What can I do with leftover cream cheese?

Leftover cream cheese recipes

  1. Omelette. Enrich a thick, grilled frittata with cream cheese.
  2. Cakes and bakes. While other dairy products like yogurt or buttermilk can be used within a cake batter, cream cheese is best reserved as a topping.
  3. The ultimate sandwich.
  4. Fondue.
  5. Cheat’s cheesecake.
  6. Meatballs.
  7. Ice cream.
  8. Paté

What can I eat with cream cheese?

11 Ways to Use Cream Cheese

  • Miso spread. Cover a block of cream cheese with miso and cure it for a few days for an exceptional and unusual two-ingredient spread.
  • With sardines.
  • Soup.
  • Mac and cheese.
  • Moussaka.
  • Pasta sauce.
  • Crêpe filling.
  • Pastry dough.

What can I do with soft cheese?

10 Ways To Use Any Soft Cheese

  1. Use soft cheese and fresh herbs to top scrambled eggs.
  2. Top waffles or pancakes with soft cheese and fresh fruit. Or try this Gluten-free Pancake Recipe using cottage cheese in the pancake batter!
  3. Reduce draining time to make a cheese that is slightly thicker than yogurt and stir in fresh fruit, jam, or juice.
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What can I do with old blueberries?

Keep it in a jar in the fridge for up to a week and use to top muesli, French toast, or stir through Greek yoghurt for a healthy dessert. For a longer-lasting condiment, stew up a blueberry jam or chutney, or use your leftover blueberries to make a sweet and tangy dressing for a stunning salad.

Can I freeze cream cheese?

Unopened cream cheese can go straight in the freezer in its original packaging. The foil wrapping and cardboard box provides more than enough protection from freezer burn. Frozen cream cheese is best kept in the freezer for up to two months.

Why does cream cheese last so long?

It is made from unskimmed milk enriched with additional cream. Modern processing and packaging methods help cream cheese retain its smooth, spreadable texture for a longer period of time. However, it is important to note that cream cheese does not last as long as hard cheeses.

Are crackers and cream cheese healthy?

Cream cheese and crackers can add to your overall intake of sodium. The low-fat cream cheese and whole wheat crackers are still a more nutritious choice with the amount of fiber and calcium per serving. Cream cheese and crackers can add to your overall intake of sodium.

What is Philadelphia cream cheese used for?

It can be used in cooking to make cheesecake and to thicken sauces and make them creamy. Cream cheese is sometimes used in place of or with butter (typically two parts cream cheese to one part butter) when making cakes or cookies, and cream cheese frosting.

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What vegetables are good with cream cheese?

Vibrant Veggies Whip softened cream cheese with herbs and spices, such as rosemary, dill, chili pepper flakes or garlic powder, and serve the dip the fresh vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower florets and baby carrots, which contain less than 1 gram of carbs per carrot.

Is Philadelphia cream cheese or soft cheese?

Made with milk and real cream, Philadelphia Original’s distinct fresh and creamy taste makes it a delicious soft cheese for the whole family to enjoy. Philadelphia is fantastically versatile, whether you are using it to bake an indulgent cheesecake or spreading it on a classic bagel topped with Smoked Salmon.

Can you eat cream cheese with bread?

Stuffing some cream cheese into custardy, crisp-fried bread works both for standard french toast and for french toast roll-ups. You ‘ll never want to eat either one without the extra layer of gooey goodness again.

Can I make cream cheese at home?


  1. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, heat the milk on med-high.
  2. Reduce the heat to medium.
  3. Continue cooking until the mixture curdles.
  4. Lay a sieve with cheesecloth over a large bowl.
  5. Transfer curds to a food processor and process until curds have come together and are totally smooth and creamy.
  6. Add salt and taste.

How long are blueberries good in the fridge?

Store them in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Avoid putting them in the crisper drawer, as they’ll stay fresher longer with better air circulation.

What happens if you eat old blueberries?

“ If you accidentally eat a piece of fruit with mold, [chances are] nothing is going to happen,” Gravely told HuffPost. “Don’t worry about it. Most people won’t get sick from eating moldy foods. Of course, some people are more sensitive than others.

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Do blueberries go bad in the freezer?

How long do whole blueberries last in the freezer? Properly stored, they will maintain best quality for about 10 to 12 months, but will remain safe beyond that time. The freezer time shown is for best quality only – blueberries that have been kept constantly frozen at 0°F will keep safe indefinitely.

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