What is the difference between Blueberry and UnderSwap Sans?

However, Blueberry is a Fanon rendition of UnderSwap Sans. He appears to be more cute, innocent, and sometimes more baby-like, unlike the original UnderSwap Sans. Blueberry is not canon to UnderSwap and is not the correct portrayal of UnderSwap Sans.

What is blueberry sans personality?

Personality. Sans is flamboyant, excitable, loving, and enjoys making tacos for his friends.

Which SANS is the strongest?

Killer sans is way stronger than chara also he dont have gaster blasters..and he has some strong bones attackshe can kill error sans! And he already defeated ink sans! After a bloody match also he is more than 10000 HB wich makes him the strongest sans ever!!after all HE CANNOT BE DEFEATED!!

Is Underfell sans evil?

Sans is one of the major antagonists of Underfell AU. He is the brother of Papyrus and takes on an appearance similar to the Sans of Undertale. Some differences about Underfell Sans is that his eye is illuminated in red, which is evil, and that he is destructive.

Why does ink SANS not have a soul?

Why doesn’t Ink just make himself/steal a soul? His duty to protect the timelines forbids him to steal a soul for himself. He also cannot make himself a soul because he cannot revive what is dead.

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How much HP does nightmare Sans have?

Nightmare Sans spawns in with 180 HP, 110 ATK, and 200 DEF. He has very high defense due to his goopy form, and mainly uses his tentacles as weapons. If he drops below 30 health, his DEF will rise to 240.

What is nightmare sans afraid of?

Hates:cross,ink,blueberry,life,sweet stuff,dying phone. Friends:Apoc,Error,Killer,Dust,Echo,Horror.

What is ink sans afraid of?

He is afraid of whiteness, of absence of presences or shapes around him, loneliness, huge empty spaces… Ink! Sans has a tendency to get too excited about things. He happens to sometimes randomly vomit ink, mostly when he gets too emotionally shaken, whether from passion or shock.

Is swap sans a blueberry?

You might see no difference and say ‘ blueberry ‘ is just swaps sans’s fandom nickname, but recently blueberry just got a whole different personality. Since swap comes from underswap, his personality and clothes are different from UT sans.

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