What month are blueberries in season?

You can enjoy fresh blueberries year-round! The North American blueberry season and harvest runs from April to late September. Then, imports from in South America fill the grocery store shelves from October to March.

Are blueberry farms profitable?

On good soils, the blueberry business yields a 16.6 percent return with irrigation and an 11.6 percent return without irrigation. Of course, revenues from blueberries are usually more risky due to price fluctuations and weather conditions, but blueberry production looks profitable on good soil.

Where can I pick blackberries in PA?

Where to Pick Your Own Berries and Fruit this Summer in PA

  • Strites’ Orchard. Photo courtesy of Strites’ Orchard.
  • Lindell’s Hatch Patch. Photo courtesy of Lindell”s Hatch Patch.
  • Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market. Photo courtesy of Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market.
  • Hollabaugh’s Fruit Farm and Market.
  • Paulus Orchards.
  • Linvilla Orchards.
  • Bricker’s Strawberries.
  • Highland Orchards.
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Where can you pick blueberries?

Harvests Trails Markets

  • Castle Hill Farmers & Fine Food Market.
  • Bilpin Markets.
  • Mountain Range Farm Monday Market.
  • Northside Produce Market.

How can you tell if a blueberry is sweet?

You can’t really look at the size of the blueberry to tell if it will be sweet or sour. You have to look at the color. Generally, the darker and bluer in color the blueberry is, the sweeter it is, and the lighter and redder the blueberry is, the more sour it is.

Where is the blueberry capital of the world?

Hammonton is the self-proclaimed “ blueberry capital of the world,” with 56 blueberry farms located in and around the town of about 14,000 people. Every year an estimated 6,000 migrant farmworkers, the majority from Mexico, Haiti, and across Central America, arrive at the farms for the eight-week harvest.

How much does it cost to run a blueberry farm?

For planting 1 gallon blueberry plants it would cost about $5,445 an acre. For 2 gallon blueberry plants it would cost about $8,712 an acre, and for 3 gallon blueberry plants it would cost about $10,890 for an acre of blueberry plants.

How much is an acre of blueberries worth?

The United States Department of Agriculture says that a mature planting of blueberries can return as much as $3,000 per acre with correct marketing, management, and growing. Of course, the best choice for the small-farm grower with a good crop of blueberries is direct sales.

What is a good companion plant for blueberries?

Plant blueberries near flowers like lilacs and azaleas. Lilacs attract pollinators and provide shade with its fragrant blossoms. Towering, lush rhododendrons and azaleas offer shade and attractive blossoms during particularly hot summers, and thrive best in the same hot, acidic environment as blueberries.

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What month is strawberry season?

Because of that, and the varied locations where they are grown, the national strawberry season is said to run January through November. In the Deep South, when to harvest strawberries will usually be late April and May. In the middle part of the country, at Eckert’s, May and June are typically best.

What fruits are in season in PA?

When most people think of fruit, they think of summer — full of sweet watermelon and juicy peaches. Spring Seasonal Fruits

  • Apricots.
  • Honeydew Melons.
  • Limes.
  • Mango.
  • Oranges.
  • Pineapple.
  • Rhubarb.
  • Strawberries.

What fruit is in season in Pennsylvania?

What’s in season in May 2021, and other timely information:

Crops Early Most Active
Blueberries June 20 July 5 – August 10
Cherries June 10 June 10 – June 25
Grapes August 25 September 10 – September 20
Peaches, Nectarines July 5 July 20 – September 1


How long does it take for blueberries to go from green to blue?

Blueberry fruits turn blue before they are fully ripe. The acid level will continue to fall for three to seven days after the fruit turns blue. The underside of the berry will turn from pink to full blue when it is fully ripe.

How much can I earn picking blueberries?

The positions at the big farms are probably the best paying jobs in part because they work for the entire season. Pay in this type of fruit picking job is around the $20/hr mark, and you spend most of your time telling people how to do their jobs. Then you have the pickers.

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How much money can you make picking blueberries?

They get a little paper slip that they can turn in once a week for cash. “So far this year, our average, for everybody, has been $16 an hour,” Barnhill says. “I’ve seen them make as high as $30 to $35 an hour picking blueberries.” Some farm workers consider harvesting blueberries their favorite job.

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