How long will fruit infused vodka keep?

Store on the countertop for anywhere from 3-7 days. The alcohol will preserve any fruits or veggies that should typically be stored in the fridge. Taste it periodically to assess whether it’s flavored enough for your liking.

Can you infuse vodka with frozen berries?

Wild Berry Infused Vodka Add the frozen berries (cut any really large ones in half) and add to the simple syrup solution. Cook for a minute longer. Remove from the heat and pour the berries and solution into a large glass jar. Add the vodka.

What are the best fruits to infuse with vodka?

Here are our favorites fresh fruit vodka infusions:

  • Strawberries + Basil.
  • Cranberries + Lime.
  • Blueberries + Lemon.
  • Grapefruit + Ginger.
  • Pomegranate Arils + Lime.
  • Pineapple + Coconut.
  • Peach + Basil.
  • Papaya + Orange + Mango.

Does fruit infused vodka need to be refrigerated?

Does the infused vodka need to be refrigerated? It can’t hurt to refrigerate but it’s not absolutely essential. The alcohol will sanitize the infused ingredients and prevent bacteria from growing. However, if anything is not submerged in the alcohol, such as a herb twig, the vodka should be refrigerated.

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Can you leave fruit in vodka?

Berries and other very small fruits can be left whole. You ‘ll see the vodka gradually take on the color of the fruit. Taste it after 3 days and continue infusing to your liking. Most fruit vodkas are finished in 3 to 5 days, but you can continue infusing the vodka for longer.

Does fruit soaked in alcohol go bad?

They will begin to lose their bright color and some flavor after one year but they will not “ go bad ” because the alcohol is the preservative.

Can you infuse vodka with frozen fruit?

At the cocktail hour, reach for a bottle of house- infused spirits. The best part? You can use fresh or frozen fruit in most cases, so you can whip them up year-round.

What is the best blueberry vodka?

Best Berry: New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka.

Do blueberries soak up alcohol?

⑥ Blueberries and Vodka These tiny berries pack quite a punch—once you soak them in alcohol, of course. Make homemade blueberry vodka by lightly muddling the fruit in a jar with vodka and letting it sit for a few days before straining and adding to your favorite cocktail.

Can you soak oranges in vodka?

RECIPE FOR ORANGE FLAVORED VODKA: Pour the vodka into a clean mason 1.5mL mason jar (or any large jar) with a tight-fitting lid. Wash the oranges and slice them into 1/4″ rounds and submerge them in the vodka. Store in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks, shaking it once a day.

What is the best infused vodka?

11 Of The Best Flavored Vodkas You Can Buy Right Now

  • Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka. Reserve Bar.
  • Absolut Grapefruit Vodka.
  • Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka. Reserve Bar.
  • Infuse Spirits Cinnamon Apple Vodka. Reserve Bar.
  • Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka. Reserve Bar.
  • Effen Cucumber Vodka.
  • CÎROC Apple.
  • Grey Goose® La Poire.
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What fruits soak up alcohol?

The Best Booze Soaked Fruits

  • Bourbon Soaked Cherries. If there’s fruit, it counts as health food, right?
  • Vodka Soaked Strawberries. Straight from the berry patch of your dreams | Recipe.
  • Champagne Soaked, Frosting Covered Strawberries.
  • Frozen, Beer Soaked Watermelon.

Can I sell infused vodka?

Generally YES, provided you comply with the many regulations on sale of alcoholic beverages and do not create a likelihood of confusion of consumers as to source of your products, and as long as the owner of the brand name does not

Does pineapple infused vodka go bad?

The pineapple infused vodka lasts for about 2 weeks in the fridge in an air-tight bottle at or below 40 °F. It can even stay for longer than this but we recommend you to drink this delicious drink within 2 weeks to enjoy its peak taste and aroma.

What do you do with fruit after infused alcohol?

There are plenty of fun ways to use up your boozy fruit.

  1. Freeze the Fruit for Later.
  2. Make Fruit Infused Liquor.
  3. Turn it into Dessert.
  4. Use it as a Glaze on Meat.
  5. Make Jelly or Jam.
  6. Make an Alcoholic Smoothie.
  7. Create Boozy Ice Cubes.
  8. Compost Leftover Alcohol Soaked Fruit.

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