Where do you find the blueberry in Paper Mario?

The Blue Berry is one of the three berries found in Paper Mario. It is found in Flower Fields in the southeast path. It is used for gaining access past the Blue Flower Guardian. It can also be used to give a sad person in the well behind Petunia to give him a Flower Save Badge.

How do you make Bubble Berry?


  1. Look it up in Iron Knuckle’s walkthrough.
  2. You cannot get past the platforms yet or get bubble barries.
  3. The Bubble Berry is on the way to Lilly.
  4. When flower field has the water back some area has sushie platform and use sushie’s abillity to the tree and HAMMER TIME and it will fart a bubble berry out.

What do you do in flower fields in Paper Mario?

Flower Fields is a plain in the northwest area of the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario. It is home to the Bub-ulbs and the location of the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar. The only way Mario can enter Flower Fields is to go through a magic door in Minh T.’s garden unlocked by the Magical Seeds.

What do I throw in the well in Paper Mario?

Top Voted Answer. Throw a Blue Berry into that well and you’ll get a Flower Saver badge.

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How much HP does Huff n Puff have?

Huff N. Puff has 60 hp, 5 attack and 0 defenes.

Where are the seeds in Paper Mario?

Mario collecting a Magical Seed. The Magical Seed is a seed which can grow flowers wherever they are planted. In Paper Mario, Mario must find four of these, which are usually held by Bub-ulbs, so that he can gain access to Flower Fields.

Magical Seed
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

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