What Pairs Well With Strawberries
Strawberries Go Well With – Produce : apples, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, ginger, kiwi, lemon, limes, mango, melon, nectarines and peaches, oranges, pears, pineapple, raspberries, rhubarb, lettuce and spinach, watermelon Herbs & Spices : basil, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, and chili Dairy : ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, crème fraiche, cream, milk, whipped cream, and soft and mild cheeses Other : dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sugar, graham crackers, grand mariner, rum, custard, champagne, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, cashews, oats, red and white wine, balsamic vinegar and honey

What flavor pairs well with strawberry?

Common Fruit Flavor Pairings – Apples, berries, citrus fruits, and other common fruits make a steady appearance in drinks. Explore beyond the most obvious pairings and maybe you’ll be surprised by our suggestions.

Apple : Pairs well with almonds, apricots, caramel, cardamom, chestnut, cinnamon, citrus, cranberry, currant, ginger, hazelnut, lychee, mango, maple, orange, rosemary, and walnuts. It mixes particularly well with brandy, kirsch, Madeira, rum, and vermouth. There are many great apple cocktails to offer inspiration. Apricot : Pairs well with almonds, anise, apple, black pepper, caramel, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut, cranberry, ginger, hazelnut, honey, lemon, nutmeg, orange, peach, pineapple, plum, rosemary, Sauternes, strawberry, and vanilla. It mixes especially well with amaretto, brandy, kirsch, orange liqueur, and sweet white wines. For inspiration, explore these tasty apricot cocktails, Banana : Pairs well with blueberry, caramel, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, coffee, ginger, guava, hazelnut, honey, lemon, lime, mango, molasses, orange, papaya, pineapple, vanilla, and walnuts. It mixes best with brandy, Calvados, Madeira wine, and rum. Though it’s not the most common fruit in mixed drinks, there are a few banana cocktails that can spark new ideas. Blackberry : Pairs well with almond, apple, apricot, black pepper, blueberry, cinnamon, citrus, clove, ginger, hazelnut, lemon, mango, mint, peach, plum, orange, raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla. It mixes very well with berry liqueurs, brandy, Champagne, orange liqueurs, port wine, and red wines such as merlot. You can also explore the flavor combinations in a few blackberry drink recipes, Blueberry : Pairs well with other berries, cardamom, cinnamon, citrus, fig, ginger, hazelnut, honey, lavender, lemon, lemon verbena, mango, mint, nutmeg, peach, vanilla, and watermelon. Accent blueberries with berry and orange liqueurs. It’s a fun flavor to mix with, and blueberry cocktails can be diverse. Cherry : Pairs well with almond, apricot, black pepper, caramel, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus (especially lemon), nectarine, peach, plum, sage, and vanilla. It will do especially well in drinks with amaretto, bourbon, brandy, crème de cassis, Grand Marnier, kirsch, rum, sweet vermouth, and vodka. Also, try mixing maraschino liqueur or Cherry Heering with a variety of wines, particularly dry reds, port, and sparkling wines. Coconut : Pairs well with almond, banana, basil, Brazil nut, caramel, chocolate, cilantro, citrus, cucumber, guava, honey, makrut leaf, lemongrass, lime, lychee, mango, mint, passion fruit, pineapple, other tropical fruits, and vanilla. As is evident with the popular coconut rum and piña colada, it works especially well in rum cocktails. Try it in green tea drinks as well, and coconut cocktails are fun to explore for more ideas. Grape : Pairs well with almond, apple, chocolate, citrus (especially lemon), ginger, hazelnut, mint, pear, pecan, raisin, raspberry, rosemary, strawberry, and walnut. The flavor is an obvious companion for brandy and wines of all varietals, though grape cocktails also do well with a rum base. Grapefruit : Pairs well with banana, basil, black pepper, caramel, coconut, ginger, lemon, lime, melon, mint, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberry, rosemary, strawberry, thyme, tropical fruits, and vanilla. It’s surprisingly versatile—you’ll be pleased with grapefruit cocktails that feature Campari, gin, Grand Marnier, grenadine, rum, sparkling and white wines, tequila, and vodka. Lemon : Pairs especially well with almond, apricot, basil, berries, black pepper, cardamom, cherry, citrus, coconut, hazelnut, ginger, mint, nectarine, peach, plum, prickly pear, rosemary, thyme, tropical fruit, and vanilla, For spirits, it mixes best with rum, vodka, and nut and orange liqueurs. It’s also nice with sweet wines such as moscato. Lemon is commonly used as an accent in drinks but also offers possibilities of its own. Lime : Pairs well with apple, berries, cherry, ginger, papaya, plum, strawberry, and tropical fruits, but it’s usually an accent for beverages. Melon : Pairs well with basil, blackberry, blueberry, cilantro, citrus, cucumber, ginger, lemongrass, lemon verbena, mint, strawberry, and vanilla. It mixes especially well with Champagne, Cointreau, curaçao, port, sake, sweet white wines, and tequila. The melon cocktail recipes available are surprisingly diverse and always refreshing. Orange : Pairs exceptionally well with almond, anise, banana, basil, berries, cherry, chocolate, cilantro, cinnamon, clove, coffee, cranberry, fig, ginger, grape, grapefruit, hazelnut, lemon, mint, nutmeg, persimmon, pineapple, pomegranate, rosemary, vanilla, and walnut. It is also a common citrus fruit that countless mixed drinks rely on. Orange mixes well with most distilled spirits as seen in the many orange juice cocktails, It is particularly nice with amaretto, brandy, grenadine, tequila, and vodka. Pear : Pairs well with almond, apple, caramel, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, clove, ginger, hazelnut, nutmeg, pecan, raspberry, rosemary, vanilla, and walnut. It mixes best with brandy, port, crème de cassis, Grand Marnier, kirsch, rum, whiskey, and dry red white, and sparkling wines. You will find many pear cocktails that use these pairings. Pineapple : Pairs well with other tropical fruits, banana, basil, caramel, chile pepper, cilantro, cinnamon, coconut, ginger, lime, macadamia, mango, orange, pepper, raspberry, rosemary, strawberry, and tamarind. There are a variety of pineapple cocktails, and the flavor tends to work best with brandy, orange liqueurs, and rum. Pomegranate : Pairs well with apple, cardamom, cinnamon, citrus, cucumber, ginger, mint, and tropical fruit. For pomegranate cocktails, you’ll find it works exceptionally well with port, tequila, vodka, and both red and white wines. Raspberry : Pairs well with other berries, almond, apricot, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, ginger, hazelnut, mint, nectarine, peach, plum, rhubarb, thyme, and vanilla. You will find many raspberry cocktails with brandy, Champagne, orange liqueurs, rum (especially the dark type), tequila, and sweeter red wines. Strawberry : Pairs well with other berries, almond, apple, banana, chocolate, citrus, coriander, honey, melon, mint, peach, pineapple, rhubarb, vanilla, and walnut. It mixes best with brandy, Champagne, Chartreuse, elderflower liqueur, rum, sake, and red, rosé, and sweet white wine, though strawberry cocktails are diverse.

