How much sugar is in loyal lemonade?

“They taste like sparkling water with a splash of fresh fruit and there’s only half a gram of sugar,” said Bryan Ricard, director of marketing for Loyal 9 Cocktails.

How many calories in a can of loyal lemonade?

226 calories, 20g sugar, 23g carbs per can.

Whats in a loyal lemonade?

Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co. offers its first ready-to-drink (RTD) category with a canned hard lemonade. Loyal Lemonade, a craft cocktail available in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans, is a 9% ABV hard lemonade made with real lemons and Sons of Liberty’s Loyal 9 Vodka.

Is Loyal lemonade carbonated?

That’s right, this cocktail in a can is made and packaged right here in Rhode Island by Son of Liberty, using their Loyal 9 Vodka, which is made from locally sourced ingredients. This is not a spiked seltzer full of carbonation and this isn’t a concoction of fake ingredients you can’t pronounce.

How much sugar is loyal?

At 4.5% alcohol, each gluten-free flavor contains just 95 calories, 0 grams of sugar and 1-2 grams of carbs. “Sometimes you just want a light and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed with anything, anywhere,” said Michael Reppucci, President of Loyal 9 Cocktails.

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Are Loyal lemonade gluten-free?

The three core flavors – Loyal 9 Lemonade, Loyal 9 Half & Half and Loyal 9 Mixed Berry Lemonade are all gluten – free and produced with real fruit.

How many carbs are loyal?

Each 12oz Loyal 9 Cocktail at 9% alcohol is about 255 calories, 15-20g sugar, and 17-23g carbs.

Can alcohol lemonade?

Now available in a can, Fishers Island Lemonade is a more robust, fuller-bodied version of a vodka lemonade. The addition of whiskey is what gives the drink that extra heft, bringing it to 9% alcohol by volume. “We use a premium vodka made from corn along with whiskey to complete the sprits profile.”

Who owns loyal lemonade?

Smirnoff owner Diageo has expanded its presence in the ready-to-drink category with the purchase of vodka-based brand Loyal 9 Cocktails. Diageo purchased the ‘rapidly-growing’ ready-to-drink (RTD) brand from American whiskey and gin producer Sons of Liberty Spirits Company for an undisclosed sum.

Do loyals expire?

Do they expire? Every loyalty program takes a different approach — if you’re flying Delta, JetBlue, Southwest or United, you have the rest of your life to use your miles. They don’t expire.

What do loyals taste like?

This Loyal Lemonade has a delicate balance of sweetness with the acidity of lemons that gives it a well-balanced profile. Enjoy this vodka-based beverage as you unwind on a warm summer day, or mix it up with other liquors to create flavor -filled spiked drinks.

Where is Fishers Island lemonade made?

Fishers Island Lemonade cans. The 12 ounce bright yellow striped cans are now produced in Colorado, but sold in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York’s Long Island at select stores and bars.

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