Does pomegranate Vitamin Water have sugar?

* Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, calcium and iron. Nutrition Facts.

Nutritional Composition % Daily value per serving % Daily value per container
Total Carbohydrate 33g 33g 11% Uninformed
Total Sugars 32g 32g

Is Vitamin Water acai blueberry pomegranate healthy?

This drink is so refreshing! This flavored water is so good and doesn’t even taste like water. It’s also infused with electrolytes and vitamins so it’s healthy for you and after drinking it I feel so hydrated! I love this drink 10/10 recommend.

Does pomegranate Vitamin Water have caffeine?

vitaminwater ® energy contains 50mg of caffeine per 591ml bottle. to put it in perspective, that’s much less than the amount of caffeine in the same amount of coffee, depending on the method of preparation.

What is the sweetener in Vitamin Water Zero?

Vitaminwater also has a “ Zero ” product line that has no added sugar. Instead, it is sweetened with erythritol and stevia.

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Which Vitamin Water is the healthiest?

Taste-Off: The best vitamin waters — and the undrinkable

  • Sunny Select Vitaminized Acai Blueberry Pomegranate.
  • Sprouts Dragonfruit Nutrient-Enhanced Water Beverage.
  • Activate Beauty ExoticBerry.
  • Fuze Pomegranate Acai Berry Slenderize.
  • Sparkling Ice Pink Grapefruit.
  • Glaceau Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Water.
  • Vitamin Water Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate Zero.

How much sugar does pomegranate vitamin water have?

Per bottle: 0 Calories, 0g Saturated Fat-0%(DV), 0mg Sodium-0%(DV), <1g Sugars.

Does Vitamin Water have aspartame?

It has no artificial sweeteners, but is instead sweetened with Truvia and fructose, a natural fruit sugar (though there’s not enough fructose to even register a single gram of sugar on the nutrition facts label).

How many teaspoons of sugar does Vitamin Water have?

The drink, which Coca-Cola claims is made by its Centre for Responsible Hydration, contains 6.5 teaspoons of sugar, a third of an average adult woman’s recommended dietary intake. The beverage giant expects to sell 2 million bottles of Glaceau Vitamin Water this year – four times its original target.

Does vitamin water give you energy?

Why Vitaminwater Might Be as Bad for You as Soda. Vitaminwater has been a very popular drink in recent years. Since it contains added vitamins and minerals, it’s marketed as a healthy energy drink. However, what is left out of the marketing claims is that Vitaminwater is loaded with added sugar.

Is 50 mg of caffeine a lot?

For reference, a 12 ounce can of a caffeinated soft drink typically contains 30 to 40 milligrams of caffeine, an 8-ounce cup of green or black tea 30- 50 milligrams, and an 8-ounce cup of coffee closer to 80 to 100 milligrams. Caffeine in energy drinks can range from 40-250 mg per 8 fluid ounces.

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Does Vitamin Water have electrolytes?

each 16.9 fl oz bottle is filled with delicious liquid as tasty as you’ll feel when you drink it. packed with vitamin c, vitamin b (b5, b6) and electrolytes to enjoy after a long day carrying around a bunch of vitaminwater.

How many calories does Vitamin Water Zero have?

Each packet is labeled as containing 3 grams of carbs, yet has zero calories.

What happens if you drink too much Vitamin Water?

“ When consumed in excess, some water -soluble vitamins like B and C are excreted in the urine,” a New York Times article explained. “But fat soluble-vitamins — including A, D, E and K — accumulate in the tissues, posing potential risks.”

What rapper owns Vitamin Water?

50 Cent was previously one of the world’s wealthiest rappers, largely thanks to his minority stake in Vitamin Water. In 2007, the Coca-Cola Company acquired Vitamin Water from Glacéau for $4.1 billion.

What is the best flavored water?

10 of the Best Flavored Water Brands

Product What makes it stand out
Frozen Garden fusions frozen fruit and herb tablets
Spindrift sparkling water with real fruit juice
JUST Water fruit water in a refillable carton
Drink Simple sparkling maple water a burst of maple flavor

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