Is there a real Blueberry Hill?

Blueberry Hill (Alaska), the northernmost point of the coastal Pacific temperate rain forest located in Valdez, Alaska. Blue Berry Hill, Texas.

Is Aint That A Shame 12 Bar Blues?

Like most rock and roll songs ‘ Ain’t That a Shame ‘ followed a similar 12 bar blues pattern, apart from the repeat for bars 5-8. If you were to play this song in the key of G, you would also need to use the chord of D for the middle part before he goes back to the intro.

Who made Blueberry Hill popular?

“Blueberry Hill” is a popular song published in 1940, best remembered for its 1950s rock and roll version by Fats Domino. The music was written by Vincent Rose, the lyrics by Larry Stock and Al Lewis. It was recorded six times in 1940.

Is Blueberry Hill a jazz?

The original version of the song was performed by actor and country star Gene Autry in the film The Singing Hill. However, in 1940, many jazz bands covered it; it was, in fact, The Glenn Miller Orchestra’s biggest hit that year. Domino’s version was a hit and turned “ Blueberry Hill ” into a rock-and-roll standard.

What time signature is Blueberry Hill?

Blueberry Hill is played at 136 Beats Per Minute (Allegro), or 45 Measures/Bars Per Minute. Time Signature: 3/4.

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What instruments are in Ain’t that a shame?

On ” Ain’t That a Shame,” the sax players are Herb Hardesty on lead, with Samuel Lee and Buddy Hagens; Walter “Papoose” Nelson on guitar; Billy Diamond, bass; Cornelius Tenoo Coleman, drums; and Antoine “Fats” Domino on piano and vocals.

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