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What nut pairs well with strawberries?

What Nuts Go with Strawberries? – Nuts that go well with strawberries are almonds, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. All of these nuts have a sweet flavor that compliments the sweetness of the strawberry. However, there are many more to choose from. Here are 11 of the best types of nuts to eat with strawberries:

Do strawberries taste good with cheese?

Sneakpeek of possible strawberry & cheese combinations – With the Foodpairing Inspiration Tool we can start from strawberry and through the filters we can immediately see which cheeses have an aromatic link to the strawberry. Generally seen, the spicy, salty character of cheese is very tasty with the sweet and sour taste of strawberry.

Does strawberry taste good with chocolate?

Why Do Fruit and Chocolate Pair So Well Together? – Zotter Chocolates | Bean To Bar, Organic and Fair-Traded Chocolate From strawberries to bananas to blueberries, the list of fruits that pair well with chocolate goes on and on. Why do fruit and chocolate taste so good together, though? It all comes down to chocolate flavor profiles and how those complement fruit.

  1. There are more than 600 known chocolate flavor profiles, but they fall into seven categories: spicy, earthy, nutty, caramel, vegetative, floral, and fruity.
  2. If a chocolate bar was made from cocoa beans with a fruity flavor profile, the chocolate will have many fruity flavor notes.
  3. Pairing that chocolate bar with real fruit will strengthen those notes and bring out the best flavors in both foods.

We mentioned how each cocoa bean variety has its own unique flavor profile, which affects how the chocolate will taste, but the production process has a big impact on the flavor, as well. Roasting, milling, rolling out, and conching time all play a role in the chocolate’s flavor.

