When To Plant Strawberries In Kansas
In Kansas, strawberries should be planted in mid-March to early April when weather conditions are favorable for growth. Planting should begin as early as soil can be worked.

When should I plant strawberries in Missouri?

1. What month and season to plant strawberries? –

  1. Although strawberries are popularly known for being cold-hardy plants, freezing temperatures as low as 20℉ can hurt them.
  2. The challenging thing about planting strawberries in Missouri is that the state can experience winter weather lower than 0℉ in its Northern part.
  3. For this reason, growing strawberries in Missouri in March and April in the spring are ideal for planting outdoors.
  4. Climates become mild and favorable during this time, ranging between 51-62℉, which strawberries prefer, since they flourish well in conditions around 50°F–80°F.

Do strawberries grow well in Missouri?

Purchase well-adapted cultivars – Many strawberry cultivars are suitable for growing under Missouri conditions. In selecting varieties, consider these attributes:

Disease resistanceDessert and freezing qualityYieldSeason of ripening

Always purchase new plants rather than getting plants from neighbors or relatives. New plants are certified to be free of disease and should be free of viruses, whereas those obtained from a neighbor may harbor disease and insect pests. Buy your plants from a nursery with a good reputation.

Are strawberries easy to grow in Missouri?

When To Plant Strawberries In Kansas Wild strawberries growing on a bush. Image Credit: StudioBarcelona/iStock/Getty Images Strawberries (Fragaria ananassa) are winter hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 to 9, depending on cultivar, and will grow reliably as perennials throughout Missouri, where the climate ranges from USDA zone 5b in the north to zone 7 in the Bootheel region.

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Do strawberries need acidic soil?

Soil testing – Test soil nutrient concentrations, organic matter, and pH at least a year before planting, especially if a soil test has not been done within the last 3-5 years. If the pH needs amending, it takes up to a year for amendments to change the pH to the target number.

  • Strawberries prefer slightly acid soil (pH 5.3 to 6.5).
  • If the pH is less than 5.3, add lime to raise it to the appropriate pH range.
  • Follow soil test recommendations for rates of lime to apply.
  • Incorporate the lime thoroughly at least one year prior to planting.
  • If the soil pH is too high, add elemental sulfur a year prior to planting.
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