Who distributes Seahorse beer?

Bars, restaurants and off-premise retail accounts can now access Shipyard and Sea Dog beer statewide through the following OneIllinois Cluster distributors: Baumgarten Distributing Co, Inc., Burke Beverage, Inc., Chas.

Who makes Sea Dog Blueberry beer?

Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale Sea Dog Brewing Company

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Does sea dog ship beer?

Until now, this refreshing session beer has only been available at Sea Dog and Shipyard Brewing Company brew pubs in Maine and Florida.

Where is Sea Dog Brewery?

Sea Dog Brewing Company is a brewery in Bangor, Maine, U.S. Sea Dog was founded by Pete Camplin, Sr. in 1993.

Who makes secret llama beer?

World of Beer also collaborated with Brouwerij de Brabandere in Belgium to release a Secret Llama Rose-style Ale, which is available at World of Beer Bar & Kitchen locations nationwide. World of Beer was founded in 2007 by two best friends in Tampa, Fla.

Do they still make Wild Blue beer?

This beer is no longer being produced by the brewery.

What animal is a sea dog?

Colloquial speech referred to sharks as “ sea dogs,” and carcharias comes from the Greek “Carcharos” (ragged), which Belon associated with the appearance of the shark’s teeth.

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Where did Sea Dog Brewery start?

Launched in 1993 in Camden, Maine, Sea Dog Brewing Co. began with a brewpub and kegging brewery under the auspices of founder Pete Camplin, Sr. The company then opened a second restaurant and brewery location in 1995 in downtown Bangor, Maine, on the banks of the historic Penobscot River.

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