  • Here at, we produce small batches so we can fine-tune the process to bring out the best flavors in each cocoa bean variety.
  • For our single origin chocolates, we also apply pure cocoa mass infusions at the end of the process to make the chocolate flavor profiles even more distinctive and delicious.
  • If you’re suddenly craving fruit and chocolate, we don’t blame you! We invite you to and try some of our of high-quality chocolate bars with fruity flavor profiles.
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Since these chocolate bars already have fruity flavor notes, they pair perfectly with fruit! : Why Do Fruit and Chocolate Pair So Well Together? – Zotter Chocolates | Bean To Bar, Organic and Fair-Traded Chocolate

What spices pair with strawberries?

Frequently Asked Questions – What cheese goes well with strawberries? Mozzarella, goat cheese, feta cheese, cream cheese, brie cheese, and any soft cheese goes well with strawberries. What herb goes well with strawberries? Mint, coriander, basil, watercress, dill, fennel, tarragon, and rosemary are the herbs that pair well with strawberries.

What goes well with strawberries in a smoothie? Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, mango, apple, banana, peach, and nectarine are a few fruit flavors to go well with strawberries in a smoothie. What goes well with strawberries in a salad? Cucumber, bell peppers, spinach, tomato, avocado, lemon, limes, red onion, coconut, rhubarb, asparagus, coriander/cilantro, lettuce, arugula, kale, plum, prune, guava, kumquat, papaya, passion fruit, and pomegranate goes well with strawberry in a salad.

What liquor goes with strawberries? Brandy, Champagne, elderflower liqueur, rum, sake, and red, rosé, and sweet white wine, amaretto, Grand Marnier are the liquor that goes well with them.

Do strawberries and rosemary go together?

Strawberry Rosemary Cake is made with olive oil and would be lovely for any occasion. Every bite is full of fresh summer strawberries and the scent of rosemary. Strawberry Rosemary Cake with Olive Oil is a fantastic summer treat for a brunch, an after dinner dessert, an afternoon snack with coffee or tea – really any time. Summer strawberries are truly perfect as they are, but it’s also fun to combine them with fresh herbs.

Do strawberries taste good with Nutella?

5 Foods You Should Be Eating Nutella With For those of you who have not tried the amazing chocolate-hazelnut spread that is Nutella, go and buy yourself a jar. Just like how you can put on so much to make it better, the same can be said about Nutella. Read on for some chocolate induced cravings that are more exciting than eating it straight from the jar: What Pairs Well With Strawberries Courtesy of Daniah Mohammed Nutella and Bread The most obvious and versatile pairing that will work with any type of bread. It’s classic and simple perfection. Try toasting it for maximum melty goodness. Nutella with Fruit Banana slices and Nutella taste great together, and the fruit adds a healthy aspect to your snacking. Nutella also pairs well with strawberries and apples. What Pairs Well With Strawberries Photo Curtesy of SpoonU University of Rochester Nutella in hot drinks If you are looking for a way to make your latte or hot chocolate significantly better, try giving it a swirl of Nutella. It’s so rich that it’ll taste like a luxe drink even on a college budget, with added creamy and nutty goodness.

Nutella on oatmeal Why not start the day off on a happy and delicious note? As Nutella melts into a bowl of hot oatmeal, the stress about everything else you need to get done fades away. Throw some peanut butter or chocolate chips in for a morning treat, or try some nuts and bananas for a healthier way to punch up your oatmeal.

Courtesy of Lavonte, Flickr Melted Nutella on dessert If you’re craving an indulgent dessert, melt some Nutella and pour it over ice cream for a easy hot fudge sundae. Nutella can also double as frosting for cakes and cookies, in the perfect mix of simplicity and easiness.

Does strawberry and orange go together?

Strawberry Orange Juice Recipe – Strawberry and Orange juice is a refreshing fresh fruit juice perfect for breakfast, happy hour and parties too. Course: Beverage Cuisine: American, Indian Diet: Gluten-Free, Vegan Method: No-Cook Prep Time : 10 minutes Total Time : 10 minutes

2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice chilled 1 cup fresh strawberries chopped maple syrup (or honey, refined sugar) as per taste ¼ teaspoon chat masala (optional) few ice cubes as needed

What chocolate is good with strawberries?

