Beans (either bush or pole) Planting bush beans or pole beans next to watermelon can have a positive impact on the watermelon’s growth. Beans and other leguminous plants, such as peas, help to increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil by fixing nitrogen from the air. As a result, watermelon has an abundance of nitrogen and other nutrients, allowing it to grow.

How do you plant watermelon seeds for beginners?

  1. Watermelon seeds should be planted straight in warm soil.
  2. When soil temperatures exceed 70°F, it is ideal to seed watermelon straight into the ground.
  3. Plant outside two to three weeks after the latest frost date in your area.
  4. Sow three to four seeds one inch deep and four to five feet apart.
  5. After planting, thoroughly moisten the soil with seaweed emulsion.

When plants have 3-4 leaves, thin them down to the strongest plant.

What flowers go well with watermelons?

Because of their continuous or intermittent flowering, marigolds, lavender, and borage make excellent watermelon companion plants due to their continuous or intermittent blooming. Flowers of heavily hybridized cultivars are often less appealing to pollinators than the flowers of traditional kinds, which is a common misconception.

Do watermelon plants make good mulch?

Watermelon vines, with their sprawling vines and big canopy of leaves, may function as a mulch, helping to retain soil moisture and limit weed competition around your watermelon plants. What else can you grow in addition to watermelon?

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