You only need to remember three simple words the next time you’re in the grocery store: Look, Lift, Turn.

  1. Examine the watermelon carefully. A firm watermelon that is not bruised, sliced, or dented is what you’re looking for.
  2. Raise the watermelon to your shoulder. The watermelon should be weighty for its size, given that it contains 92 percent water.
  3. Turn the watermelon over to the other side.

How to pick the best watermelon?

The three steps that follow will teach you how to select the greatest watermelon available. Aside from breaking open a watermelon and inspecting the inside, the field spot is possibly the most reliable measure of maturity in a watermelon. This mark on a melon indicates the location where the fruit was lying on the ground while still attached to its vine.

When is the best time to buy watermelon?

When they’re in season, buy them. Despite the fact that watermelon is available year-round, the optimum time to acquire this fruit is during its peak season, which runs from May through September in the United States and Canada. Now is the time to select the finest of the best and indulge in this low-calorie, hydrating, and healthful treat during the summer months.

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Is fresh watermelon healthy to eat?

Fresh watermelon may be used in a variety of delectable and healthful dishes (and, of course, it’s also excellent when eaten directly off the fruit). The most important step in preparing these dishes is to select a perfectly ripe watermelon from your local grocery shop.

How to tell if a watermelon is sweet?

Dry weathering patches and vein-like webbing lines are excellent markers of a watermelon that has been overripe and is very delicious. The dots on the fruit indicate areas where sugar has leaked out of the fruit. Consequently, make careful to examine both sides of your melon before committing to one. Choose the one that is the heaviest for its size.

How do you pick a good watermelon at the grocery store?

Look for the yellow spot: When watermelons are allowed to lay on the ground, they acquire a yellow blotch.When this blotch turns a creamy golden color, it indicates that the fruit is ripe.Give it a good thud: Tap the watermelon’s underside with your finger.One that is fully ripe will produce a deep hollow sound, indicating that it is bursting at the seams with juice and at the pinnacle of its ripeness.

How can you tell a good watermelon?

Watermelon that is ripe should have a thick rind that doesn’t yield readily when pressure is applied to it. The ones that do tend to be overripe in nature. Aside from that, it should not be possible to cut through it if you scrape it with your fingernail. An unblemished watermelon should have a hard rind that does not bend or crack when squeezed and does not readily scratch.

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What is the sweetest watermelon?

Sultan. Sultan is one of the sweetest types you’ll discover; this particular variety has a Brix value of 12.3 on the scale. The fruits weigh an average of 15 pounds and are ready to harvest in 95 days.

Which watermelon is sweeter round or oval?

A watermelon with an oval (elongated) form will be more watery, but a watermelon with a round shape would be more sweet.

What month is best for watermelon?

However, the optimum time to purchase is between the months of May and September. At that point, watermelon production ramps up in the four leading watermelon-producing states of Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia, which account for two-thirds of the nation’s harvest and ensure that store shelves are continuously stocked.

Are darker or lighter watermelons better?

The greater the size and darkness of the patch, the better. It is preferable if the watermelons are a deeper green. It is possible that very light watermelons did not have enough time to mature on the vine. The watermen should be dressed in stripes that are both dark and bright in color.

What is the most flavorful watermelon?

Some tasty watermelon types that are worth cultivating are as follows: Golden Midget: melon with a yellow rind and pink flesh; little in size but large in flavor. Blacktail Mountain melon has a black skin and scarlet meat; it is a fast-maturing variety that produces 8-pound melons. Klondike Blue is a highly tasty heirloom with an oblong form and robust vines that produce a lot of fruit.

How do I make my watermelon sweeter?

A tiny sprinkling of salt not only adds a salty-sweet taste to the watermelon, but it also brings out the sweetness in the fruit, making this the ideal hack for when you bite into a mediocre slice. Believe me when I say that this simple tactic has caused individuals to freak out; it is a game-changer.

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Where is the best watermelon in the world?

Brazil was rated 5th in the world in terms of watermelon production in 2019. Armenia was rated 45th in Watermelon Production in 2019, with a total of 155,868 Metric Tons produced, down from 51st in 2018. Productivity of watermelons.

118 Countries #1 China
Metric Tons 63,955,831.45
Last 2019
YoY +1.5 %
5‑years CAGR +0.7 %

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