How long does it take to make jam Stardew Valley?

Jelly and pickles are unaffected by the quality of the fruit or vegetable used. A preserves jar requires 4000 minutes to produce pickles or jelly. This will take 2-3 days, depending on what time of day the processing begins. Turns vegetables into pickles and fruit into jam.

What is the most profitable jam in Stardew Valley?

This jam is processed from only the rarest and most profitable of berries, the Ancient Fruit. Each industrial batch of precious preserves brings in over 300,000g.

How long do jars take Stardew Valley?

Note that the processing time for a Preserves Jar is always 4000 minutes, with one exception: Sturgeon Roe produces Caviar in 6000 minutes rather than 4000.

What is the best jelly to make Stardew Valley?


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Good Sell Price Worth Increase
Apple Jelly 250 150
Apricot Jelly 150 100
Blackberry Jelly 90 70
Blueberry Jelly 210 130


Which is better keg or preserves?

Keg. The Preserves Jar increases the profit of a crop using the following equation: (2 × Base Crop Value + 50); while the Keg multiplies the base value of Fruits by 3, and Vegetables by 2.25. Because of this, low-value, high-yield crops like Corn or Tomatoes are more valuable in the preserves jar.

Are jar preserves worth it?

If a vegetable’s base price is less than 200, it will be worth more in the preserves jar; if its base price is over 200, it will be worth more in the keg. If a fruit’s base price is under 50, it will be worth more from the preserves jar; over 50 will be worth more from the keg.

What do you put in a jar to preserve it?

The Preserves Jar is a type of Artisan Equipment used to make Artisan Goods. Fruit makes Jelly, Vegetables make Pickles, Sturgeon Roe makes Caviar, and other fish Roe make their respective Aged Roe.

Preserves Jar
Recipe Source: Farming (Level 4)
Ingredients: Wood (50) Stone (40) Coal (8)

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How much is ancient fruit worth Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley’s Ancient Seed Is The Most Profitable Item After a reserve of seeds are built up, players can start putting the Ancient Fruit into kegs to make Ancient Fruit Wine. Ancient Fruit have a base worth between 550g-1100g.

Does quality matter for keg Stardew?

No, the quality of items put in kegs /jars don’t make a difference.

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How do I make my Stardew Valley Chicken happy?

Chickens eat hay, which can be purchased from Marnie or harvested from grass. If there is grass in the yard outside the coop and you open the coop door to let them outside, they will eat the grass rather than hay, and receive a mood boost as well.

What is the best wine Stardew Valley?

Starfruit wine is worth more than ancient fruit wine, sure, but ancient fruit wine is generally considered the best for a reason. Once fully grown you can get twice as much ancient fruit as starfruit.

What should I put in my Stardew keg?

Ancient Fruit (550g)

  1. Ancient Fruit (550g)
  2. Apple (100g)
  3. Banana (150g)
  4. Cactus Fruit (75g)
  5. Cherry (80g)
  6. Coconut (100g)
  7. Cranberries (75g)
  8. Crystal Fruit (150g)


What does the rare seed do in Stardew Valley?

The Rare Seed is a type of seed. A mature plant yields a Sweet Gem Berry. 600-1,000g each.

How do kids get into Stardew Valley?

You can have children only if you are married and have upgraded the Farmhouse for the second time which adds a nursery and an extra room. After you go to bed for the night, your spouse might ask (1/20 chance) if you want to have /adopt a child.

What is Clint like Stardew?

You’ll impress Clint your best if you give him anything from the universal loves category. He also would love such Stardew Valley gifts as Topaz, Geode, Amethyst, Fiddlehead Risotto, Aquamarine, Ruby, Gold Bar, Emerald, Jade, Artichoke Dip, and Iridium Bar.

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