Look for the yellow spot: When watermelons are allowed to lay on the ground, they acquire a yellow blotch.When this blotch turns a creamy golden color, it indicates that the fruit is ripe.Give it a good thud: Tap the watermelon’s underside with your finger.One that is fully ripe will produce a deep hollow sound, indicating that it is bursting at the seams with juice and at the pinnacle of its ripeness.

How to pick a Good Watermelon?

How to Select a Quality Watermelon: Tip #1: Locate a suitable field location Tip #2: Select a Watermelon with a drab appearance Tip #3: Knock on It with Your Knuckles Tip #4: Purchase the heaviest one available for its size. Tip #5: Look for a Shape that is Uniform. Sixth tip: Keep an eye out for sugar spots and pollination points.

How to tell if watermelon is ripe?

Another useful advice is to look for a golden yellow area on the bottom of the watermelon, which is referred to as the field spot. This is the portion of the watermelon that has come into contact with the ground throughout its growth, and if it is light or white in color, it has not yet attained optimum maturity. Knowing When Your Watermelon Is Ripe

What does a yellow spot on a watermelon mean?

As the melon matures, the underside of the melon rests on the field, forming a field spot (also known as a ground spot). A yellow mark on the watermelon indicates that it has been allowed to mature on the vine for an appropriate amount of time. Unripe melons will have buttery or creamy yellow field spots along their belly, but ripe melons will often have a white field spot on their belly.

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What should a watermelon field spot look like?

As seen with my watermelon, the field spot should have a golden creamy tint, similar to the following: Interesting to note is that the opposite side of the identical watermelon has an entirely different appearance, as seen below: Although much more visually appealing and representative of what I envision when I think of a watermelon, this is OK with me.

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