Is Aint That A Shame 12 Bar Blues?

Like most rock and roll songs ‘ Ain’t That a Shame ‘ followed a similar 12 bar blues pattern, apart from the repeat for bars 5-8. If you were to play this song in the key of G, you would also need to use the chord of D for the middle part before he goes back to the intro.

Who did ain’t that a shame?

” Ain’t That a Shame ” is a song written by Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew. Domino’s recording of the song, originally stated as ” Ain’t It a Shame “, released by Imperial Records in 1955, was a hit, eventually selling a million copies. Ain’t That a Shame.

” Ain’t That a Shame “
Single by Pat Boone
Genre Rock and roll
Length 2:23
Label Dot


What instruments are in Ain’t that a shame?

On ” Ain’t That a Shame,” the sax players are Herb Hardesty on lead, with Samuel Lee and Buddy Hagens; Walter “Papoose” Nelson on guitar; Billy Diamond, bass; Cornelius Tenoo Coleman, drums; and Antoine “Fats” Domino on piano and vocals.

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