What is the best gourmet popcorn?

I Can’t Stop Buying Fancy Popcorn

  • 365 Everyday Value Organic Popcorn, 6oz.
  • Garrett Classic Mix.
  • G.H. Cretors Popcorn The Mix, 7.5oz – Pack of 12.
  • Poppington’s Cinnamon Kettlecorn Popcorn.
  • Poppington’s Maple Caramel Bacon Cheddar Popcorn.
  • Pop!
  • Gary Poppins Popcorn White Cheddar Jalapeño, 4oz – Pack of 4.

What is the most popular popcorn flavor?

Here are the ten most popular popcorn flavors…

  • Classic butter and salt. 31% of people said it’s their favorite way to eat popcorn.
  • White cheddar, 16%.
  • Caramel corn, also 16%.
  • Kettle corn, 15%. Women were 30% more likely to say they liked it than men.
  • Regular cheddar, 11%.
  • Garlic, 3%.
  • “Turtle” popcorn.
  • Plain.

How do you customize popcorn?


  1. Toss plain popcorn with cayenne and cumin.
  2. Toss plain popcorn with Sriracha.
  3. Toss plain popcorn with hot ancho chile powder and grated cheddar cheese.
  4. Toss plain popcorn with curry powder, then drizzle over a garam masala-flavored melted butter.
  5. Toss plain popcorn with wasabi powder and crispy edamame or peas.

What can I add to popcorn?

Seven Sweet and Salty Ways to Season Your Popcorn

  1. Faux cheesy: Add 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast and 2 teaspoon melted butter or olive oil.
  2. Parmesan, garlic and pepper: Combine 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, and 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper.
  3. Cocoa-coconut:
  4. Garlic chili lime:
  5. Truffle:
  6. Pizza:
  7. Peanut butter and honey:
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How can I spice up popcorn at home?

Spritz on some coconut oil or melted butter and then sprinkle the popcorn with brown sugar and cinnamon – could throw in a little salt if you’d like. Other great additions would be nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, powdered ginger, or vanilla sugar.

What is the best unpopped popcorn to buy?

Best Sellers in Unpopped Popcorn Kernels

  1. #1. Orville Redenbacher’s Original Gourmet White Popcorn Kernels, 30 Ounce, Pack of 6.
  2. #2. 4113 Great Northern Popcorn Premium 10 Ounce Popcorn Portion Packs Cinema, 10 Ounce (Pack…
  3. #3.
  4. #4.
  5. #5.
  6. #6.
  7. #7.
  8. #8.

What is the best selling popcorn brand?

Top 3 brands When it came to brands, Orville Redenbacher was the biggest catcher of popcorn devotees (53%). Diamond Foods’ Pop Secret was the second most popular brand (42%) followed by North American microwave popcorn Act II (34%).

What state has the best popcorn?

So it’s no wonder that local popcorn vendors have popped up all over Wisconsin – each with their own unique approach to this much loved snack food. Here’s a look at why Wisconsin’s popcorn stands out among the rest – from popping techniques to new twists on favorite local flavors.

What brand of popcorn do movie theaters use?

3. The secret ingredient is Flavacol. Time to find out what the real secret ingredient is in every bucket of movie theater popcorn. Manufactured by Gold Medal, Flavacol is the “secret sauce” most movie theaters use in order to produce that quintessential popcorn flavor only found in cinemas, stadiums, and the like.

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What is the healthiest popcorn to eat?

The healthiest type of popcorn is air-popped, which only has 30 calories per cup. Meanwhile, the Center for Science in the Public Interest found that the medium and large popcorn sizes at Regal theaters each had 1,200 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat.

Is yellow or white popcorn better?

If you want a smaller, more tender popcorn flake, use white kernels. Yellow kernels will give you larger, fluffier flakes that are sturdy.

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