summer Stardew Valley?

The Potato is a crop in Stardew Valley. It can be grown during the Spring and take 6 days to mature. Additionally, there is a Chance of multiple crops after harvest.

Do blueberries need to be watered Stardew?


How long can plants go without water Stardew Valley?

Any plants that go one day without water will simply need an extra day to harvest. But after missing two consecutive days without water, plants will die.

How long does copper watering can take?

2 Answers. It takes two days to upgrade the watering can. Since you can use the watering can both on the day you take it into the shop and the day you pick it up, there’s normally only one day that you won’t be able to water your plants.

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