When can you pick blueberries in Florida?

Mid-April through May is the hot time for picking your own blueberries at Florida’s blueberry farms, after commercial growers have already harvested much of their crops. Most farms with U – Pick stay open until they run out of berries, and then that’s that. Fortunately, that’s when our wild blueberries ripen!

Where can I pick fruit near Tampa?

Hancock Groves This century old Florida farm located in Dade City offers a wide variety of citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines and grapefruit, as well as strawberry and peaches. Hancock Groves offers a great morning’s worth of entertainment for the whole family.

Can you still pick blueberries?

First off, don’t rush to pick the berries too soon. Wait until they turn blue. They should fall off right into your hand with no tugging on the delicate berry required. Blueberry harvesting season can be anywhere from late May through mid-August, depending upon the variety and your local climate.

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Where can I pick blueberries in Florida?

C&W Farms of Central Florida If you’re looking to pick some pesticide-free farm fresh fruit, C&W Farms in Lakeland offers five types blueberries and two kinds of blackberries seasonally. According to the farm’s website, blueberry season typically runs from late March through most of May.

What time of year are blueberries in season?

You can enjoy fresh blueberries year -round! The North American blueberry season and harvest runs from April to late September. Then, imports from in South America fill the grocery store shelves from October to March.

Where can I pick blueberries in Tampa?

U- Pick Farms Open Now in Tampa Bay

  • Bob’s Blueberry Farm and U- Pick. Blueberries: April – May.
  • Church Lake Farms. Blueberries: April – May.
  • Florida Sweeties You Pick Peaches. Peaches: Beginning in April.
  • HarvestMoon Fun Farm. Sunflowers and zinnias: May.
  • Hunsader Farms.
  • JG Ranch.
  • Keel Farms.
  • Nadler’s U Pick Blueberry Farm.

Where can I pick strawberries in Tampa?

We try to go strawberry picking in the Tampa Bay/Lakeland/Plant City area every year. Strawberry Fields currently open – check Website/Facebook links for dates/times:

  • 5K Farms Organic UPick (opens April 10)
  • Keel & Curley (ends April 3)
  • JG Ranch.
  • Mick Farms.
  • Pappy’s U- Pick (ends early April)
  • Strawberry Passion Organics.

What is there to do today in Tampa?

Best Things To Do in Tampa

  • #1. Tampa Riverwalk. Tampa Riverwalk. free.
  • #2. Armature Works. Armature Works.
  • #3. Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens.
  • #4. Tampa Theatre. Tampa Theatre.
  • #5. Florida Aquarium. Florida Aquarium.
  • #6. Tampa Golf. Tampa Golf.
  • #7. Tampa Boat Tours. Tampa Boat Tours.
  • #8. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center.
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What is the best time to pick blueberries?

Blueberries are typically ready for picking between June and August. Don’t rush to pick the berries as soon as they turn blue. Wait a couple days. When they are ready, they should fall off right into your hand.

How long does blueberry picking last?

On a nationwide level you can expect the first blueberries to arrive for the year from Florida, followed by other southern states and California. When Are Blueberries Harvested in Each State?

State Harvest Time
California May to late June
Florida late March to late May
Georgia early May to July
Texas, June to August


What month is cherry picking?

The short California cherry season begins in mid-April and typically lasts into early June. Among major commercially-grown fruits, cherries are known to be the last trees to bloom and the first to harvest each year.

Where can I pick blueberries in central Florida?

Blueberry U- Pick Farms

  • Kirkland Farms Blueberry Farm – 2632 Old Medulla Rd., Lakeland, 33811.
  • Lakeland Berries at Shady Oak – 3320 Shady Oak Dr.
  • Oponay Farms – 5129 Hancock Lake Rd., Lakeland 33812 ( blueberries and peaches)
  • The Berry Patch – 4226 Rifle Range Rd., Winter Haven 33880.

What fruit can you pick in Florida?

Some of the more popular U – pick crops in Florida include blueberries, strawberries, grapes, peaches, citrus, sweet corn, and tomatoes. But there are also opportunities to pick more unusual items, everything from persimmons and chestnuts to star fruit and avocados.

Can you go orange picking in Florida?

The perfect time to go orange picking in Florida is between December and May, which is when they are at their most plentiful, although the season tends to run from October to June.

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