Where is Maine root soda from?

Born in Maine. Today, Maine Root offers a variety of handcraft beverages – from ginger brews to lemonade – and is sold in over 7,500 locations worldwide.

Is there a blueberry soda?

Made with real fruit juice, this soft drink offers the delicate flavor of wild blueberries. Enjoy this sweet, refreshing treat with a meal, alone, or topped with vanilla ice cream as a special Maine float.

Does blueberry soda have caffeine?

Maine Root™ Soda Blueberry. Caffeine free. No high fructose corn syrup. Visit: www.maineroot.com.

Does Maine root soda have caffeine?

Carbonated pure water, Fair Trade Certified organic cane sugar, spices. Caffeine Free.

Is Maine root soda healthy?

Main root soda is made from organic cane sugar, so the fact that they don’t use chemicals makes it healthier than other sodas. They contain about the same amount of sugar as other well known sodas like Mountain Dew. And as long as you don’t drink more than about a cup a day it’s healthy for you.

What are Maine Root sodas?

Handcrafted soda made with extracts of wintergreen, clove and anise. All our recipes are sweetened with Fair Trade Certified Organic sugar, so you can feel good about it! A lighter-bodied brother to our super popular Root Beer. The flavor profile has less clove, allowing the taste of wintergreen to be showcased.

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Is Blueberry faygo a soda?

Faygo Raspberry Blueberry Soda Pop, 2-liter plastic bottle.

What is root Cola?

Rating: A new take on an old classic, Mexicane Cola is anchored by its use of fair trade cane sugar juice and secret spices. The cane sugar powers this soda from beginning to end. It’s a natural sweetness not found in many other sodas.

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