How many calories are in a blueberry scone?

Serving Size 1 Scone / 3.8 oz (108g)
Calories 400

How many calories are in coffee beans?

Typically, figures range from 2 to 12 calories per cup of coffee.

How many calories are in a blueberry lemon scone?

Low Carb Blueberry Lemon Scones (1 scone ) contains 3.2g of carbs, 4.3g of protein, 13.4g of fat, and 158.7 calories.

Does coffee bean have sugar free?

Lightened is a new way to make your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® beverages lower in calories and sugar. Whether you’re sticking to your dieting goals or want a drink that’s slightly less sweet, our Lightened option makes it easy to reduce your beverage’s calories and sugar content.

Are scones really fattening?

Although convenient and tasty, scones are a complete loss. They are typically extremely high in calories from the heavy butter and cream. And, although scones with fruit might seem healthier, most are even higher in calories and still high in saturated fat. Steer clear of scones.

How many calories and carbs in a blueberry scone?

Blueberry Scone (1 scone ) contains 48.3g of carbs, 8.5g of protein, 13.5g of fat, and 352 calories.

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Does coffee make you gain weight?

Coffee alone does not cause weight gain — and may, in fact, promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and aiding appetite control. However, it can negatively affect sleep, which may promote weight gain. Additionally, many coffee drinks and popular coffee pairings are high in calories and added sugar.

Is coffee a fat burner?

You might have heard different things about coffee and the amounts of caffeine it provides. But drink up, because like green tea, coffee has fat – burning qualities that translate into big losses in calories over time.

How many calories are in a cup of coffee with beans?

As you can see, espresso contains more calories than brewed coffee per ounce, as it’s more concentrated. However, a shot of espresso is typically only 1 ounce (30 mL), which has approximately 2 calories ( 3 ). Calories in various coffee drinks.

Drink Calories per 8 ounces (240 mL)
Brewed coffee from flavored beans 2


What is Keto friendly at Coffee Bean?

But java addicts will be pleased to learn that coffee is 100% keto – friendly. Traditional hot or cold brew coffee has zero calories and carbs. The sugars only come into play when syrups and sweeteners are added.

What is the pay at Coffee Bean?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Salaries

Job Title Salary
Shift Supervisor salaries – 60 salaries reported $13/hr
Cashier/Barista salaries – 44 salaries reported $11/hr
Barista salaries – 32 salaries reported $10/hr
Cashier/Barista salaries – 17 salaries reported $11/hr

Why are coffee beans closing?

“As we look to the future of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, to help ensure our overall financial health and continue to provide the best possible experience our Guests have come to appreciate, we have made the difficult decision to close a number of our company-owned store locations.

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