What’s the best chocolate to use for Chocolate Covered Strawberries? – The best chocolate for covering strawberries is high-quality baking chocolate or chocolate chips. There are only two ingredients for chocolate covered strawberries: chocolate and strawberries (three ingredients if you add a little coconut oil or butter, but you get the idea).

  • With so few ingredients, it’s crucial that you use the best you can find.
  • I almost always use Ghirardelli chocolate chips for this recipe.
  • They melt well, taste fantastic, and are widely available.
  • I don’t advise using a chocolate bar, such as Hershey’s milk chocolate, as the texture and flavor won’t be right.
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A high-quality semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate is my go-to and it’s so good when paired with sweet, juicy strawberries! I also like Lindt, Godiva, Callebaut, Scharffen Berger, and See’s Candy, Chocolate melting wafers or chocolate chips can be used as well as milk, white or dark chocolate. What Pairs Well With Strawberries

Why do people give chocolate covered strawberries?

STRAWBERRIES: THE FOOD OF LOVE AND ROMANCE Photo: kahvikisu Valentine’s Day brings a sea of bright pink and red decorations, love-themed teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolate. But why are strawberries so often linked with romance? There’s plenty about strawberries that make them enticing, but let’s face it – they even look like little bright red hearts.

Next to chocolate, strawberries are one of the most widely known aphrodisiacs. In fact, chocolate-covered strawberries were originally paired together because they’re two of the world’s most famous aphrodisiacs. Today chocolate-covered strawberries are a common Valentine’s Day treat, and are often found on buffet tables at weddings.

The history of the strawberry dates back to Ancient Rome where the fruit was considered the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, because of its bright red color and enticing taste. Later, the berry became a symbol of fertility due to its many exterior seeds.

The fruit looks so alluring in fact, that strawberries were carved into church altars and cathedral pillars in medieval times to represent perfection. Legend has it that when two people split a strawberry, they’ll fall in love. Whether or not strawberries are truly the aphrodisiac they’re said to be, there’s no denying their appeal on the plate.

Let us know if you need berries in,,,,,, : STRAWBERRIES: THE FOOD OF LOVE AND ROMANCE

What fruits pair with dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is the most bitter of the bunch, which means it matches well to fruit that is extra sweet. Great examples are banana, mango, figs, pears, and, of course, strawberries.

Does strawberry and vanilla taste good together?

Incredible Vanilla Flavor Pairings You Must Try – Without question, vanilla stands at the forefront of flavor combinations. Several well-known and unique flavors can serve as great compliments to pure vanilla’s flavor characteristics: Chocolate Flavors It’s no secret that chocolate flavors pair very well with vanilla.

From classic chocolate to chocolate almond and chocolate cherry to white chocolate, these two flavor profiles have been known to make mouths water regardless of how they’re presented. Nut Flavors For most people, vanilla is used almost non-stop throughout the holiday season. You can add a dash to your warm baked goods, like almond cakes and cookies, or add a few drops into your hazelnut creations and peanut butter and walnut conceptions.

Fruit Flavors Vanilla is actually known as a tropical spice, pairing well with other tropical flavors – like mango, pineapple and even coconut. Other fruits that go particularly well with vanilla include cherry, fig, orange, and strawberry. The tartness of these fruit flavors balances well with the sweetness of vanilla, bringing out the subtle flavor profiles of both.

Floral Flavors Some of the best floral flavors that pair with vanilla include lavender, violet and even horehound. It’s because vanilla is associated with calming properties, making it the perfect balance for recipes that include floral undertones. Other Popular Flavors Ideas Vanilla can easily be combined with other flavors, including caramel, honey, maple and cinnamon.

Some of the more recently popular flavor combinations include toffee and cookies and cream, highlighting the unlimited possibilities offered by the ever-versatile vanilla extract.

What fruits taste good together?

Fruit Flavor Pairing Chart

Grape Apple, lemon, pear, raspberry, strawberry
Grapefruit Avocado, banana, coconut, lemon, lime, melon, orange, papaya, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberry, strawberry, tomato
Guava Banana, coconut, lemon, lime, orange, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry

What flavor is closest to strawberry?

Kiwi – Kiwi is an excellent strawberry substitute because it has a similar taste and texture. It may be used in dishes like as strawberry desserts, cakes, smoothies, and salads just like strawberries,

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