Remember to spread the mustard over the watermelon in little amounts at first, since it is best enjoyed in moderation. When combined, the flavors are similar to those of salty-and-sweet, and the peppery sting of the mustard is a pleasant surprise as it enhances the sweetness of the watermelon and other fruits.

What is the deal with mustard and watermelon?

Watermelon and mustard may appear to be an unusual food pairing, and it is likely that it is a combination of flavors that not many people have experienced before. However, everyone is now hurrying to spray some yellow sauce over some fruit because TikTok instructed them to do so earlier.

What is the watermelon and mustard trend on TikTok?

The bizarre combination of watermelon and mustard was popularized by TikTok user @yayayummy, who advised the weird combination of foods in an amusing video. However, he was very serious, and he believes that the flavors of the two items complement each other really well. This dressing is acidic and vinegary to the extreme, and it pairs perfectly with the sweet juiciness of the watermelon.

Did Lizzo put mustard on a slice of watermelon?

To test the trend, Queen Lizzo drizzled some yellow mustard over a couple of slices of watermelon, which she then ate to check whether the trend was any good. As a result, there were just four lonesome slices of watermelon and one befuddled Lizzo left. Friends, if Lizzo isn’t buying into the hoopla around the TikTok movement, I’m not sure I will be able to either.

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Did You Lose Your Marbles with a watermelon and mustard snack?

As a result of this latest craze, which incorporates both watermelon and mustard, it is safe to state that we have all officially lost our marbles. It all went down on TikTok when people began experimenting with this new snack concept, which of course prompted me to do the same.

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