Who Delivers Chocolate Covered Strawberries
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How much is it to ship chocolate-covered strawberries?

Compare the Best Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Delivery Services –

Company Price Per Dozen Est. Shipping Days Availability Add-Ons
Edible Arrangements Best All-Around $40 plus $9.99 flat rate delivery fee Customizable delivery day Nationwide Toys, balloons, party packaging
Shari’s Berries Best for All Occasions $40 plus delivery or shipping 1 to 3 days Nationwide Flowers
Goldbelly – The Chocolate Covered Company Best for Tasty Toppings $75 per dozen 2 days Nationwide Gift message
Amazon – Golden State Fruit Best Budget $36.51 with free shipping for Prime Members 2 days Nationwide Other items from Amazon
Godiva Best Gift Box $42 plus shipping 1 day Nationwide Chocolates
Mrs. Fields Best Sneaky Surprise $30 plus shipping about $26 1 day 48 states Baked goods
Tru Fru Most Unique $39 for 6 bags with free shipping Not available Nationwide Other freeze-dried fruits
GourmetGiftBaskets.com Best Variety $35 for a half dozen 1 day Nationwide Personalized note

How do you transport chocolate-covered strawberries?

How do you transport chocolate covered strawberries? – Transport chocolate covered strawberries in an open container with high sides (tall enough that the strawberries won’t fall out). You can place each chocolate covered strawberry in a cupcake liner or baking cup to prevent them from bumping into each other during transit.

To ship chocolate covered strawberries, refrigerate them immediately after making them to allow them to cool fully. Then, wrap them individually in cellophane or individual baking cups. Place them in a single layer in a container with space between them. Close this container and pack it in a larger, insulated shipping container with dry ice or frozen cold packs.

This will keep the strawberries at a cooler temperature during shipping.

How do you transport chocolate without melting it?

Step 4: Include Cold Packs – When you’re shipping perishables like chocolate, temperature control is crucial. The commute may subject your package to harsh environmental conditions like extreme heat or humidity. To help keep your chocolates intact and regulate temperature inside your package, carefully package your chocolates with cooling agents like gel ice packs or dry ice.

How do you package chocolate for delivery?

Safest Ways to Send Chocolate – Shipping chocolate so it arrives intact takes some care. First, the chocolate needs to be wrapped in something cushy, like bubble wrap (which we hope always gets reused and recycled), to give it protection for the inevitable bumps and bruises the package will endure in transit.

How do you pack chocolates for courier?

Take the chocolate product from refrigerated storage and place it straight inside the shipping box. Spacers such as bubble wrap can be used to prevent cold packs from freezing the chocolate. Place the required quantity of refrigerant gel packs in your box alongside the chocolate products.

How do you pack chocolates without a box?

4. Be strategic with your packaging – Packaging chocolate deliveries should both be pretty and practical. You want the chocolates to arrive safely, but also for it to look beautiful upon opening. Here are some packaging materials you should consider:

Insulated box – There are many kinds of shipping boxes for your chocolates. Choose between box liners, pallet shippers, our pouches. Make sure that your box is at least twice the size of what you’re shipping so that there is room for protective material to wrap around it. Bubble wrap – Used to stabilise the inside of your package. Bubble wrap will minimise the impact of bumpy roads on your chocolates. Cold packs – Sealed in plastic bags, these cold packs help maintain the coolness of your goods and act as a portable refrigerator. Other packing material – Whether it’s a ribbon, soft cloth, or cards with your business name on it. Don’t forget to include your branding in the packaging. You can also include special instructions about how the chocolates can best be stored or consumed.

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