What can I put on a blueberry bagel besides cream cheese?

8 Mind-Blowingly Delicious Ways to Top a Bagel That Go Beyond Cream Cheese

  1. Strawberries + chocolate-hazelnut spread + chopped hazelnuts.
  2. Cinnamon cream cheese + apple.
  3. Smoked salmon + cream cheese + dill.
  4. Egg + cheese.
  5. Tomato + onion + cream cheese + avocado.
  6. Marinara + chicken + mozzarella.
  7. Peanut butter + jelly.

What is the most popular bagel topping?

The everything bagel is beloved nationwide. According to Grubhub’s 2019 order data, the nation’s favorite bagel flavor is everything, followed by sesame and cinnamon raisin. The most popular topping is regular cream cheese, followed by bacon and avocado.

What can I put on a bagel without cream cheese?

You can basically make your own by topping a bagel off with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni slices.

What can I put on a bagel and cream cheese?


  1. Strawberry shmear + shaved coconut.
  2. Blueberry shmear + dark chocolate.
  3. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + banana + walnut + cinnamon.
  4. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + salmon + cucumber + dill.
  5. Philadelphia Cream Cheese + tomato + red onion + basil leaves.
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Can you put peanut butter on a bagel?

Toast your bagel and add a layer of peanut butter and then a layer of jelly. Since you ‘re an adult now, you can make it even better by adding a couple pieces of candy on top—chopped up Reece’s or Snickers will only make it better.

What to put on bagels healthy?

These 4 ideas for healthy bagel toppings – two sweet and two savory – make for a whole lot of breakfast time deliciousness throughout the week! For the peanut butter and banana bagels:

  • 2 whole wheat mini bagels.
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter.
  • 1 small banana, sliced.
  • Sprinkle of chia seeds.
  • Drizzle of honey.

Can you put butter on a bagel?

But a buttered bagel should almost always be toasted, so that you get that great, rich melted butter taste. Better yet, you can achieve the same effect if you buy your bagels fresh, still warm from the oven. No toasting needed!

What can I put in a bagel for lunch?

Think about cream cheese, sprouts and cucumber. Chicken salad, egg salad, avocado salad, turkey and warm steak and cheese would all be welcome choices to create a bagel sandwich for lunch as well. Are you craving bagel sandwiches yet?

Are bagels healthier than bread?

Okay, so yes, bagels are more dense, caloric and potentially less healthy than a piece of bread, but would you stake your happiness on that? Bagels are delicious! Awe inspiring!

Is a bagel with cream cheese healthy?

Top your bagel with a hefty serving of cream cheese, some butter, an egg, or bacon and, well, you can pretty much count on gaining some weight. It’s not that bagels are inherently bad. It’s just that they aren’t particularly healthy. Most bagels lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

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What goes good with everything bagel seasoning?

  • Make Crackers or Shortbread With It. This is another idea from genius Joe.
  • Put it on Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese haters, get outta here.
  • Sprinkle It on Pizza.
  • Finish Scrambled Eggs With It.
  • Add It to Homemade Trail Mix.
  • Pair It With Roasted Vegetables.
  • Stir It Into Yogurt.
  • Sprinkle It on Tomato Toast.

What do you eat with cinnamon raisin bagels?

Bagel With Cream Cheese, Apple, and Honey When you’re craving something sweet, try this winning combination at breakfast or snack time: A cinnamon raisin bagel is toasted and then topped with plain cream cheese, sliced Granny Smith apples, and a drizzle of honey.

Are bagels and cream cheese a good breakfast?

Bagel with Cream Cheese Although quick and absolutely delicious, a bagel smothered in cream cheese probably isn’t the best way to start your day. If you’re trying to be more calorie-conscious, opt for a whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese — or better yet, try a nut butter spread instead.

What can I put on top of cream cheese?

Five Things You Can Pour Over a Block of Cream Cheese

  1. Pepper jelly.
  2. Peach or apricot preserves with jalapeños.
  3. Pickapeppa sauce.
  4. Caramel sauce and toffee bits (works great with apple slices)
  5. Sweet chili sauce.

What can I add to cream cheese?

Add a spoonful of pumpkin purée to cream cheese along with a mix of spices — ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are great, or just use pumpkin pie spice. We like it best when spread on a cinnamon-raisin bagel.

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